About Fair Trade

Let’s get this out of the way fast:

If you are under 18 or you are offended by sexual content in text form, you shouldn’t be here.

Equally, if you’re looking for the sort of erotica that is primarily about hydraulic squishy noises between hot twenty-somethings, or if you expect to find anything “nasty” like rape, the involvement of minors or animals, scat, drug use, violence, and so on, you are looking in the wrong place.

As I have said (on the warning screen you should have seen on arrival), I will make no guarantees in this work or any other regarding the orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sexual activity, or ethical non-monogamy of any character.

This particular story slants much more heavily towards self-exploration and submission (sexual and not-really) within a fantastic setting. It has some fetish themes (mainly clothes and chastity) and a lot of variations on power.

What is it about?

Jillian has tried her entire life, now creeping up on 40 years of it, to be as conventional and normal as possible, and to dismiss any restlessness or dissatisfaction as just something everyone feels. When her underachieving younger brother gets himself in trouble thanks to his new circle of friends, Jillian is definitely not expecting an astonishing revelation from her elegant and sympathetic friend Min: fae are real, long-lived and powerful, and are often willing to make bargains with humans. The price is service to the fae, for twice as long with each bargain, but the first is only twelve hours. Given that she trusts Min, how bad can it be, especially to keep her brother from a conviction he doesn’t deserve?

But the world gets stranger by the moment, as she meets Min’s cheerful rescued human pet Flair, Min’s good-natured satyr husband Nikandros, and Min’s fae friends, none of them currently pretending to be human – Min included. Although the bargain ends exactly on schedule, subtle effects linger, reaching deep into Jillian’s life and undermining more and more of her fundamental beliefs about who she is and what she needs in order to be happy. As she steps farther and farther into the reality of humans who are beholden to fae, it gets hard to be certain of anything.

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