On Pause

While I have quite a lot more to this story already in rough draft, just needing to be revised and polished, it’s going on pause for the time being. The response rate is so poor that I can realistically make better use of my time working on other projects. I will come back to this eventually, I’m having entirely too much fun with Jillian and company. If you see this and you’re interested, let me know, because that’ll change the priority level!

Meanwhile, check out Prysmcat Books for my other work!


  1. Phenomenal work, this! Well written. Grammatically correct (other than maneuver having an “o”). And really great characters. Your thought put into each must have been a lot of fun. I’m terrible at the story line itself, but have a blast creating characters! I look forward to chapters when Jewel is NOT constrained!

    • Glad you enjoy it, and thank you for letting me know! Turns out I’m continuing with it after all, releasing it on Noveltrove Erotica. (My profile page there.) I’m currently working through the material that was already posted here, although broken a bit differently (Jillian’s 12-hour bargain is in 6 pieces, not 10). The aftermath of this whole adventure will be starting just after that… but of course, that can’t be the only bargain she makes. 😉 I’ll be adding it here as well, but probably a few days behind.

      My characters tend to sort of create themselves, and my conscious mind has very litle to do with it, so I get all the excitement of learning about them while I’m writing. It’s taken 30 years of persistent hard work to learn the delicate balance between allowing them to be themselves and dictate what happens naturally, and gently steering them in the direction of a plot. If I try to force it, the whole thing collapses and I can’t keep it moving, but if I don’t guide it at all, they just run wild and I end up with tens of thousands of words that were hugely fun to write but contribute nothing. I try less hard on the plot with erotica, but one turned up in Fair Trade anyway, eventually.

      My English teachers would be delighted with my grammar and spelling, but less so over the content. They hated the fact that I always write fantasy, given the chance. Oh, and I’m in Canada – manoeuvre does have an “o”. 🙂

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