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For ten years, since she fled from the College where the magically gifted are taught, Kisea has been living on the run, concealing her unusual and frightening telepathic gift. Only her sorcerer ex-lover Matt knows, and has been looking for her. When his cousin is kidnapped, matters quickly grow even more complex.

A fantasy novel about fear and trust and hope

Ten years ago, at the College where sorcerers and telepaths and lifewitches learn about their gifts: boy meets girl, girl discovers her own frightening abilities, boy loses girl when she runs away from the authorities who would condemn her for those abilities.

Ever since, Kisea has been in hiding as a renegade, with a new name, never staying anywhere long, never letting anyone find out too much about her. The uncommon telepathic gift that earns her blessings when she heals minds would, if anyone knew its full nature, evoke only fear and horror: controllers are, after all, monsters from a fireside tale.

The one person Kisea has ever trusted completely, during the interval between a childhood of inherited shame and an adulthood of paranoia, is the one person who knows what she is and the one person who would recognize her immediately – and he’s under an Oath to return any renegade to the College by any means necessary.

Ever since, Matt has been watching for her, and looking for a way to help. She’s still alive, at least; knowing what to watch for, the rumours and traces of an ever-moving half-siren mindhealer of extraordinary strength are unmistakable. Now in a position of considerable authority and responsibility, he believes he knows a way – if he can only find her and persuade her to listen to him.

She’s the last person he expects to trip over when his highborn cousin Kallima is kidnapped, but when the situation turns out to be far more complicated than it appeared, that unlikely chance could make all the difference for everyone involved.

Note: siren sexual nature is misunderstood by many in Caalden, and as a result they are frequently the targets of abuse. While there is little explicit description in Renegade, please keep this in mind if this is an issue for you.

This one has a bit of a history behind it, which you can find at my writing blog here. This, and others forthcoming about the same family, are a resurrected version of some of my oldest writing, which I tried an experiment with. I’m too pleased with the result to condemn Kisea, Matt, and company to oblivion.

As promised, here’s the family tree in visual form.

Renegade was originally released with some embarrassing typos and a few awkward sentences that got overlooked – I think it needed one more proofing pass before it was uploaded. Sorry about that! :oops: I’m fond of this story and it deserves better. I have it revised now, I just need to do the formatting to re-upload it to Smashwords and fix the HTML versions and PDFs. Life is currently making it hard to find the time. I can only apologize for the current slightly-less-clean version, but the content itself hasn’t changed.

Find it on Smashwords and various ebook platforms!

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Find it right here on this very site, vanilla HTML that will come up fine on any browser! (Hand-crafted by me. Please let me know about any issues.)

Don’t like signing up for things, or short on cash, or don’t see it at your preferred retailer? Download a pdf version right here!

Small version (for small screens, or use it as a large-print edition – 5.5 x 8.5″) * Large version (for desktop screens, or anyone who just has to print it – letter-sized)
Epub version (for most devices) * Mobi version (for Kindle – converted in calibre and I hope the formatting works)

But please, if you do decide to read it, give me something in return: feedback. Here, Wattpad, Goodreads, email me, whatever you like. If you share it with friends, ask them to do the same. That’s the only price, and it’s a request, not an up-front fee.

Original ebook release: (right here) 31 May 2015; (Smashwords) 4 June 2015


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