The Rose Bridge

A royal decree, meant to sort out the ownership of a town’s namesake bridge, throws the lives of eight young people into turmoil: three marriages are going to unite the three leading families and they will all be responsible for it—and, most importantly, for the tolls that are supposed to be paid to the King. The problem is, only one of the pairs actually wants to get married.

A fantasy novel in another world about happy endings and self-identity

When Aelfric’s younger sister Leofeva runs away a few days before the ceremony, the new Queen’s handmaid, a powerful magic-user, decides that Aelf will do as a replacement—and turns him into a woman. If they can find Leofeva and persuade her to go through with the wedding, then the spell will wear off in a few days, but if not, Aelf’s going to be marrying one of his best friends.

The situation, of course, gets more complicated by the day, and they’re running out of time. Is there a way they can come out of this with a happy ending for all eight?

This is a fairly light-hearted romance-ish story—but please remember that it was written by a pansexual, poly, kinky, quoiromantic, autistic, nonbinary woman, so I make zero promises about whether I hit any normal tropes you might be expecting or looking for!

Content warnings: obviously, a non-consensual gender transformation and arranged marriage within a very loosely medieval culture. One of the three families, not the MC’s, is abusive; I don’t dwell on it at any length but it’s there, mostly but not entirely in references to the past. Nothing else comes to mind! As always, let me know if you think anything should be added as a warning!

Find it on Scribble Hub! Now downloadable in epub format from the new Patreon page! Eventually it may involve a small fee but currently it’s free!

Everything I write is available for free, even though I have devoted immense amounts of time over the years to my skills and to each individual work. I know myself, and if I start writing for pay, it will stop being fun. What I do ask, however, is that you please let me know. Drop a comment or a private message on Scribble Hub, email me (I hate spam too and would never share addresses!), or look me up elsewhere. There’s up-to-date contact info on the About the Author page. Interaction with readers isn’t what keeps me writing, but it does keep me completing, polishing, and releasing stories, so I’m very grateful for every bit!

Original ebook release: Sept 2023

The fanily trees of the Glaedwin, Denisot, and Cristoval households

The fanily trees of the Glaedwin, Denisot, and Cristoval households

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