5.3 Gold Star

When Nechtan ran a hand down Jewel’s cheek, she turned her head to catch his index finger carefully in her teeth. And once she had it, she could run her tongue in slow circles around it, pretending it was something more substantial. The texture was… well… she couldn’t say she loved it, but she did like Nechtan and she wasn’t going to make a halfhearted attempt for anyone. It wasn’t her place to have personal opinions about anything or anyone, just to do her job. If that meant she needed to suppress her gut reaction to a slightly rubbery skin and a thin layer of tasteless slime by staying focused on the person inside… well… she could do that.

Being a sex toy, her own desires in a distant second place below the desires of her owners and their guests, was about as satisfying as anything she could ever have imagined anyway. Which actually made it deeply erotic simply because she was doing it despite her own lack of attraction, and would do so with proper enthusiasm, although there was something paradoxical and confusing about that.

She just hoped the leather of her outfit could handle it. But then, her satin last time had refused to allow any soil, so probably it was fine.

So, she kept playing with his captive finger, and he made no effort to extricate it.

He must have finished whatever the important point was, because he asked her to let go, then planted both hands on the edge of the basin and heaved himself to his feet.

The layer of fat just under the skin effectively hid any muscle tone, but she wasn’t sure she could really call it flabby, any more than a seal or dolphin was. Presumably it was useful insulation in cold water.

He gave himself a few second for excess water to drip off, then offered Jewel a hand. “Come along.”

She closed her hand around his, was drawn to her feet with impressive strength, and went with him a short distance away.

“Kneel,” he told her, gesturing to the centre of one of the low platforms.

My outfit needs knee-pads.

Jewel complied, grateful at least that he didn’t want her right in the water. Wet leather didn’t sound good.

He sat beside her, and immediately reached for her breasts.

Okay, he’s into boobs. That works.

She planted her hands behind her and arched backwards, exposing her chest prominently and offering it at the same time.

As bland as she often found men playing with her boobs, this was different. This wasn’t happening with some expectation that it would immediately make her horny and cooperative. She was already both to a whole new level. This was someone playing with her simply because it was something he felt like doing, purely for his own pleasure. Her breasts, like the rest of her, existed for the use of others. And that, paradoxically, meant that his touch, his fingers stroking, his hands kneading her flesh and toying with her hard nipples, his cool mouth on her skin and sucking on her nipples, actually did make her fiercely horny.

“Your mistress would be displeased if I wanted milk from you,” he chuckled. “Lie down. On your back. Be comfortable.”

Wondering what was coming, Jewel did so without making any effort to tuck her breasts back into their cups, finding one of the round cushions to support her neck.

Once she was settled, Nechtan knelt straddling her. That made her a little nervous. He was significantly larger than her, and she wasn’t sure she could bear his weight.

He was quite high up her body, though, his weight stayed almost entirely on his own folded legs, and his hands immediately went back to her breasts for more fondling.

With her hands free now, she figured she needed to be more active, so she returned the favour: running both palms over his chest, using her long blue nails and her fingertips to gently tease his dark brown nipples. That made his breath catch, which she took as a good sign so she continued, venturing outwards irregularly, then coming back.

After a moment, he caught her hands and cupped them around the outside of her breasts, pressing inwards.

All right. If he wants to fuck my boobs, I can do this. That’s a perfectly viable option within the rules.

Just to encourage him, she looked up at him and smiled. “Yes, please.” Would bad language be a turn-off? It might. And she really had little experience with dirty talk anyway. She groped around for anything she could use for compliments, as per Flair’s advice. In human terms, he wasn’t physically very appealing, but she liked him and there had to be something she could seize on.

Truth. Just flat, simple, truth.

“It isn’t my place to like or not like, Master said to be impartial. But you were very kind to me last time, a lot more than you had to be, you even made Roshanak stop being mean to me, and the control thing with my hands to fill a plate for you… that got me so turned on. Even if it still scares me how much I think I’m liking not having control, it keeps sneaking into my fantasies. I really honestly like you, and I really badly want to find a way to show you that and make you feel half as good as you made me feel.”

He listened silently, intently, with no expression she could read.

Then he smiled, and trailed his fingers down her cheek. “Thank you. And you are.”

“Good.” She wriggled her breasts back and forth and gave him an inviting look. “Well? If you need lube, my mouth is right here, or there’s lots of slipperiness right behind you.”

“I’ll spare you that.” He took her up on the latter, one hand moving across her rubberized vulva for a moment, then wrapping around his penis.

Which, she realized, was actually large. Quite large, in girth and length both. Also, somewhat slippery-looking on its own.

She let her breasts separate enough for him to place his penis between them, then squashed them back together tightly around it.

He rocked backwards, then forward again. Jewel concentrated, for the moment, on getting used to the rhythm of it and keeping the pressure high.

“Ease up on the way back,” he told her. “Tighter on the way forward. Oh, yes, just like that.”

Once she adapted to that and it no longer needed her full attention, she just couldn’t resist the mottled brown penis head that was coming so very close to her lips with each thrust. As he reached the end of the next, she licked the tip playfully.

He shuddered, but didn’t protest or otherwise respond in either direction.

So, she started adding licks and kisses—sometimes she misjudged and missed, but that just made it a game, seeing how often she could add something a bit extra. Once, she managed to crane her neck enough and time everything exactly right so she could get the entire head of his penis briefly into her mouth—and it was certainly a substantial mouthful. There was an odd, not-entirely-pleasant taste mingled with what she thought was her own lubrication, but it didn’t trigger any particular disgust, so she figured she’d be able to deal with it and get used to it.

It didn’t take very long after that for him to make a few quicker shorter thrusts, and unload a volume of semen onto her chest and neck that, even with his size, was larger than she’d have predicted.

Once he freed her to move, she ran two fingers across her chest and licked them, smiling at him. “Yum. Thank you.” It was genuinely not all that bad, just a little fishy-tasting. And deep inside, she felt warm and elated. So far, despite everything, she’d been succeeding.

“Thanks belong to you. You go beyond what is technically asked of you. Do you think I’m unaware that humans generally find my kind of fae difficult to touch at all?”

Jewel’s forehead furrowed. “Same humans who’ll find someone attractive and charismatic like Zipporah who thinks humans are prey? Humans can be stupid and shallow. I think I’m learning not to be. Or to be less, anyway.” She smiled at him again. “So if you think of anything else I can do for you, please let me know so we can do it. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“I have no doubt I can think of many things to do with a beautiful open-minded toy who loves to please and loves to feel controlled.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Meanwhile, you should get yourself cleaned up. The giants and Sati are all waiting patiently.”

“Right.” She accepted his hand to her feet, and headed quickly for the bathroom to get clean. Again. All this sex was messy, but it wasn’t as though she could expect anyone to let her serve when she was still a mess from the one before.

She had five. She only needed one more, and there were three she had yet to spend time with. On the other hand, nothing in the rules said that she got to have her reward the moment she reached six, either. It was hardly appropriate, as a sex toy, for her to put her own release ahead of making sure all eight of the fae she was serving had at least one round each—no matter how desperately she wanted it. She was fairly certain that Mistress and Master would still count the extra two forward towards the next, but even if not, she’d have to take that chance.

Clean, she stopped in the kitchen only long enough for a mouthful of juice before returning to the salon.

Scarcely in the door, enormous hands, frosty-pale and cool to the touch, wrapped around her waist and hoisted her off her feet.

She squeaked, startled, though not exactly afraid. Sigrun hadn’t gone as big as Dagrun had to rescue her, but she was still huge. Jewel, in her hands, was no larger than a child’s ragdoll.

“I found you a sexy little doll, Dagrun,” Sigrun chuckled.

Dagrun, at much the same size but sitting in a chair, held out her hands. “Oh, can I?”

Sigrun handed her captive over, from cool hands to warm ones. Dagrun held her up to look her over critically, turning her around and back again.

“So, little doll. What business do you have looking so sexy, hm?”

“That’s my job,” Jewel said. “It’s my whole purpose right now. Making Mistress and Master and their guests feel good. I’m a sex toy. What would you like me to do?” Each of Dagrun’s ample breasts, she thought, had to be at least twice the size of her own head. The hands around her spanned her waist effortlessly, and not just because of the corset holding it relentlessly narrower than usual. What on earth could she do, with the giants so big?

She wasn’t supposed to doubt herself. She was just supposed to do what she was told and put everything she had into making eight fae feel as good as possible.

Swinging in mid-air was a rather surreal feeling. It put all of her weight directly onto her corseted torso, the rigid leather distributing the load but the pressure increasing overall. And she was absolutely helpless.

“You’re a sex toy,” Sigrun echoed. She ran a finger up Jewel’s inner leg, up under her skirt, and withdrew it. “One who really likes her work.”

“Be nice,” Dagrun said, and brought Jewel over to sit her on one huge knee, Jewel’s legs dangling down on either side of Dagrun’s broad thigh. It could have been a position with some potential, without the chastity belt preventing accidents. “So, cute sex toy, are you enjoying your work?”

“Very much. I can’t wait to see how many other kinds of sex I can have and how many more times I can make people feel good. I love this.”

“You love what, little one?”

“Nothing to worry about or wonder about, just obey enthusiastically and I get to feel good and make other people feel good.”

Dagrun chuckled. “Well. Clearly you aren’t currently miserable.”

Jewel shook her head. “Not in the least. Tomorrow I might be, but right now, I’m fine. And that is not Master playing with my libido.”

“Fair enough, then.”

“So,” Sigrun said, “vaginal intercourse is forbidden, which is not relevant to us, and you must give six orgasms to be permitted one of your own, correct?”

“And they can’t be from the same person twice in any one set,” Jewel added.

“You have how many?”


“I imagine you want that reward badly.”

“Well, yes. I mean, everything is just getting me turned on beyond words, But it would be rude to run off and ask Master or Mistress for it with two people being ignored. That puts my pleasure over theirs, and that’s not right. I can’t do that. I’ll wait. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it knowing that.”

Sigrun shook her head. “I wonder whether your Mistress and Master understand just how much of a treasure you are. Dagrun has had a bad day. In fact, she’s had a stressful week. Do you suppose, little toy, you can help her to relax?”

“Oh dear. I’ll do everything I possibly can, at least.”

“Good. Then I’ll leave you to it for now.”

Jewel looked up at Dagrun. “If you can’t think of anything specific right now, maybe I could help loosen up tight muscles? I know when I get stressed, my neck and shoulder muscles get sore. I’m not a massage therapist, but I might be able to help.” If nothing else, with any luck the contact would start lowering stress levels a bit.

Dagrun nodded. “Move over here.” Carefully, she helped Jewel relocate, so she was standing on the seat of the chair and leaning on the arm.

While unfastening lacing at the front of her halter, Dagrun shrank.

By the time she shrugged off her halter and offered her bare back, she was down to her minimal size. Still much larger than Jewel, but at least she could reach.

Everything being scaled up, she used both hands almost always. With Dagrun sitting on the edge of the chair and Jewel behind her, she could readily reach her neck and shoulders and upper back while standing. The heat she could feel through Dagrun’s faintly-golden pale skin might have been feverish in a human, but probably was normal for her.

The fire giant bowed her head forward, submitting quietly to Jewel’s hands.

There are some complicated power dynamics going on here, Jewel reflected, but she needed to concentrate.

“That feels wonderful,” Dagrun said eventually, with a deep sigh. “And I am very pleased, by the way, that you do not feel as though ‘sex toy’ means that you are an inert object to simply be acted upon.”

“That seems… um, outside of something specific like being a statue… mostly sort of boring on both sides.”

“I feel so.” Dagrun shifted back a bit further from the edge, and Jewel let her hands fall, waiting to see what was coming next. “Come kiss me. Over here, step across me, I won’t let you fall… there. Down you go. I can take your weight.”

That was… interesting. The size difference was a factor, but also, it was the first time Jewel had kissed a woman that way. And doing it while sitting on Dagrun’s lap, her booted legs wrapped around Dagrun’s waist, with Dagrun’s arm supporting her from falling to the floor?

I kissed a girl and I liked it. All soft and warm and gentle, and she tasted faintly of caramel and of vanilla lip balm.

“Down,” Dagrun said, after a bit. It sounded less like an order than a suggestion.

Jewel eagerly started kissing her way down Dagrun’s throat, lingering to nibble lightly, then down further to her chest. She hesitated before going further, looking to Dagrun for permission.

“It’s all right, little one. I’d like you to.”

Jewel halfway disobeyed: she investigated with her fingertips, first, feeling the smooth skin, the firm resilient flesh beneath it, the slight roughness of her areolae. And with her eyes, noting the creamy colour with blue veins showing beneath, the deeper pinkish-gold of her areolae.

“You’re beautiful all over,” Jewel told her, only half thinking, “but these are amazing.” She lowered her head to flick the tip of her tongue across one large nipple. “I think I’ve been seriously missing out on something. Men can be fun and exciting, but it never occurred to me just how wonderful another female body could be.”

Dagrun chuckled. “Some of us feel so.”

She needed to remember to go slowly and to tread lightly—Flair had said Dagrun’s reactions were highly sensitive, and that might apply here too. She wanted Dagrun distracted from her worries and, in the end, as deeply relaxed as possible, which wouldn’t happen fast. Jewel took her time about exploring by touch with her fingers and with her mouth. Closing her mouth around one nipple and sucking on it was a bit eerie, the size difference made her feel disturbingly like a child, but she managed to dismiss that.

Dagrun showed every sign of enjoying it, with soft sighs and moans, one hand curved around Jewel to keep her close, the other stroking any area of Jewel she could reach.

“I think we need off this chair,” Dagrun said. “Don’t move, I’ve got you and I will not let you fall, but you should relax your leg muscles.” She wrapped both arms around Jewel’s hips, and hopped off the edge of the chair.

The floor should have been a couple of feet down.

Was it? There was no jolt of impact. Jewel felt Dagrun’s size expand briefly, the motions that might be a couple of steps, then felt her size shift back to what it had been as she lowered Jewel gently onto the edge of a platform.

Jewel shook her head hard. “Size is really flexible for you, isn’t it?”

“Size and mass and dimension are… not as absolute and objective as they seem with human senses. Big and small have less validity than bigger and smaller. If you could peek at Sigrun and I in my villa, you would have no way to tell whether we were this size or too large to fit in this room, because both of us and the villa would be on the same relative scale. But giants are particularly good at manipulating size and related concepts, yes. So, little toy, I’m feeling much more relaxed, but I think an orgasm might be the cherry on top, and I think I’d like to see what else that agile tongue can do.”

“Absolutely,” Jewel said promptly. “I’d love to.”

Dagrun unlaced the waist of her calf-length side-slit red leather skirt, but Jewel rocked forward quickly to help pull it down, with more contact than strictly necessary. No underwear. The fire giant stretched out on her back, and Jewel arranged herself in the broad V between her spread legs.

No surprises, no exotic flavours, though as with everything else, the size difference was significant.

Jewel tried to keep in mind what Flair had said: with Dagrun, be indirect and keep pressure light. Explore and experiment and tease, without getting too intense too quickly. She wasn’t sure she knew enough to be able to judge by Dagrun’s responses whether she was doing it well instead of just acceptably.

Back to telling the truth.

“I’m really enjoying this,” she said. “And I’m in no hurry. But I don’t want to go so slow I drive you crazy or so fast it feels wrong or so light it bores you or so hard it hurts or anything like that. I really want to help you feel as good as I possibly can. Will you tell me? Please? If you want me to do anything different or anything special?”

“I will,” Dagrun said, rather breathlessly. “If I think of anything.”

Well, that seemed like a good sign.

Light and indirect, spiralling in, Flair had said.

Now and then, Dagrun offered small corrections, but for the most part seemed content to let Jewel do what she wished.

A finger inside, two, even three got little reaction—not surprising, given that her fingers were comparatively very small. She kept playing with that, though, and got to where only her thumb stopped her four fingers. With a silent prayer that she was doing it right, she tucked her thumb in tight and tried wriggling her whole hand inside.

Dagrun moaned; Jewel froze.

“It’s all right, little toy. That feels good. Not hurting me.”

Jewel went back to her efforts. Once she got past the opening, she closed her hand into a fist and kept the motions short.

Dagrun chuckled, a low rumble of sound, and muscle flexed around Jillian’s hand and wrist. “You’ve had advice. Flair?”


“Mm. Feels good.”

Not long after that, Dagrun’s breathing grew more ragged, catching intermittently with soft cries.

“Out,” the giant gasped, and Jewel drew her hand back, freeing it from the hot tunnel and the powerful muscles squeezing around it with a little difficulty.

When Dagrun climaxed, Jewel realized why: quite possibly, those muscles could have done some damage to human bones.

Dagrun relaxed, panting. Jewel lingered a moment, then crawled up over her to snuggle close; the giant wrapped an arm carefully over her. Jewel could feel the rapid thunder of Dagrun’s heart gradually slowing.

“Thank you, little one,” Dagrun said finally. “I feel much better.”

“I’m glad.” And that was definitely the truth.

“You put quite a lot of time and effort into gaining your sixth and earning your own.”

“I’d be doing the same thing without the game,” Jewel said. “It’s a nice thought, knowing that I do get rewards. And it would be a lie to say I don’t really badly want it. But I wouldn’t want it as badly if I cared less about doing my job the best I can.”

Dagrun chuckled again. “A difficult trap. I don’t think Sigrun will add much time, she is much more direct than I am. Do you need a break?”

Jewel paused, evaluating. “No, I’m okay.”

“Up you get, then. Tempting as it is to hold a cute little one like you for a long time.”

“Mistress said I’m supposed to take naps,” Jewel offered, obediently moving aside so Dagrun could sit up.

“Then by all means, find me then.” Dagrun glanced around the room, and waved. “Humans are adorable when you’re asleep.”

“Less so when we’re awake?” Jewel teased.

“You are things other than adorable when you are awake.” She sounded amused, not annoyed at all, but then, everything Jewel had seen yet of Dagrun suggested that she was possibly the most tolerant fae she’d met.

“Feeling better?” Sigrun asked.

“Very much,” Dagrun said, picking up her skirt. “Your turn.”

“Looking forward to it.” Sigrun perched on the edge of a chair, leaned back, and unlaced the front of her pants… lacing that went quite a long way down and across her groin, in fact, and had been holding it closed sufficiently overlapped for protection or modesty or whatever her goal was.

Jewel knelt between Sigrun’s spread feet. She was glad Dagrun had been able to relax, but this position was going to be easier for this.

Be direct, Flair had said. Stronger pressure.

Sigrun, she concluded quickly, had a lower body temperature than she was used to, the way Dagrun’s was higher, but not uncomfortably so.

She tried, a little cautious about overdoing it and getting a negative response, but the more vigorous she was, even edging towards rough, the more Sigrun encouraged her verbally and with the motions of her hips and with the flow of slightly cool frost-giant juices. Sliding a hand inside worked, and Sigrun told her more than once that she could be less delicate, so she pumped her closed fist back and forth with care not to get anywhere near her cervix—that wasn’t likely to be pleasant for a woman of any size, male fantasies aside. And when Sigrun climaxed, she did so less quietly than Dagrun did.

“Well done, little one,” Sigrun told her. “If you are determined to delay your reward until everyone has had a chance to play with you, I suggest you go clean up and visit Sati.”

Jewel nodded. “Thank you. And I’m glad you’re happy with me and I could help you feel good.”

“I know.” Her voice, never exactly harsh, was very gentle. “Off you go.”

Back to the bathroom. At least the walk gave her a chance to stretch. She stopped in the kitchen for a drink and a handful of grapes but decided to wait on other food for the moment.

Master was waiting for her in the corridor, leaning against the wall.

“I’m told,” he said, “that you’ve decided to delay claiming your reward.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Mistress and I didn’t state whether any orgasms you win, over and above six, will carry over past a reward, or whether the count starts off fresh.”

“I know, Master. I decided that it’s worth the risk.”

“How so?”

“Because it would go completely contrary to the spirit of what you told me I am, to put my own pleasure ahead of whoever was left, which turned out to be Sigrun and Sati. That suggests that my pleasure is more important than theirs. Or my relief, or my comfort. It’s the same with any of those. I’m being good and looking after myself like Mistress said. And I’m doing my best to do what you said and be enthusiastic.”

He smiled, and her knees felt weak. “You’re something special, treasure. We’ll let them carry over. Mistress and I are not going to punish you for wanting so badly to be fair and do your job well. We’re hearing nothing but good things about how you’re doing. We’re both proud of you, and you’ve definitely earned a reward.”

“Thank you, Master.” She frowned, distracted from his scent and her memories of how his penis had felt in her throat by a thread of anxiety. It would be hard to talk if she dropped to her knees and started kissing it. “I’m really liking making women feel good, but I’m noticing that there’s less variation than with men. I’m a little worried whether I’ll be able to stay creative enough for them.”

Master chuckled. “Men of any kind will devise an amazing range of ways to get their cocks inside something. So the variations are obvious and easy to categorize. With only women involved, things tend to be a bit more subtle without clear-cut borders. Instead of finding a way to insert a penis somewhere novel that may or may not be rewarding for the other person, what you get is a lot of mouths and hands, and rubbing various body parts against various other parts. Some like toys, some don’t. As long as you do what you’re told and you try to avoid falling into a rote sequence of memorized moves, I think you’ll be fine. Mistress, Sati, and the giants will understand that you don’t have any experience and the nature of the issue, and it’s up to each of them whether they choose to accept what you offer.” He grinned. “The males present may hold you to higher standards in regards to creativity and daring, since that’s more like playing the game on the easy setting and you do have at least some experience.”

“Boring experience. Um… did I mention that I have a history with games of doing well on early levels, then getting discouraged by higher ones and giving up?”

“Treasure, if you give it your absolute best shot, which you clearly are, and you find that you just can’t and you give up, the worst consequence will be your own frustration from then until the end. Mistress and I won’t be mad at you. But if you feel like you’re stuck, you have the option of asking for help. We want you to win this game. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, though. Actually, I don’t want you to worry. Just keep going like you are and have some faith in yourself.”

“Yes, Master. I’ll do my best. Can we play again soon?”

“Oh, you’d better believe it, sexy. But right now, Sati’s waiting for you.”

“Yes, Master.”

Sati, interestingly, was alone—the only fae who was. Dagrun and Nechtan and Mistress were talking; Sigrun and Henry and Hyld were playing a complicated-looking game on a hexagonal board with pieces of three different colours.

Jewel crossed the room directly to Sati, and knelt in front of her, hands behind her. She remembered Sati’s touch last time, posing her for photographs she still hadn’t had the nerve to ask for, the way those midnight hands had spoken to her through that alone until she’d begun to feel like just an extension of Sati’s will with no need to see or hear.

“All done?” Sati asked. Jewel listened for any note of annoyance or impatience, but heard none.

“I’m yours to play with. I’m sorry you had to wait. I’ll do anything you like that will make you feel good.”

“You look lovely on your knees, but stand up so I can admire the view properly. Other than having several perfect clones of you or some method of altering time, it’s unavoidable that someone must wait. Anything I like, hm?”

Jewel rose, spread her feet, and linked her hands behind her. “Mistress’ rule is that I’m not allowed penis-in-vagina intercourse. Anything other than that is fair game. I honestly want to please and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Do you have much experience with toys?” Sati ran her cool fingertips from Jewel’s throat down over her breast, down over her torso, exploring shapes and textures. That was a bit distracting.

“I have the one Master gave me last time, and I’m playing with it lots and it’s wonderful, but I don’t think I’m very good with it yet. I’ve bought vibrators a couple of times, but mostly haven’t found them very earthshaking. Nice for a few minutes and then sort of monotonous.” No point asking why that was relevant, Sati would explain when or if she chose. Meanwhile, she was still stroking.

“I rather like toys and tools. They can augment and enhance without changing the underlying reality. Like a corset giving you curves for women to envy and men to lust after, or in some cases vice versa, without permanently altering your body. Even a satyr’s precum, temporarily allowing acts that would otherwise be beyond reach without experience and effort, is in the same category. Toys broaden the options available.”

“That makes sense,” Jewel said, on reflection. “A lot more sense than toys being for desperate singles who can’t do better or couples in trouble in the bedroom.”

“A very narrow view. You’ve allowed yourself to be turned into a living, breathing, animated temporary work of art, physically and mentally, an object for us to play with, so one could make a case that anything involving you is essentially masturbation with a toy.”

Another time that might have been upsetting; right now, it felt like an incontrovertible statement of fact, and a highly erotic thought.

“Master says I’m a sex toy,” she agreed.

“The use of toys on a toy… interesting concept.” Sati stood up from her chair, which allowed her to reach better. “You are certainly a work of art,” she murmured, her hands never still. “If I could freeze you, I’d build a whole multi-media exhibit around you. One about women’s sexuality, and the strength to claim one’s own true identity, even if it flies in the face of what is currently proper. Not so long ago, a woman insisting that her sexuality was anything but subservient to her husband’s was considered mad or possessed. A woman whose interest in sex was anything but a way to get children and who did not tolerate her husband’s lust as unpleasant duty was clearly ill or unable to resist sin. Now, a woman whose inherent nature is to derive her ecstasy from surrendering control and pleasing others is considered weak and self-hating and is undermining all women. Fortunately, there are always women strong enough, or whose true nature runs so deeply, that they can transcend the limitations placed on them.”

“I haven’t,” Jewel said, shivering under Sati’s hands. “I’m not that strong. I scare myself. I’ll probably hate myself tomorrow.”

Sati kissed her gently. Her silvery lips were cool, too. “Be patient with yourself. So. A whole exhibit featuring women who have defied the values of their cultures to be themselves, with you in the centre as the most recent in the chain. My gallery is in the same city you live in, so potentially, anyone you know could decide to visit, and see you there frozen… but I think they wouldn’t recognize you. I think I might allow photography freely, so that even after I freed you, echoes would remain and spread, of you all sensual and aroused and utterly helpless by your own consent.”

“I… whoa.” Revelation, pieces snapping finally together, jolted Jewel out of the fantasy. “That’s actually really obvious, isn’t it? That’s why Brett at work frightens me and it’s exactly the opposite of a turn-on, but being here makes me so reactive to everything. It’s not lack of control that does it. It’s lack of control that I agree to and when I feel safe. Why didn’t I think of that before?”

“Because you live in a society, one of many, that fails to differentiate clearly between assault and a voluntary negotiated surrender.” Sati pressed against her back, and Jewel shivered, as much from the faint chill as from pleasure in the contact. Dark arms wrapped around her waist, one sliding downward so her palm was over Jewel’s mound, hidden beneath a layer of leather and one of rubber. “You know that we will keep you safe, correct?”

“I was… less sure of that last time. Now I know for sure. And that it’ll end when it’s supposed to. It makes it less scary. That part, at least.”

“Experience. And knowing that the terms are understood and will be honoured, you can allow yourself to live within that conditional loss of control.” Sati’s breath on the back of her neck was like an early-winter breeze. “You can say no. I do not want this without genuine consent. Will you allow me absolute control for ten minutes? Only that long.”

More control than now?

Oh. This is Sati.

It was a frightening idea… but an exciting one, too. Ten minutes wasn’t long, and she believed Sati.


“Good girl.” That was practically a purr, close to her ear. “I have every intention of rewarding you for that trust. But there’s another thing I want to do first.”

Oh god. Which meant the anticipation and the apprehension had time to build.

“What… what do you want me to do?”

Sati released her, but touched a high stool with a large padded top shaped like a thick horseshoe. The height adjusted itself. “Bend forward. That will support you.”

Jewel did so, her arms under her to reduce the pressure directly on her breasts, her feet spread for balance.

Sati unzipped her skirt entirely, and those cool fingers stroked Jewel’s hips and bottom.

“I assume you know what a strap-on is?”

“Yes,” Jewel said. Is she? Would she? But… no, it’s not actually a penis, so it’s inside the rules…

“Better still are the sort that don’t actually need straps.” Sati circled around into her line of sight, and brought something dark violet out from under her sari. One end of it looked like a fairly ordinary artificial penis shape of substantial but not impossible size, with pronounced veining on it. The other end, though… it bent at a fairly sharp angle, and there was some contouring of some sort there, and it ended in a fairly large egg-shaped bulb. “As I said, augmenting reality. This end,” she tapped the bulb, “goes inside me, and my own muscles hold it there. The other end goes in you. It will feel very good for me. I hope it does for you too. One can always hope that one’s toys get pleasure from being used.”

Um… eep?

Although… getting seriously fucked would actually feel wonderful right now. And this is inside the rules.

If Sati wore anything under her night-sky sari, Jewel hadn’t yet been able to perceive it. She was reaching under a fold of it with the toy as she moved back around behind Jewel.

Not much surprise that she didn’t need any lubrication other than Jewel’s own.

The feeling of the chastity belt parting under Sati’s touch was interesting. The barrier over her clit remained, though.

She felt the cool smooth touch of the head, rubbing around the mouth of her vagina and her inner lips, smearing itself with the copious fluids available. Then it began to nudge inside, a fraction deeper with each micro-thrust.

Jewel moaned, pressing backwards. Even if she never actually climaxed from intercourse, as horny as she was it would still feel very good right now.

In ways, it was very similar to being fucked by a man. The shape and texture and the raised veins all felt very good sliding in and out, in ways more than any living penis she’d ever encountered, or was it just Sati’s skills, or some combination? Sati was oddly quiet—if exertion even changed he breathing, Jewel couldn’t tell. She didn’t waste time worrying that it meant anything. At least she was learning to take the fae as they were and not make assumptions about biology.

If being penetrated had ever had a chance of making her climax alone, that would’ve done it: her own role and appearance as a toy, her consent to Sati hanging over her, the sheer physical sensations. It didn’t, but a time or two she was sure it was going in the right direction.

Behind her, Sati shuddered, and the toy jerked erratically for a moment, presumably responding to the spasmodic clenching of Sati’s inner muscles even though she still didn’t make the slightest sound.

Another difference: the toy didn’t soften.

After a moment, Sati backed up a step, and the toy slid free with a squishing sound.

“Very nice,” Sati said. “Stay there.” She circled around to where Jewel could see, the toy still casually in place but forgotten. Instead, she had her phone in her hands. She turned it so Jewel could see the screen and a countdown app set to 10:00. “Precisely ten minutes.” She laid one hand on the back of Jewel’s neck, and hit the start button on the phone with the opposite thumb.

Something shifted, very slightly, Jewel couldn’t even have said what, but her body stopped obeying her. Joints froze in place, muscles refused to flex, she couldn’t even move her eyes to track the phone as Sati set it aside and moved back out of sight. Her diaphragm had at least a little freedom, though her breathing seemed to be extremely slow and shallow without making her feel short on air; her pounding heart slowed down as well.

Instinctively, alarmed, she struggled against it. If she fell, she wouldn’t be able to catch herself. She was completely helpless to defend herself against anything…

Like Sati’s exploring, probing fingers between her legs… and then Sati’s cool breath, and what had to be her tongue and lips, and the rubber didn’t seem to be in her way at all…

She would have whimpered, but she had no voice. Her sense of touch was obviously working just fine.

“You do have permission to enjoy this fully,” Sati said, between licks. “You earned it, and your Mistress approves. And I’d be very pleased with you.”

Oh my god.

Jewel couldn’t quite keep from straining, or at least trying to strain, against whatever was holding her, but it was more of a reflex than any genuine belief that it would have any effect. And even the attempt at resistance was utterly in vain, since she couldn’t tense any muscles to try to fight against it the way she could if she were restrained in a more conventional way. She was more absolutely and blatantly helpless than she could ever recall being, unable to control anything, even her slow breaths, while remaining completely clear-headed and alert. Anyone present could do anything, and she couldn’t resist, couldn’t protest, couldn’t twitch a single muscle in response to show whether she liked it or hated it. Absolutely just an object. A toy to play with, an art piece to look at.

She was much more frightened of the intensity of her own arousal than she was of Sati or the other fae and anything they were likely to do.

Not even her internal muscles could clench consciously, she discovered, even though she wanted to and tried to, and wanted to moan in frustration but couldn’t do that either. She couldn’t react, couldn’t let Sati know how incredibly good it felt, couldn’t do anything to encourage her…

Which, actually, was a kind of freedom. Instead of part of her mind calculating the correct responses to give her partner, there was literally no responsibility to do anything except passively experience it, because she couldn’t do anything else.

Ten minutes suddenly didn’t seem like all that long.

What would a day be like?

Or weeks, in Sati’s gallery?

Dressed like this, on display, vulnerable to any touch, just something for everyone to admire, but not a person with free will, just an art object in the gallery.

She would have moaned as she climaxed, or possibly more than that. She couldn’t make any muscles work on her own, but she could feel them clenching and releasing in convulsive slow-motion pulses.

And, insanely, it didn’t stop. The intensity climbed with each slow wave, spreading gradually outward, pure ecstatic bliss that seemed to go on forever until she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to scream for mercy or cry or just howl.

The downward side of the highest peak was no faster than the climb.

The world came back, but she was still frozen. From outside, no one would have had the slightest idea what had just happened, she thought dizzily.

Something beeped.

“That’s ten minutes,” Sati said, and wrapped an arm around her waist for support.

Just as well she did. It meant Jewel didn’t fall when her paralysis abruptly released her and her muscles tried to continue attempted motions that were now out of sync.

“Here,” Sati said, and the stool readjusted its height to a more comfortable level before she helped Jewel sit down. “I so love doing that. That was a very shallow level of freezing, by the way. Orgasm in deep levels, with your metabolism slowed many times what it just was, can take much, much longer.”

“I don’t know if I could survive that,” Jewel said, certain it came out a bit dazedly.

“Practice and experience. Flair, maybe you could get Jewel a drink? It may be a moment until she can stand up.”

“Sure,” Flair said cheerfully. Jewel blinked, and saw Flair’s alabaster-and-metal back heading for the door. That wasn’t right, Flair wasn’t supposed to be serving her.

“Thank you,” Jewel said to Sati. “Except that’s not enough.”

Sati laughed. “I believe in positive reinforcement.” It was hard to tell from her tone how serious she was.

Flair returned quickly and dropped to one knee to press a glass of juice into Jewel’s hand.

“I think I can safely leave you to your sister’s care,” Sati said, letting her hand slide off Jewel’s shoulder, and left them.

“Sister?” Jewel said fuzzily.

“Same owner,” Flair said. “Take a sip, go slow. She made you come while you were frozen?”

“Yes.” The simple juice tasted like nectar.

“Fun, isn’t it?”

“Um… somewhere on that spectrum, for sure.”

“See why being frozen’s not a punishment if you know you’re safe?”

“Maybe. Ten minutes isn’t long and I spent part of it a little freaked even if I did agree, and part of it too blissed to think.”

“She hasn’t got photos of you yet, and there’s still lots of time. You might get another chance. You could probably use something to eat and a nap.”

“Maybe… maybe just a little one. I’ll have to find Dagrun. She’s in a snuggly mood.”

“Dagrun is generally in a snuggly mood. She’s as bad as me with my cats. She’ll love it if you cuddle up against her for a nap.”

“If I can find a reasonably comfortable position. I’m a bit less flexible than usual.”

“You can. You’ll see. Are you okay alone?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Jewel visited the kitchen for a more substantial meal, eaten slowly in consideration of her corset, then went back to the salon.

Dagrun greeted her with a smile. “You look a little shaky.”

“I think this would be a good time for a nap,” Jewel said. “But I need a place to sleep and someone to wake me up in an hour or so.”

“Easy to arrange. Come get comfortable.”

So, Jewel dozed off, possibly with help, cradled carefully against a very large, very warm giant.

Next time: the later part of the party, and Jewel finds new personal boundaries to push in the name of being the best toy she can be.

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