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This policy applies to as well as all other addresses under the same domain (eg.,, and and other domains ( and in personal use by Steph Shangraw/Prysmcat/prysmakitty.

TL;DR version: all sites are offered with no intention of gathering or using private data. The sole purpose is to offer access to and information about Prysmcat Books releases and related posts and content (and some personal feline cuteness and reflections). I have zero interest in or use for your personal data. But, new requirements being what they are, I’ll do my best to spell things out below.

Since there are no registered users on these domains other than the admins, there is no personal data to leak other than the minimal amount associated with comments.

All sites are WordPress installations with minimal plugins as needed for functionality. WordPress and its services (eg, Gravatar, Akismet, Jetpack) are owned by Automattic and their privacy policy can be seen here: There are no third-party analytics, no third-party advertisers, and no embedded content. To the best of my knowledge, no plugins outside Automattic’s services gather any personal data, with the exception of the security plugin Shield Security under some conditions. WordPress’ stats offer only an aggregate overview, not individual details.

Cookies happen, under specific circumstances. Outside of those below, feel free to look around cookie-free.

  • If you interact with the site, for example by leaving a comment, you may opt in to saving your name, email, and optional website as a cookie which will last for one year, as a convenience so you don’t need to fill in your information next time.
  • If you are using a mobile device, a cookie lasting 3.5 days will record whether you want to use the mobile theme or not.
  • If you visit “Fair Trade” or any future age-restricted online fiction, you will need to verify your age, at which point a cookie will be left in place for 30 days.

Several specifics are stated below, as best I can, but in general, everything is covered by the Automattic privacy policy, here:

Visitor comments are checked through an automated spam detection service, offered by Automattic as a plugin, called Akismet. This typically gathers info including your comment, email, URL if provided, IP address, and browser and OS data, in order to check for spam.

These sites reside physically on servers at which has data centres in both the US and Europe and is GDPR compliant – the specific VPS server on which these sites are hosted is located in Chicago, USA. (The site owners are in Canada.)

If you contact me, I will keep it private, including your email address and the email content, but if you email me, obviously I’ll have your address. Likewise, all data (such as it is) is kept confidential and not shared with any third party.

If you signed up for notifications via Feedburner or Jetpack, you can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom. Whether via Feedburner or WP’s Jetpack, I can see who has subscribed in the form of a list of email addresses and the subscription date. That’s all.

If you use the Paypal link to drop anything in my Tip Jar, that’s covered under Paypal’s privacy policy, here:

The sites allow commenting using, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts. Details of how this applies to privacy can be found here: The and sites do not allow this. Just to make it clear, we cannot be responsible for any activity on or interaction with social media sites.

If you have left a comment and would like it removed, or you have any questions or concerns, email me at or, as a backup,

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