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Steph at Kingston Pride 2014

Steph at Kingston Pride 2014

Steph Shangraw lives in southeastern Ontario, Canada, with various rescued cats and their other human minion. In the limited time spent not writing fantasy, plays the odd computer game, colours while interesting podcasts play, and of course serves her feline overlords. She started writing over 30 years ago, has so far released 4 indie novels, and has two web serials that will eventually be collected into multiple volumes. She has a quirky personal thing about charging for her work, and will accept tips but prefers to write for love, not profit.

Find me elsewhere online at:

Smashwords author page – Where to find my officially released work.
(Really good way to be an indy publisher, and nicer to authors than certain others.)

Noveltrove author page – Where you can find my erotica.
(This site ROCKS if you like erotica, and is very good to authors!)

Facebook author page – Actually, I’m not on here regularly, but I do keep an eye on it.

Twitter – Guess how often I’m here? :-)

Goodreads author page – I’m almost never on here
(between us, I don’t much care for the site).

Questions, complaints, compliments, or just saying hello – if you want to do it privately, you can drop me an email at steph@prysmcat.com (currently having technical glitches) or prysmakitty@gmail.com, or leave a comment below.

Steph with Cory-Bear

Steph with Cory-Bear

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