5.2 Education

The only fae there was Mistress, reclining in her natural spectacular serpentine form on one of the low platforms. Flair was there too, quietly setting a glass of white wine on a low table in Mistress’ easy reach, but only Mistress mattered right now.

Mistress beckoned her over. “Come let me look at you. Stay on your feet and put your hands behind you so I can see.” Jewel obediently did so, her feet shoulder-width apart as Master had directed earlier, and kept her eyes low while Mistress took her time looking her over. Mistress even got up and made a slow circle around her, her tail a shining scaled ring on the floor around Jewel, then a second loop that spiralled close enough for her to touch. Her hands made Jewel shiver, wishing she were restrained so she couldn’t possibly disobey involuntarily. “Oh my. I expected wonderful and you’ve surpassed it. I doubt your master could resist playing with you before he sent you here, hm?”

“Master was happy with me, Mistress.” That seemed like a fair assessment.

Mistress chuckled and looked at her alabaster-and-metal pet. “Does that surprise you at all, sweetheart?”

“I doubt ‘happy’ begins to cover it, Mistress,” Flair said. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Not currently, but I imagine your master would like a drink at this point.”

“I’ll find him and ask.”

“And listen for any of the guests arriving, of course, but I don’t expect them for a while. As for you, my lovely toy… you are most certainly a jewel, and I am very pleased with you so far.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I’m glad.”

“You’re still very far under your master’s influence, aren’t you?” Mistress sounded amused.

Jewel’s forehead furrowed in thought. “I think so, Mistress, but that’s what I’m for, to do whatever you and Master want with. But… can I ask what you mean?”

“You’re extremely aroused, to such a degree that it is interfering with your everyday thought processes. That is not a complaint in any way.”

“Yes, Mistress. But… I was really aroused even before Master came to the dressing room. And pretty strongly aroused after I showered and before I got ready. And Flair noticed that I was even before I got in the shower. So I don’t think it’s all Master’s influence.”

“Hm. Noted, and keep being honest like that. How you feel is important to me, even if it’s unlikely to change anything that happens.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me your name.”

“I’m Jewel, Mistress.” No other name mattered.

“And what are you?”

“Your toy to play with, Mistress. Master said I’m specifically a sex toy.”

“What’s your purpose and priority?”

“To please you and Master and your guests any way I can.”

“Your master explained about the game we’ll be playing?”

“For every six orgasms I give, I’m permitted one as a reward, Mistress. And I have to be impartial and creative.”

“Which makes you feel…?”

“Excited, Mistress.”


“Being purely a sex toy sounds like heaven. And I think I get frustrated a lot… that sex usually ends around the time I’m really getting into it, and a lot of the time it’s boring and… and missing something. But it’s not about that. I get to spend whatever’s left of twenty-four hours with my only job feeling sexy and doing what I’m told and making people feel good. And that’s going to be wonderful.”

“Good girl. I want you to enjoy yourself. Do you suppose you can make me feel good?”

“I’ll do my best, Mistress, but, um, I’m not sure how.”

Mistress chuckled. “Right now, rather than having you overwhelmed, I’ll make it easy on you.” She glided fluidly to a nearby chair, sat on it, and a heartbeat later, the coils of green-black scales were gone. Mistress, in a strapless top of glossy tight black, spread her legs and lifted up her matching long flared skirt. No panties. That wasn’t a surprise. “Come kneel here between my legs, and I’ll tell you what to do.”

Jewel obediently knelt, and followed directions about where and how to lick and what to do with breath and fingers and lips as well as tongue. She decided that she loved the way Mistress tasted, and wondered whether all women tasted this good. Had she been missing out on something by sex only with men?

It felt like it took quite a while, but Mistress was making pleasure sounds and praising her between suggestions, so she didn’t seem to be impatient, and Jewel was enjoying the novelty of this and the fact that she was making Mistress feel good, so there was no hurry. Everything was accompanied by the music of her earrings, louder and clearer the more active she was, almost inaudible when she was moving less. The sound was pretty and not intrusive at all, and she rather liked it.

To her delight, eventually she heard Mistress’ breathing growing harder and more ragged, and her hips moved more forcefully, and the long nails of the hand resting on her shoulder dug in hard enough to hurt—though that hardly mattered.

“Don’t stop until I say,” Mistress told her, a bit breathlessly, and then a few seconds later her breath caught hard and her hips bucked forward and Jewel felt muscles clench hard around the two fingers she currently had inside Mistress. After one hard spasm, Mistress relaxed visibly, internal muscles flexing in a gradually slowing rhythm.

“Stop licking, but keep your mouth and your fingers there a moment longer.”

Jewel waited, aware of the taste of a lot of newly-released juices, and didn’t move until Mistress said, “All right. Sit up. Good girl. Well done, especially for a first time. I think you could become quite good at that, with a little practice.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” Jewel knelt up straight, licking her lips.

Mistress was pleased with her. That made the world perfect.

Wait… she’d just gone down on a woman who, in other contexts, was one of her most valued friends.

Of course, in other contexts, the woman in question wasn’t an enormous snake from the hips down, currently coiling her way back to the platform that allowed her to arrange herself more comfortably.

No, she’d just obeyed and pleased Mistress, and that was the cardinal rule.

She closed her eyes briefly, struggling. It had been easier with Master’s influence overriding everything except the driving hunger for for sex. Without that, she was on her own with the conflict.

No she wasn’t.

I’m Jewel, she thought, and felt the voice of the bargain in her head agree that she was, with its subtle sense of comforting approval. It doesn’t matter who I am the rest of the time. It doesn’t matter what I want. I’m Jewel. I’m property. I’m going to have to accept that I’m a sex toy, something for eight fae to use as often as they want for any kind of sex they want and I have no right to object. This is what I’m paying for safety from a real threat, and I have to do it right.

Each point gave her that warm thumbs-up, which helped calm her agitation considerably.

Master says I should feel sexy. I do, I mean, look at me! Master says it’s good to feel all horny and turned on. And I do, god help me, I’m quite sure that isn’t all him, that twisted little part of me that likes this all on its own is awake again. I don’t have to like it, but I probably can’t fight it. Master says to be enthusiastic. Oh good lord, I had him way down my throat… and I want to again, badly…

You figured this out last time. Let go. Surrender to everything. Including yourself. It’ll make it so much less painful to get through.

Easier said than done.

“Are you all right?” Mistress asked.

“I think so, Mistress. Just… a bit of perspective adjustment.”

“Hm. Well, to do your job well, you need to look after yourself, too. You remember where the kitchen is?”

She’d been there so many times during her last debt payment, she could never forget. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Any time you need to, as long as none of my guests has a use for you at that moment, you can make free use of the bathroom and the kitchen and help yourself to any food or drink. There is a bottle of elixir there, but use it sparingly, and make sure you sleep now and then. You can do so right here, I’m sure you can find a comfortable place for a nap. It won’t be eight consecutive hours, but it will be better for you than completely postponing it. I want you functional for the duration, which is a bit over twenty-two hours. Why don’t you curl up here beside me and take a nap until my guests begin to arrive, so you’ll be rested for them?” She shifted her position, leaving space along one edge of the raised padded platform.

That was a command disguised as a thoughtful suggestion.

Jewel got up and relocated. She couldn’t exactly curl up, the corset forbade that. Mistress’ tail-tip nudged a cylindrical pillow towards her, and with that under the back of her neck, she was more comfortable than she expected, without any difficulty with her ponytail.

Mistress ran a gentle hand across her eyes, urging them closed. “Sleep a little, Jewel. Let your own imagination give you exciting pleasant dreams about being a seductive single-minded sex toy.”

Jewel wanted to object that her imagination wouldn’t do that, but the salon went away.

Vaguely aware that she was dreaming, Jewel’s dream still felt real.

A look in the mirror showed her… more or less as she was, but her light beige-brown skin was metallic silver, sharper contrast to the sapphire she was wearing, and she knew that it didn’t come off, it was a part of her. This was her proper uniform, the reflection of her purpose and her inner self. No fears, no worries, no uncertainty. Her only function was to bring pleasure to others, and she was good at it. It gave her both great emotional satisfaction and great physical pleasure of her own—no more feeling frustrated. No more feeling chained by expectations she couldn’t always identify, let alone reach. Purely a sex toy, and it was such a relief to be.

The dream blurred into a whole series of erotic encounters, including the regular intercourse that was currently off-limits, and in them, she was always aroused and eager and knew what to do.

Her dream-self remembered that, last time she’d paid a debt, she’d surrendered to a part of herself that revelled in the loss of control and the sensuality. Her dream-self also remembered giving herself over utterly to that part of herself and never looking back.

“Jewel. Wake up, dear.”

Jewel blinked and opened her eyes. Surely she couldn’t have slept all that long, yet she felt more rested than she expected. “Mistress?”

“Henry just arrived. The other guests will be coming very soon. You have a job to do.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Jewel sat up carefully, then got up all the way. “Do I have time for the bathroom?”

“Yes, but don’t take long.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you for waking me.” She headed for the bathroom with the longest, fastest strides she could.

Peeing brought a sharp reminder of her rubber-covered nether regions. She cleaned up, then decided that she could steal just a moment more. She moved the stool so it was directly in front of the mirror wall, then, with a hand mirror from the counter, she perched and spread her legs and tried to manoeuvre mirror and self so she could get a look.

It was… fascinating, seeing her entire vulva coated in glossy blue. Being unable to access her throbbing clit at all was frustrating, but also oddly satisfying and right: she belonged to her owners, she was not entitled to pleasure herself except when they felt she’d earned it.

She quickly returned stool and mirror, and headed back to the salon, her heels clicking on the floor. These wedge heels were surprisingly comfortable, more stable than stilettos, and still looked wonderful. She needed to keep an open mind about them in the future.

Okay, so, she was going to get used for lots of sex, probably including things she could never have dreamed up.

I don’t want to act like a promiscuous shameless slut, part of her mind whimpered.

Part of her did.

And it was going to happen anyway.

And she could feel her own heat, the rubber trapping it, but not trapping the juices that trickled down her inner thighs.

Just outside the salon, she met Flair coming the other way; Flair flashed her a smile and kept going, presumably following a command.

Jewel strode into the salon. It was hard not to feel sexy and confident in her appearance, at least. She still found it hard to believe that was her inside.

Mistress, on her platform, was sitting forward more to talk to three-foot-tall hairy Henry, who had claimed a chair of the right height for him.

Jewel stopped a body length from them, spread her feet to shoulder-width, linked her hands behind her, and waited with her eyes on the floor. Apprehensive about what she was going to have to do, she knew she was turned on as well. And the latter was a less miserable state to be in.

Henry paused in mid-sentence to look her over, then glanced back at Mistress. “You weren’t exaggerating. She cleans up nice.”

“Very much so. And she’s free to use at will for, hm, around twenty hours, with only the single restriction.”

“There’s so much to do other than that.”

“Indeed. I’ll leave you to it, then.” Mistress slithered off her platform and off in the direction of the door.

Jewel waited.

Henry circled her, slowly, and whistled softly. “Well, now. That’s a job worthy of the body artists, but it didn’t need them. You certainly look like what you are, pretty thing.”

“Thank you, sir.” The compliment made her feel warm, despite her nervousness.

“Just stand still for me.” His hand made her feel even warmer, exploring everywhere unhurriedly. He started over the blue leather, dextrous fingers tracing out every curve, every slope, then moved on to bare skin. Jewel shivered, struggling to obey despite the growing urge to arch into his hands like an affectionate cat.

I’m a sex toy. It’s good for a sex toy to enjoy sex. Master said to be enthusiastic.

Oh fuck I’m getting so turned on, his hands are just unreal…

Henry chuckled. “You liking this, pretty thing?”

Jewel closed her eyes. “Yessir.”

“What about it?”

“Your hands feel good.”

“Oh, yes? And where do you want them?”

“That’s not up to me. Anywhere you want.”

“Eager to please, aren’t you?”

“Yessir.” She swallowed. Can’t lie to fae. They’re all about truth. “I like… it feels good to obey. To please someone else.”


“I… I don’t know. I honestly don’t. I’m sorry.” ‘Because there’s obviously something wrong with me’ probably wasn’t an acceptable reply.

“Hm. Honest answer anyway. Will ask you that again later, so think about this and don’t answer now: what do you gain as a toy that you don’t have otherwise?”

Gain? Wasn’t the point that she mostly lost? Freedom, control, dignity…? Anything she gained mostly translated as a lack of something, but surely he wouldn’t phrase it that way if he meant captivity, helplessness, humiliation.

“Right now, tell me, pretty thing. What will you do for me?”

“Anything you want,” Jewel whispered.

“Say again?”

“Anything you want.” More loudly.

“No fun if you just put up with it.”

“I’ll do anything you want, and I’ll do it enthusiastically.” She cringed a bit inside, but said it anyway, and knew it was the truth. The whole spell—the bargain’s voice, Master’s nudge, her dream, her body’s worrying reactions—were all conspiring against her everyday self to push her firmly into the mindset of a sex toy to go along with her outward role. But what was going to happen, would happen, and it would be less miserable for her and pay her debt more fully if she didn’t fight it. “And I want to do it. Anything you want, anything that will bring you pleasure, I really want to do. I’m not allowed regular intercourse, but I’ll do anything else.”

His grin showed those small pointed teeth. “Anything?”

Broken toys are no use. Mistress and Master both call me their treasure. I’m property but I have value. “Anything,” she repeated firmly.

He laughed. “You’ll leave here with a courtesan’s knowledge of kinds of sex. Collecting orgasms towards your own, hm? All right, pretty thing, I’ll give you an easy gentle one for now. Kneel on the edge of the platform, with your back towards me.”

Puzzled, and a bit apprehensive, she obeyed.

“Bring your knees farther back. Now lean forward.”

What is he doing? He knows the rules. And he wouldn’t… would he?

She dropped forward onto her hands, forcing herself to stay still and as calm as she could. Going through her litany again, with its little mental pats of approval, distracted and soothed, while he unzipped her skirt upwards.

Then his agile fingers, stroking her rubber-encased vulva, became a distraction of their own. She could feel him smearing wetness around—her own lubrication, as near as she could tell, and there was no shortage of it to coat her upper inner thighs.

“Keep thinking sexy thoughts,” he told her. “Stay nice and wet. Friction’s no fun.”

“I can… I can do that.”

“Bring your knees together tight and keep them there.”

She shifted her position a bit, making sure her knees were braced together on the padded platform.

I have no idea what he’s doing and I’m letting him do it anyway, except that I don’t have the option of ‘let,’ it’s just going to happen, and I can’t freakin’ believe how much of a turn-on that is… What is wrong with…

No! I won’t feel bad about feeling good!

Right now, I’m a sex toy, and this is my job, and I’ll do it properly!

She felt pressure between her upper thighs, something hard and narrow… it didn’t take a genius to know it was his penis. For all his diminutive size, she thought it was no smaller than the lower end of average, though where it normally hid when he wore only his own fur, she had no idea. It slid along her slippery rubber-sheathed vulva between her labia, across where there should be an opening, past her inaccessible clit, until she felt hairy hips against the backs of her legs. His hair, she noticed distantly, wasn’t particularly scratchy or rough. If anything, it edged towards woolly, which must be a pain to keep clean and tangle-free.

He seized her hips, holding her still while he drew back, then he thrust forward more quickly.

Oh. This is… different.

And… actually, that’s kind of nice.

And if I could feel everything, that might be rubbing right against my clit.

On the other hand, given her own associations with what constituted ‘real sex’, she found it very easy to feel like an object for him to use to amuse himself.

Master said be enthusiastic!

She picked up on his rhythm, and shifted her weight back to meet him on each stroke, which made her earrings chime their silver song.

He grunted and chuckled. “Good girl.”

So, she braced herself with her arms, and tried consciously to get into the spirit of it.

Henry had been kind to her before, had protected her against the spiteful little fae with their cruel words. He deserved her best.

But then, all the fae deserved her best, because that was her job. Bringing pleasure. Not increasing stress for other people by sending them reminder letters about owing money. Using everything she had to make Mistress and Master and their friends feel good.

She realized that she was whimpering softly, punctuated now and then by a gasping moan, and that friction was definitely not going to be an issue. Henry’s thrusts grew more vigorous the more strongly she responded, and that was gratifying and reassuring: she was obviously meeting expectations.

What was going to happen when he came? she wondered, as his motions became jerkier, more short and urgent.

She wasn’t quite anticipating that he’d pull back just as he climaxed, spilling himself all over her inner thighs and vulva and bottom.

His fingers dug into her hips hard, holding her still, and she thought she felt a suggestion of claws. She carefully didn’t move until he stopped shuddering and let go.

Hm, now what?

Bring him back for more.

So she did the most wanton, playful thing that came to mind. She let herself sprawl onto her side, ran her fingers through the mixture of his fluids and hers that coated her skin, and met his gaze while she licked them slowly, delicately, meticulously clean. He watched her with a grin, then chuckled.

“Pretty thing, keep going the way you’re going, you’re off to a wonderful start. Word of advice. Thinking there’s only vaginal, oral, and anal sex lacks imagination. Anything from your toes to your armpit has potential. Keep your mind open.”

“Yessir. And thank you.”

“For getting you a point closer to your own?”

“For letting me serve and make you feel good. A toy needs a purpose.” And she was a toy, and her purpose was sex, and she was fulfilling that, so all was well and right with the world.

He chuckled and strolled off towards Mistress, who had returned to the room and settled on a different platform.

Jewel decided she needed to clean up, so she wriggled off the platform, trying not to make a mess, and headed for the bathroom.

She hadn’t exactly forgotten how she looked, and the soft jingling of her earrings was a constant reminder, but walking in and spotting herself in the full-wall mirror was nonetheless briefly breathtaking. How was it that she could look like that? That it could be her, standing so straight and confident, in heels like that and a corset laced to create such dramatic curves, silver gleaming around her ears, and those deep blue lips smiling in delight?

I want to look like this always. I want my whole job to be making people happy.

A moment with a wet washcloth took care of the problem. Just because she could, she peed and washed her hands, and stopped in the kitchen.

Flair was adding mead to two of the giant-sized cups; she greeted Jewel with a cheerful smile. “With Dagrun, tease her. Go all around and occasionally just brush her clit and then move away again, and sort of spiral in so you’re right immediately around it but still not directly on it much. She’ll totally melt. I don’t know if it has anything to do with being a fire giant, but she is super sensitive. With Sigrun, make sure that whatever you do, you do it with a reasonable amount of force and pressure. She’s not, like, numb or anything, she just likes sensations strong and direct. Even at minimum size, if they’re really enjoying themselves and you work at it carefully, you might be able to get a hand inside either of them. Go slow and don’t force it, and if you can, don’t go deep, just close your hand and pump back and forth a bit but stay shallow unless they say otherwise. They love it when it works, and I’ve had both decide to grow a bit in mid-sex to make sure it can, so don’t get too startled if they do.”

While filling a glass with juice, Jewel listened intently, filing that as useful information. “Got it. Other helpful hints?”

“If I think of anything else as the others show up, I’ll let you know. I mean, they all like multiple things. The spacing between the cups of your corset is wide enough to allow for, hm, I think the usual term is titfucking? Since you’re supposed to keep it varied, that should give you one round each with the males.”

“Um… had a boyfriend do that once. It was unexciting. But… different conditions. Females? I really know nothing about sex with women.”

Flair giggled. “Yes you do, you are one. Think about how and where you like to be touched…”

“Everywhere, apparently.”

“And what stimulation works on you. Seriously? Mouth and fingers everywhere. Any position that brings your groin against hers to rub together. Any position that allows rubbing other ways, like maybe grinding against a thigh or something. If she isn’t in mid-conversation, talking can be good. Tell her how beautiful she is, how much her clit seems to like you, how good she tastes, how much you’re loving the noises she makes, whatever comes to mind. That one works on the males, too, although it’s kind of hard with a penis halfway down your throat. Everyone likes compliments. And these are fae. They’re, well, sort of truth voyeurs. Go ahead and say exactly how you feel, doing something or having something done or whatever. The more truth you give them, freely and without prompting, the more they’ll love it. They aren’t going to ever think anything bad about you for telling the truth, no matter what it is. I’m not actually sure they can. Truth is higher than anything else. I need to take these out. Why don’t you grab a quick snack?”

“Mm, probably would be good. Do you need a hand?”

“You do your job and let me do mine.” Flair’s smile took any sting from it. “Don’t be long. Everything is about you right now.” She picked up the tray with the two giant cups, and left the kitchen.

Jewel made herself a sandwich, since that would be fast and not bloat her tightly-constricted abdomen. She’d been wearing this for, what, probably four hours by now? To whatever extent she was mostly conscious of it, it felt wonderful, not at all uncomfortable. It might get that way after a while—she hadn’t been wearing corsets all that long or all that tightly—but it didn’t look likely to be soon. Likewise her feet: the first time, the high arch had felt unnatural, but after a few weeks of increasingly enjoying the effect of higher heels during her own time, they weren’t bothering her at all.

And having had that nap as well… she didn’t have the slightest need for Mistress’ magic elixir. Maybe later she’d get to that point, but Mistress said to use it sparingly, and she wasn’t going to touch it unless she really needed it.

Just knowing what had been created out of her fairly average body and that she was going to be using it to please eight fae with longer still remaining than her entire first debt payment, that was enough to give her a delicious rush of combined adrenaline and arousal.

Food was of less interest than whatever awaited her in the salon. She finished eating, cleaned up, and headed back, head high.

Just inside, she paused to look around. She’d been oblivious to the entrance chime while playing with Henry, apparently, because there were no less than four more guests present. One was amphibious Nechtan, in a basin of water, talking to Mistress and to a stranger. Jewel couldn’t tell whether the stranger was male or female at all. Tall thin build, in what might be a short-sleeved close-fitting short sweater-dress of greyish-brown with a green leafy pattern, with a tied beaded belt of several colours, and socks that reached over the knee in bold stripes of green and white and something that might be black… Jillian could distinguish no visible breasts or hips but also no breadth of shoulders, no facial hair on the narrow grey-skinned face under wild green hair of raggedly uneven length. It was probably a bad idea to assume anything about the clothing choice.

If Flair was just now getting drinks for the giants, they’d probably arrived the most recently, so she should go introduce herself to the stranger and greet Nechtan first.

No favouritism. The giants probably would be more pleasant than extended physical contact with Nechtan, but he was what he was and she was going to do her best for him, too.

She made her way across the floor, conscious of being watched, a small part of her still squirming over that, but the part that was rapidly asserting control loved it. Mistress and Master called her a treasure. Valuable things were admired, even if they were property. If she was admired, that reflected well on Mistress and Master for choosing and grooming the sex toy they had.

As before, she paused just outside, took her proper stance, and waited to be acknowledged.

“Oh, lovely,” Nechtan said, looking her over without the faintest trace of hesitation—but then, modesty wasn’t part of her job. Jewel stretched and posed for him, turning in a circle, which made him laugh but he never looked away. “Definitely a prize.”

“Thank you,” Mistress said. “Jewel, this is Hyld, one of my oldest and dearest friends, who had to miss the previous gathering you were present for.”

Jewel greeted… him? her?… with her best smile. “Hello.”

Up close, Hyld’s skin was greyish-brown and looked rough, and the ragged hair had an odd glossy texture; those high socks were green and ivory and a very dark purple, all colours that were in the belt along with yellow, and the sweater-dress or whatever it was seemed to be knitted with an irregular vertical cabling texture that wasn’t quite the usual fisherman-type. Eyes were large and virtually black, and lips were thin. That smile was both friendly and appreciative, though.

“I’m very glad I made it this time.” That voice was as androgynous as the appearance. Well, odds were distinctly high that Jewel would know soon, unequivocally, what sort of anatomy Hyld had, at least.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Jewel asked. “Anything you want, with one restriction, and I’d love to make you feel good.” She turned her smile from Hyld to Nechtan, head tilted a bit questioningly.

Mistress smiled, clearly pleased. Jewel made a note: Mistress approved of her taking the initiative, not just waiting to be approached.

“Go ahead, Hyld,” Nechtan said graciously. “I can wait a little. Judging by last time and what Nik said, she’s highly adaptable with a genuine drive to please.”

“Best to start easy,” Hyld chuckled. “Come here, pretty blossom. On your knees. Let’s see how agile your tongue is.” That… sweater?… was apparently stretchy, because it was easily gathered and bunched up out of the way, letting Hyld slide forward on the chair with knees parted.

Jewel immediately stepped past Nechtan and dropped to her knees, edging closer so she’d be able to reach easily.

Okay, so, Hyld was female. Fair enough. After pleasing Mistress, she’d been rather looking forward to practising her newest skills more. She stroked gently, exploring outer labia and the sparse green hair that covered them, trying not to rush—she’d never personally cared for lovers who were focused entirely on the goal and not the process, and figured that at worst, one fae or another would tell her to get on with it. Meanwhile, she could appreciate the beauty in front of her, delight in the responsiveness to the gentlest of touches with lips or tongue or fingertips or nails, even to her breath. That scent, Jewel thought, was rather like honey, and the taste made her think of sweet unfamiliar fruit.

Extremely responsive. Hyld’s clitoris was unquestionably engorged and very interested in what was happening. Jewel ran her tongue delicately along it, barely touching, then closed her mouth over it to share her breath and body heat, flicking it with her tongue intermittently.

That was apparently good: hips bucking slightly towards her, Hyld moaned something that sounded like another language, though it trailed into a breathless laugh, and one hand caressed Jewel’s head.

Something was definitely going on, though. Jewel ran her tongue along Hyld’s clit experimentally, and concluded that it was much bigger than it had been… and it continued to grow.

Well, that’s odd.

Something from a long-ago science class, or maybe a nature show on TV, tickled the back of her mind. Didn’t a lot of plants have both male and female reproductive organs in each flower? If Hyld was tree-like, was the connection with a tree that had combination flowers like that?

Not that it mattered. It just made this an interesting challenge: how to apply what she’d learned from both Mistress and Master in one.

For the moment, she drew back, and ran her tongue along the slit behind Hyld’s… penis? Very large clitoris? Well, the larger it expanded, the more the shape resembled a penis.

And the more awkward it was becoming to get her mouth near the feminine territory behind it. There were probably positions that would make it easier to reach, but she could hardly ask Hyld to abandon Mistress and Nechtan. Maybe it was something to explore later, or ask Flair about. Right now, she needed all her attention on what she was doing.

Should she ask if there was anything special Hyld wanted her to do? No, that would interrupt, and she had no reason to think that any of the fae would hesitate about giving her directions.

So, she focused her oral attentions on Hyld’s penis, but she did so at a leisurely pace, sometimes pausing altogether with it in her mouth so she could pay closer attention to what she was doing with her fingers just a little back from that.

Hyld, noticeably breathless, finally cupped both hands around Jewel’s head, long thin fingers splayed wide. Jewel obediently looked up.

“Your attentiveness and lack of haste are wonderful, blossom, and I have only praise, but I think that’s long enough teasing, hm?”

Jewel nodded. Good. Taking a long time was hard on her own desire for release, but it needed to go on the list of ‘good things to do.’ When Hyld let go, she leaned down again, and this time, did everything in her power to make the tree-like fae climax in her mouth.

Which, really, didn’t take long at all.

There wasn’t a large quantity of semen, and what there was tasted more like diluted honey. Jewel, remembering her lessons, stayed where she was and kept Hyld in her mouth, letting Hyld move first. Then she let Hyld’s rapidly shrinking penis slide out, and licked her lips and teeth clean, getting every tasty trace.

“Oh, very well done,” Hyld said. “Humans with more fae experience have been flustered by elder-fae and our biology. I don’t believe you faltered for more than a heartbeat before you adapted, and with enthusiasm and diligence.”

“Good girl, Jewel,” Mistress said, holding out a hand to her. Jewel immediately came to her, nuzzling happily into Mistress’ stroking hand. “You’re doing a wonderful job so far of pleasing my friends, I couldn’t ask for better.”

“Thank you, Mistress.” All this approval was making her want to wriggle like an overexcited puppy, but Mistress’ hand countered some of the hyperness, tamed it into a deep feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

“See what Nechtan would like, then take a break if you need to before you go greet Dagrun and Sigrun and Sati.”

So everyone was here, then. Was she getting so intent on her job that she was tuning out the arrival chimes, or was it the bells in her ears and their own faint chime that was distracting her from it? But it was all right, she hadn’t been told to listen for it. Her job meant focusing intently on whoever she was currently serving, to the exclusion of anything else. And if it was her earrings, well, she quite liked the gentle tinkling.

“Of course, Mistress.” She waited until Mistress moved her hand, and oriented on Nechtan. “What can I do to please you?”

“Give me a moment to finish the point I’m making,” Nechtan said. “I believe I want to give you my undivided attention.”

Well, that wasn’t what she’d prefer, but it wasn’t up to her. She moved over to kneel beside his basin, schooling herself to wait patiently while he finished whatever he was saying in their language. While she was intent on action, her own hunger stopped nagging at her so insistently, but she’d been highly aroused for hours and still needed to give two more before she could earn any release of her own.

Next time: a very busy Jewel learns more, and earns a reward, among other things.

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