5.4 Graduation

The day went on in similar vein. Jewel ate, napped, got up, and got back to work. Once, she discovered that the chastity belt’s rear strap could adjust itself to include a substantial ring that allowed her to pass waste. The ring was somewhat uncomfortable when walking, it felt like it was holding her cheeks apart, so she asked Nikandros to make it just a strap again after that.

Flair took naps, too. One was with Dagrun. Another time, Jewel saw her snuggled against Mistress, head resting on a loop of scaled tail with other loops draped around her. The rest of the time, she took care of drinks and food, but her current jobs apparently included little sex—except with Master, who was clearly always up for it.

Nechtan and Nikandros each wanted to try between her thighs, as did Hyld; Henry and Nikandros each wanted between her breasts, though Hyld declined that one. Since the only way she could get any of them down her throat was with Nikandros’ help, at one point she was on her knees, her wrists fastened to rings on her corset so she couldn’t use her hands; Henry and Nechtan and Hyld took turns, while Nikandros lounged in a chair and let her go down on him for a bit between them to keep her gag reflex tamed. Around that, there were plentiful opportunities, with or without her wrists restrained, to practice her new skills with female anatomy—including Mistress’ slightly alien snake-form slit and Sati’s cool vulva where it was less unsettling for Jewel to keep her eyes closed than to be unable to make out any detail. After every six, more or less, she got her reward, and it was invariably a very powerful orgasm—once in a sixty-nine with Flair while Sati was fucking Jewel again, once thanks to Henry’s clever hands. Once, Nechtan took over her hands and masturbated himself with them, out of her control—then used her own hands on her moments later without releasing control, while she was still wildly aroused from that.

Sati asked for another photo session. With permission, once she got Jewel into the right pose she froze her there briefly, long enough to get the photos she wanted from multiple angles, and apparently video as well, and all the while, her own hand freely stroked her helpless—and desperately turned-on—work of art.

And she still needed four more for her own next release.

When Sati freed her, Jewel headed for Nikandros, who was currently in a chair playing that three-sided game against Sigrun and Henry. On her knees, she nuzzled hopefully at his penis.

Nikandros looked down at her thoughtfully. “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for your mouth again, treasure, as wonderful as it is. I imagine Henry and Nechtan would like a change too, maybe Hyld. Can you think up anything else?”

I would never have thought of half what I’ve done in the last little while! She searched mentally for any idea she’d ever encountered, anything that might suggest a direction. Even if it wasn’t feasible, it would get her points for trying.

“Or,” Nikandros said, “you don’t have all that long left. I’m sure you could survive the frustration for a couple of hours. You’ve already done very well, and no one has any complaints. You can relax and just be cuddly eye candy for the rest of the time, if you want. You need four, it’s possible you can talk all four women into another round. We can relax that bit about not repeating any one person in a set.”

No it wasn’t possible. Dagrun had said on her previous one that she was done for the night, and thanked her. She might be coaxed into it for Jewel’s sake, but that felt deeply wrong.

There had to be something.

Wait. She was missing the obvious again.

Oh no no no no… nothing is supposed to go up there!

Oh, shut up. Lots of people do it and like it, right? Can’t be that bad. And it’ll be different.

Three or four? First time? Oh god…

“You could fuck my ass, Master,” she offered.

Nikandros, reaching for a piece on the board, let his hand fall and regarded her with interest.

“Since that hasn’t come up yet, I assume that’s not a normal thing for you.”

“No one ever has,” she admitted. “Not really. One boyfriend talked me into trying, but I was so nervous and he was sort of impatient and mostly it hurt enough that I called it off pretty fast. He got… he got all the way in, but that was it. And that was a long time ago. But it doesn’t matter. It’s something I have that’ll be different, and I’m not scared. Much, anyway. And sort of excited too, I guess? That kind of thing I keep getting, when I end up doing something that feels naughty and bad and scary but I do it anyway because I want… I need to please, and that gets me crazy turned on, and then it scares me later. But right now, I want to really badly.”

“That would be a hard thing to resist,” Henry mused.

“Yes, it is,” Nikandros agreed.

Sigrun shrugged. “We can finish the game later. You aren’t getting out of your bet that easily, Nik.”

“Fair enough,” Nikandros said. “I don’t want you to have a bad experience that’ll stay with you. You being on top would give you more control to judge speed.”

“I don’t want control, Master,” Jewel said.

“You’ll have it if I bloody choose to give it to you.”

“Sorry, Master.” What she wanted didn’t make any difference. What was she thinking?

“I do understand, though. As abundant and effective as your own lubrication is, I’d prefer something that’ll make things even more slippery. Stay right there.”

“Yes, Master.”

Sigrun stretched and wandered off.

Henry looked Jewel over and licked his lips. “That offer only open to your master?”

Oh god, what am I getting myself into?

I’m doing my job. Who the hell ever heard of a sex toy with not just one, but two basic orifices of three off limits? Be grateful they chose to wait and let you offer instead of just demanding it!

She smiled at Henry. “No, of course not just to Master. That wouldn’t be fair.”

“Looking forward to this. Sexy toy anyway, one with a nice tight virtually-virgin hole… yep.” He got up and left… in Nechtan’s direction.

Nechtan’s big. Bigger than Master, who’s bigger than Henry, who’s sort of tied with Hyld. Can I even stretch that far?

Trust Master. He doesn’t want you to hate the whole idea forever more.

She was getting rather apprehensive by the time Master returned… and, unsurprisingly, she was extremely wet and aroused. The whole idea felt like deep submission to her role and her place, offering access to a private and intimate part of her body that would probably give her little or no inherent pleasure but would feel good to them. Or was it just removing even the most tenuous and voluntary barrier to access, acknowledgement of what they could do if they chose anyway?

“Over here,” he said, beckoning her towards one of the platforms. This one was a bit higher than some, the one that had worked well for her to kneel on so one or another could fuck himself between her thighs. That made sense… but the fae were really into doing things from behind. “One last time, you get the option of being on top.”

That felt… wrong. She shook her head firmly. “I would rather not, Master.”

“Kneel at the edge, please.”

She knew this position by now, and assumed it immediately.

“Knees farther apart.”

Master’s finger stroked the rear strap of her chastity belt, and she felt it part into a ring again, a rigid thing of substantial size that wasn’t entirely comfortable.

Then she felt his fingers, probing farther forward, exploring the wetness. She moaned, wishing they were inside her. “My, you are all turned on by this, and I’m not even helping. That’s a good thing. The more aroused you are, the more relaxed you’ll be. The more relaxed you are, the greater the chance that you’ll decide that having someone up your tail isn’t so scary and can feel good. Hell, I like it, from both sides, but there’s a physical difference between men and women.”

“Yes, Master.”

The first finger on her anus didn’t penetrate, it just circled, flicking over it light as a tongue. Teasing. When it finally pressed inwards, it was nearly a relief, even though she groaned. The discomfort was more psychological than physical. That was dirty… right? Just a yucky biological fact of life. It slid in and out, and finally out altogether, and found less resistance when it returned.

That Master cared so much about not hurting or scaring her drove the apprehension back considerably. He wanted her to enjoy this, not just endure it.

“You’re a genuine treasure,” Master told her, his fingers still moving, loosening that tight ring of muscle. “And one hell of an amazing sex toy. That’s not about instantly having no inhibitions and an encyclopedic knowledge. It’s about a sincere and strong drive to please, and obedience without hesitation or complaint even if you don’t know the reason, and pushing your own boundaries when they’re in the way.” Intent on his words, she noticed only distractedly when the first finger was joined by a second, stretching her wider. “You? The more we ask of you, the more enthusiastically you give it. The more owned and controlled you feel, the more turned on you get, regardless of what you’re actually doing.”

“Yes, Master.” It came out with a bit of a gasp, since both fingers thrust inside in the middle of the second syllable.

“Tell me what’s going on in your head right now, treasure.”

“A bit of fear,” she admitted. “More… not excitement, exactly. Wanting very badly to be the best sex toy I possibly can, because it feels so good to obey and please, but it isn’t about me feeling good…” She faltered, tangled up in the complexity of the layers.

Master chuckled. “If you weren’t getting anything out of it, you wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Getting pleasure from giving it isn’t so unusual.”

“But it isn’t just that. Part of what feels good is feeling like… like less than a person. Like a possession to be used. And… that scares me, that I love it so much.”

“So what’s wrong with that?”

“I worked… I work hard to be independent. And that’s the opposite.”

“Yep.” She whimpered softly as he nudged a third finger in to join the first two. It didn’t hurt, exactly, but it wasn’t exactly not pain, either. But that was okay. “So? How does wanting to take a break sometimes undermine being independent?”

With her attention divided, she tried to think that through. “Part of me… wants it to be for always.”

“Mmhmm. In the middle of something that feels wonderful and makes you happy, it’s normal not to want it to ever end. But take my word for it, treasure. It wouldn’t work so well in practice anymore than living on your favourite cheesecake or trying to make Christmas morning last all year. Twenty-four-seven indefinitely, it really would get old and boring. At least, without a serious rewrite of your whole personality, and why the hell would we want to effectively kill you? But what’s wrong with a vacation from being responsible?”

“I… nothing?” That was certainly a different perspective that she needed to think about when less distracted.

“Well, that’s what I think, but what you think is up to you. What else are you thinking right now?”

“Not much else. Mostly just wanting so badly, worse than anything, to please you and Mistress and your friends any way I possibly can, and to… to prove how completely I’m yours. Being scared doesn’t matter. Hurting a bit doesn’t matter. All that matters is being the best toy I can.”

He withdrew his fingers, and slathered more slippery stuff around and inside—one finger seemed to fit fairly readily now. “You already deserve several thousand stars out of ten.”

Right now, that approval felt wonderful. Master was pleased with her, and that made all the effort, all the moments she’d shoved aside her own fear and discomfort and self-consciousness, absolutely everything worth it.

That wasn’t a finger she felt pressing against her this time. She rocked backwards encouragingly. If having him deep down her throat had made her feel so good, how much more deeply owned would this make her feel? A reasonable level of fear or pain was perfectly acceptable—in a way, it was even more proof of how completely the need to serve eclipsed any other concerns, and that made her feel even better.

“Be still. You’re only allowed to do one thing. When I’m pushing inwards, you push outwards like you’re trying to force something out. Otherwise, don’t move.”

She bit her lip and tried to pretend to herself that she was frozen in place, that she could only stay motionless and feel with no influence on events… while paying close attention to his rhythm and obeying that one command. Pushing like forcing something out wasn’t difficult, although she wondered why she was supposed to.

It did hurt a bit, these small thrusts that went deeper each time, and she heard herself whimper, her breathing turning ragged, but she wouldn’t have stopped him even if she believed she could. Fae might wait for consent, but she was unsure of the response to any attempt to withdraw it, since that might make the earlier agreement less true. Or he might stop, to protect her, but it could be uncomfortable for him, and she didn’t like that idea at all.

She knew when he had the head of his penis entirely inside, because she felt her muscles contract with something still in her. She moaned softly, wishing she dared press backwards and get him deeper.

“So far so good, treasure,” Master said. “Doing okay?”

“Yes, Master. More than okay. Please?”

“Slowly. I’m sure you’ll get quite enough in the immediate future, I don’t want to rush things and have you end up in serious pain. I decide how fast. Don’t make me tell you again.”

“Sorry, Master.” The flush of dismay over needing a reprimand lingered only a moment, before the sensation and the awareness of Master pushing deeper inside her with each thrust washed it away.

One little disturbing thought snuck through the crack it left behind, though.

I’m dressed like… like this, I’m on my hands and knees with someone in my ass, and others around who are probably watching and listening and at least a couple are waiting for their turn… and I’m loving this? What the hell is wrong with me?

Go away, I’ll deal with you later, she told it firmly, and turned her attention back to what was happening behind her. And in her.

Inside wasn’t terribly endowed with nerve endings… but then, most of the pleasure she found in vaginal sex came from sensation and friction near the opening and the pressure against her vaginal muscles, which wasn’t so different from this, really… She wasn’t sure she was enjoying it physically, but she wasn’t sure she wasn’t, either. The mental satisfaction was too intense for it to matter anyway. She was here to please, she was Master’s toy, she was fulfilling her primary purpose, Master and Mistress were happy with her, the world was currently a perfect place.

She felt woolly fur against her bottom, and knew he was all the way in her.

He drew back, not all the way out, just until she felt the flared head catch on the ring of muscle, and slid back in. He’d used so much lube that there was virtually no friction. Her body remained ambivalent about the intrusion, but nothing was really putting up a fight against him.

“Oh fuck, you feel good, Jewel,” Master said, and it was half a sigh. He ran the fingertips of both hands up her thighs, and finished with his hands on her hips, steadying her for another slow thrust.

Jewel moaned, wanting to rock into it and meet him, but unwilling to risk another reprimand. This time, she wasn’t supposed to be responsive, she was just supposed to stay still.

After a couple more, he pulled out completely. The sudden emptiness made her whimper, but a heartbeat later she felt pressure again, and sighed happily as he slowly sank back inside her, right from tip to root in one long slow push. A couple of partial thrusts, then entirely out again, and back in.

His fingers flexed in her hips as he began to move faster, though he kept the force carefully limited at first. Jewel locked her elbows, let her head drop, and lost herself absolutely in the moment and the new sensations and the exquisite feeling of being her master’s plaything.

Speed and force increased, and she heard him grunt in time with a few short fast hard thrusts. He shuddered and stopped, still deep inside her.

When he withdrew that time, she felt a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment, with a thread of relief—it did hurt a little, but not so much she couldn’t just consider it her body’s attempts to adjust. After all, corsets, high heels, and vaginal sex had all involved some initial discomfort, too.

Without really shifting her position much, she did flex her legs and arms, one at a time, making sure nothing was going to give out on her.

Then she looked around behind her for the nearest male, smiled, and said, “Next?”

“Hyld?” Henry said.

Hyld chuckled. “Age before beauty.”

Henry’s dextrous fingers, stroking her inner thighs and as much of her vulva as he could through the chastity belt, were familiar. In fact, the belt parted under them, letting those fingers play around the entrance to her vagina, probing inside. Not for the first time, but right now, it only made her even more intensely aroused. The heat and wetness and hunger of her own body had dropped half a step out of her awareness, eclipsed by the drive to serve her master and the joy of doing so, but this brought it all back. She whimpered and pressed backwards.

“You owe me an answer still, pretty thing. What do you gain when you’re a toy that you don’t have the rest of the time?”

She’d been trying, intermittently, to think about that one, and hadn’t yet come up with a conclusive answer. None of the several possibilities felt right.

But as he asked, it snapped into place.

“A bunch of things,” she said. “But for me, maybe the biggest one is certainty.”

“Certainty about what?”

“About exactly what I’m supposed to do and whether I’m doing it right.” She swallowed, hard. “No wondering what anyone wants from me and whether I’m living up to it. No wondering whether I should be doing something different or if I’m doing something wrong. I spend so much time trying to live up to what people want and usually not knowing for sure whether I’ve succeeded… when I’m here, I know what my place is and what I need to do and whether I’m doing it right, and there’s no doubts about whether I’m failing. No… not so many distracting thoughts about what I should be doing or what I need to do next or what I forgot to do or what anyone thinks about what I’ve already done. And I’m getting better at ignoring them. Someone will tell me what to do, or the voice in my head will tell me I’m on the wrong track. And when I get it right, someone will tell me that, too. Everything is clear and simple. And for me, that’s… comforting isn’t a strong enough word.”

She licked her lips. It was a revelation on a par with the one she’d had with Sati about choice, and right on the heels of Master starting her thinking about seeing this as a vacation instead of a self-negating desire to surrender all identity forever. She had a lot to think about once she had time—and she hoped Flair would still be there to help her sort it all out. “There’s… there’s other things. A kind of freedom to do what I normally wouldn’t dare. Really intense physical pleasure… mental too, tied in with that. They matter too. But I think those would be harder to reach without feeling, well, not just physically safe, but… sure.”

“Everyone’s truth’ll be different on that one, pretty thing. But that sounds like truth to me.” She felt his fingers move, toying now with her anus, and a finger or two seemed to have little trouble. She braced herself, but his penis was a little smaller than Master’s, and fear had been replaced by anticipation, and that made this easier.

He was never rough with her, but he didn’t take as long as she half expected he might, this being his fourth orgasm. Or was it the fifth? She’d lost count, and didn’t feel like trying to work it out just now.

Master, perching on the edge of the platform, cupped a hand around her chin to make her look at him. “Need a break, treasure?”

Jewel considered that. In a way, she’d very much like one, for several reasons. But it would mean heading to the bathroom to clean up, and she wasn’t sure how long it might take to start tightening up again, and she was going to need every possible advantage for Nechtan.

“No, Master, I’d rather not.”

“You’ll probably be a bit sore regardless. I’d rather you didn’t push too hard.”

“I’m all right, Master, really. I’ll be more sore if I get less relaxed.”

“Not likely that quickly, but okay, I’ll let you call it. Just keep in mind that you can ask for a break.”

“Yes, Master.”

She wouldn’t have believed, before this, just how easily Hyld would be able to slide inside her, or with how little resistance. But then, there was no lack of lubrication and by this point, the normally tight ring of muscle must have given up—she doubted it was significantly damaged, given how careful Master and Henry and now Hyld were.

“Oh, you do feel lovely, blossom,” Hyld said, long fingers stroking Jewel’s bare upper back and shoulders lightly. That was a pleasant sensation in itself, and a bit of distraction from the current intense focus on her backside.

She was fairly sure that, while Hyld was gentle, there was also no attempt at prolonging this. Jewel made a conscious effort to clench tightly on the way in and relax on the way out, thought at moments her body protested.

That groan reminded her of wood under stress, as the elder-fae climaxed inside her.

Which left only Nechtan.

Even though a break would feel very good, the thought of Nechtan’s considerable size brought her apprehension back. As much as the risk of muscle tightening and lube drying, she feared that her own fear would make her back out if she spent too much time thinking, and Nechtan deserved better. She could do this, no one would let her be harmed.

So, she took a couple of deep breaths and flexed her arms and legs again. They weren’t going to hold out all that much longer, but long enough for this. She looked around for Nechtan. He wasn’t even in the water, though he’d stayed close enough to it that he must have been keeping himself damp, judging by the glisten of his skin. She wriggled her bottom, smiling at him. “Coming?”

“I’m unsure about possibly overloading you when this is new. I would prefer that you not develop negative associations with anything.”

“I’m all right, and I’m not going to. I’ll take a break soon. Please?”

As he moved into place behind her, she closed her eyes, trying to focus on breathing. She knew he was larger. She knew this was going to be uncomfortable, might hurt a bit. But it would make Nechtan feel good, and that was far more important. She could prove beyond question how sincere and deep her need ran, to put their desires above her own comfort.

Her breathing instinctively accelerated when she felt pressure against her anus, and she forced it to slow down. Aware of the considerable mess on her inner thighs, almost certainly a mixture of semen and lube with her own free-flowing juices, and of the intense pulsing heat of her own fierce arousal, she made herself focus on every millimetre as Nechtan pushed inside her. Slippery as she was, and relaxed as she was, stretching around the extra girth nonetheless made her breath catch, and she whimpered softly more than once. Probably it was mildly painful, but it didn’t feel like it—it just made her feel very full, and very much owned, and that made her feel much too blissfully satisfied for mere pain to register as such.

“Jewel? You’re okay?”

“Oh, yes,” she sighed happily. “Very.”

Her breathing sped up again as he began to thrust, with care at first, but she moaned and pressed backwards encouragingly, and unlike Master, he didn’t reprimand her for it.

Right now, nothing existed except her body and Nechtan’s, the part of his that was inside hers, and the ecstatic dual certainty that in this moment, she was in perfect compliance with all expectations and she was valuable useful property.

She felt him climax, with a convulsive thrust or two that did come across as pain, but she could accept that.

Her arms were beginning to tremble perceptibly from the strain, she noticed distantly, as he carefully withdrew.

She felt rough fabric against her inner thighs and the crack of her ass—cleaning her up?

“Hm.” That was Master’s voice. “From experience, treasure, you’re going to want to head for the bathroom immediately. In the interests of minimizing the mess until then…” She felt him stroke the vertical strap of the chastity belt, and the ring collapsed inward… very far inward, in fact, it nudged itself inside her and expanded there into something ball-like. She whimpered, though neither the mass inside nor the stalk connecting it was really all that large. “When you get to the bathroom, and not before, say the word release and it will open again. Flair’s going to make sure you get there without falling.”

Flair spends a lot of time holding me up, Jewel thought dazedly.

Flair and Master steadied her to her feet, then Flair hovered close beside Jewel while she tried to adjust to walking with her hips feeling loose and the odd sensation that only the rubbery intruder was keeping all her internal organs from sliding out along with what felt like an awful lot of stuff squishing around inside.

“You’re, um, going to want to be on the toilet when you tell it to open,” Flair said. “Just take my word for it. Once you’re safe there, I’ll go make you a light snack so it’ll be ready when you get that far. You’ll be okay, it’ll just take your body a bit to adjust.”

It felt like a long journey to the bathroom.

Flair lingered until Jewel dropped down heavily to sit on the toilet, her skirt out of the way, then said, “I’ll be in the kitchen,” and left her alone.

Jewel took a deep breath, and said, “Release.”

The rubber writhed and reformed into a ring.

And her body rebelled, in concert with gravity, promptly expelling the collection of semen and lubricant from her lower guts—possibly mixed with some matter from higher up, and certainly mixed with a bit of air.

Not so clean-and-sexy doll-like, that, but that was biology for you, always disrupting fantasy.

Arms wrapped across her lower abdomen, she stayed where she was until she was reasonably sure that there was nothing more to come. Having wiped and flushed, she cleaned herself up thoroughly.

Her hips still felt loose, and the fact that the belt remained in its ring form didn’t help the precarious feeling of everything being in danger of slipping, and she was perceptibly sore, but the sense of satisfaction beat those easily.

Flair wasn’t in the kitchen, but on the counter were a plate of fruit and cookies, a glass of juice, and the bottle of elixir with a spoon.

Probably a good idea. She had a spoonful of elixir before she ate.

The mundane activity really did nothing to reduce her own arousal. If anything, because it was less distracting, it left her even more acutely conscious of it.

She’d given six again, though. She wondered what Mistress and Master would do as her reward. There probably wasn’t enough time remaining for another round of the game, which would make this her last.

It would, in a way, be a relief. Though the elixir had pushed it aside, her feet were complaining about being trapped in high heels for so long, and her abdominal muscles were increasingly unhappy about the corset being laced so tightly for an extended period. On top of that, she knew she was exhausted, underneath the adrenaline and euphoria. She wasn’t at all sure she could keep this up much longer.

Something to keep in mind: if she ever made a third bargain, it would be for twice as long. Whether what she was asked to do pushed her comfort zone or not, it would definitely push her physical endurance.

A third bargain? Dear gods… what could be worth forty-eight hours of…

… of feeling blissed out, no matter what I think of myself afterwards?

And yet, part of her wanted to ignore it all, even knowing it would only get worse before it could possibly get better, wanted to never take off corset or boots, wanted her whole purpose in life from now on to consist of being used for sex without regard for her own satisfaction, because what could be more satisfying?

Not that there was any chance of it, Master had made that quite clear… but that didn’t mean she couldn’t fantasize about it, right?

She finished, cleaned up, and went back to the salon.

Mistress beckoned her over immediately, and drew her down to lean against her, cradled in a multi-layered curve of scaled tail. That no longer seemed particularly strange; if anything, there was a deep subtle comfort in Mistress’ touch, Mistress’ hand stroking her hair and cheek.

“One more reward for you, dear, and you’re done. If all humans paid their debts as wholeheartedly as you do, I imagine some fae would probably make a lot more bargains.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Scales shifted and slid around her, and she could feel powerful muscle that she was sure could crush the life out of her with minimal effort, but she honestly found she felt no fear. She did squeak in surprise when the ripples lifted her up, so there was a coil under her as well as a couple around her back, like a living chair. Something else shifted and she realized that she was now at the edge of the raised cushioned platform, still supported by Mistress.

Master dropped a low stool in place between Jewel’s feet, and perched on it, nudging her knees apart.

“You are going to taste amazing, treasure. I’m not sure which of us this is a reward for.”

At no other point had anything involved two fae at once, only at most one plus her and Flair both. But maybe rules were different for a couple? Not that it mattered, it wasn’t up to her.

What was up to her was to surrender to Mistress’ gentle hand and to Master unzipping her skirt so he could nuzzle between her legs. The chastity belt, under his influence, drew back, though she thought a thin layer was still keeping her outer labia parted to allow him easier access. She quickly discovered that nothing else was shielded from contact any more.

He was enthusiastic, to say the least, and there was no shortage of fluids for him to lap up, but that didn’t keep him from paying just as much attention to deftly sending her into writhing whimpering rapture… and eventually, having brought her just shy of the point of no return several times over, he let her climax.

Gulping air, sagging limp against Mistress’ coils, Jewel hoped fervently that no one asked her to move right away. She was quite sure she couldn’t have to save her life.

Mistress, very gently, rearranged herself so Jewel was still supported but could recline more, without the loop directly under her.

“Rest, dear. There’s no hurry. We’re both very, very pleased with you, and there is nothing else you need to do. Once you feel like you’re ready, Flair will help you get cleaned up, then you can eat something more substantial and get some real sleep.”

“Thank you, Mistress. And Master.”

Master pressed a kiss to her forehead. “You are very welcome, treasure.”

Jewel wasn’t sure how long it was before she collected her wits and began to feel less like all her muscles were made of overcooked noodles. Mistress, conversing with Sati and Hyld at the moment, showed no sign of impatience, but she did smile and pause what she was saying when Jewel stirred and sat up.

“Flair?” Mistress didn’t have to raise her voice—Jewel discovered that Flair was perched on a chair close by, waiting.

Flair rose immediately to steady Jewel to her feet.

“You spend an awful lot of time looking after me,” Jewel grumbled.

Flair just giggled. “Right now, you need it, and it’s perfectly understandable. I don’t mind.”

In the dressing room, Flair gently helped her out of skirt and mitts, then had her sit on the bench and did boots and socks. The chastity belt was now missing entirely, so presumably Master had taken care of that.

“Brace yourself,” Flair warned, moving around behind her to start on the laces of the corset. “It’s been tighter for longer and it’s going to be a shock. Remember, lie down on your back for a minute if you need to.”

“I remember.” She couldn’t quite contain a low grunt of discomfort as the laces loosened. “Feels good while it’s on, but wear it too long and it can start to hurt, and taking it off feels bad. Not fair.”

“Well, if you’re wearing one all the time, it doesn’t hurt. Bodies adapt. But you need to either get to that point gradually and carefully, or expect some unpleasantness while your body gets used to it. The ones we picked up at the lingerie shop are really not meant for intense use. I meant to talk to you about that, then more important things came up. Since you’re liking them so much, it might be worth asking Mistress who to contact for a really good one that’ll give you this kind of support. But if you wear it a lot, you need to remember that it’ll weaken your back and belly muscles because they won’t get much use, so exercise can be a good idea.” She stepped around in front of Jewel to reach for the corset clasps. “Ready?”

Jewel took a deep breath and nodded.

It did feel ghastly, the sudden lack of support. The moment Flair whisked the corset away, she laid back, waiting for her abdominal muscles to adjust.

“I’ll talk to her,” she said, looking at the ceiling and monitoring her own breathing. “There’s something awfully addictive about them.”

“Told you. I’m going to put this stuff away. Don’t move, just relax.”

“Not much chance of that anyway.” Her leg muscles were distinctly unhappy about her heels being back on the floor instead of elevated several inches, her clit and her anus were both sore, and fatigue was starting to catch up.

After a few minutes, she did feel better. Somewhat. But showering was going to have to be largely on willpower and the need to obey Mistress’ implied orders.

At Flair’s prompting, she went to the vanity, dropped heavily onto the seat, looked into the mirror, and said, “Echo? Help? I need to get cleaned up.”

The reflection blinked, and Echo, smiling, stripped away the silver earrings for her, then the elastic from her hair even though Jewel could have gotten that for herself. Then she made a shooing motion and the reflection went back to normal.

Flair had already swapped the yellow hair goop for the purple one that would restore her longish blue hair back to its natural colour and length, and the pale green stuff was there from earlier.

She stepped out of the shower looking much more her normal self, if still lacking body hair.

Wrapped in a thick fuzzy peach robe Flair produced from somewhere, Jewel followed Flair to the kitchen, and obediently ate a well-filled sandwich and a couple of bakery cookies.

By then, Jewel was sure her batteries were just about completely drained.

Flair urged her to a room Jewel hadn’t been in before, but the relevant bit was the big old-fashioned canopy bed with the blankets turned down invitingly.

Flair slipped the robe off her shoulders for her and tucked her in. “You’re absolutely safe. Sleep as long as you need to.”

Next time: a short morning-after chapter, before we start to see the consequences of this whole experience. Thanks for hanging around this long to see what happens to Jillian! She still has big changes in her everyday life ahead, and Min’s already planning a fun new way to distract Jillian from stress, and Jillian finds herself more and more absorbed in the world of fae and the humans who belong to them. So stay tuned! 

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