About Brightside

To Kate, and to many others, the world we know is only one option, commonly referred to as Brightside. There is a second one, Darkside, which has quite a lot in common with Brightside… and also some very significant differences. One of the largest, at least for our purposes, is that humans never appeared on Darkside, but several other sentient, and usually humanoid, species evolved in separate habitats. Most people live in one or the other and are aware only of one. But to a substantial community, life straddling both worlds is normal.

Kate, having lost her most recent job as archivist and librarian in a Darkside town, needs a vacation badly. Her oldest friend Magda is delighted to have her on an indefinite visit. Kate expects to have to return to Darkside eventually to find a job. Then Magda introduces Kate to her Brightside friends… and things change very quickly.

This is an erotic story. Everything in it is consensual and honest. It includes soft domination, outright kink including bondage, romance, fantasy (of the supernatural kind), non-exclusive relationships, and all bets are off as far as the orientation and/or gender identity of any character. It also includes non-erotic scenes, establishing who the characters are outside of bed, the reality they consider normal, the relationship growing between them, and there will almost certainly be something like a real plot eventually. (I’m 9 chapters in as I write this, and the characters have been too distracted to present me with one yet, although they always do eventually).

If you’re looking for non-stop squishy noises, then you’re going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you can go along with the foreplay, I’ll do my absolute best to get you inside Kate’s head. Trust me. 🙂 This is what I do.

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