7 – Literature, Visual Arts, and Technology

Kate felt Damon move away from her, and grumbled a protest.

He ran a hand over her hair. “Go back to sleep. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Kate sighed, but lay still. At least, she intended to; a message from her bladder sent her to the bathroom, eyes mostly closed against the sunlight that crept around curtains and blinds. Still not awake, she returned to Damon’s bed and curled up drowsily under the blankets, her thoughts wandering happily through memories of sensations.

Motion near her made her open her eyes.

Damon opened a folding wooden table next to the bed, then retrieved two glasses of orange juice from the dresser and set them on it. “Breakfast, sunshine. Sit up? I’ll be right back.”

Kate yawned hugely, and sat up partway, twisting so she could bunch pillows up behind her to lean against.

Damon returned with two plates, handed her one, and settled himself across from her, legs crossed, holding the other. The oversized and rather ragged T-shirt he wore might have protected him while cooking, but didn’t hide anything; she couldn’t help taking a moment to appreciate the view.

Two fried eggs, bacon, breakfast sausages, toast… and it all smelled delicious. Kate picked up a slice of bacon and took a bite.

“You really didn’t have to do this.”

Damon laughed. “I intend to make sure you eat properly.”

“How much blood did I lose, anyway?”

“Mm, a quarter of a cup, maybe? Under normal conditions, it wouldn’t have even been that much. I’m not exactly underfed, which takes basic hunger out of the equation.” He grinned at her. “It’s been a while, and I was a tad worked up, and if you start messing around with a predator by trying to get away, you take your chances.”

“I’m sure I’ll survive somehow. And if not, it’ll be worth it.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t let anything happen to you. I’ve found a new hobby, and I’m really looking forward to pursuing it, and I can’t do that unless you’re whole and healthy and happy.”

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6 – Nightlife

Kate considered her reflection in the mirror of Damon’s guest room, turning back and forth in place so the skirt of the white dress Damon had bought her​—​and asked her to wear to go out tonight​—​swirled around her legs. He was right, it really did flatter her wonderfully. The wide low neck simply begged for a necklace; instead, she picked up the blood-red scarf, doubled it, and slipped the ends through the loop to hold it in place around her neck. Against her skin, somewhat pale from countless hours indoors, chestnut hair and light-beige sandals and white dress, it was extremely eye-catching. She hesitated, unsure whether she really wanted to be noticed… but the first one to notice would be Damon, and that was worth it. She brushed her hair out loose, and drew back the very front to keep it out of her eyes.

Realistically, she had little to bring, and was leaving herself entirely in Damon’s hands: he was driving, they were coming back to his apartment, he was paying… she needed only her ID, and since she lacked pockets, Damon had it with his own.

She smoothed her dress down a bit nervously, and left the guest room.

Damon was in his usual spot at his computer, but he spun around when he heard her. Dark eyes swept down her body and back up, appreciatively, and he stood up, holding out a hand to her. Kate crossed the room and slid her hand into his, let him draw her nearer still for a kiss while he ran both hands down her sides.

“You look positively irresistible,” he murmured, with a kiss just in front of her ear, then one on her throat just above the scarf.

Kate felt her breathing quicken, but retorted, “I could say the same, you know.” Brightside black leather jeans, this time, with his Darkside boots, a peasant’s shirt of soft cotton in a dark maroon red, and a black velvet vest open over it. A silver ankh hung from a black velvet choker, and a heavy silver dragon circled one wrist, its jewelled eyes glinting red.

Against one hip, a flat rectangular bag of black velvet rested, just large enough for his phone in its case, his wallet, and his keys; the velvet strap crossed his body to the opposite shoulder. That sort of thing was very common on Darkside, which tended not to have built-in pockets. This one had a rose with a thorny stem embroidered on it in dark shiny red and black and silver.

“Oh, I hope so.” That smile sent a shiver along her spine that ended between her legs, but she had to answer it. “All right, being logical isn’t quite in the spirit of the mood, but probably better now than later.”

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5 – Clea

Kate woke with Damon still curled around her, his breathing so slow and steady that he had to be asleep still. She lay still for a bit, not opening her eyes, just trying to absorb every detail.

Finally, though, the insistent demands of her bladder forced her to gently extricate herself. Damon mumbled something incoherent, reaching for her; Kate leaned down to kiss his cheek and murmured, “I’ll be right back.”

She visited the bathroom, and returned to find that Damon had rolled onto his other side; she arranged herself against his back and slipped an arm over him. He caught her arm and hugged it to him, and she heard his breathing slow down again immediately, back into deeper sleep. Kate let herself relax, half-drowsing, keeping her thoughts turned firmly away from the future and focused on the present.

The trilling of the phone, on the corner of the desk and plugged in, shattered the peace.

Damon muttered something under his breath that she couldn’t identify and wasn’t sure she wanted to. “Forgot to turn the ringer off. Ignore it, that’s what I have voicemail for.” He twisted onto his back, kissed her gently, and smiled at her​—​his pupils, in the sunlight, had contracted so tightly they were almost invisible against the dark blue, blocking as much light as possible. “Good morning, beautiful.”

“I am not.”

“To me you are. I hate being woken up by the phone, but I very much like having the first thing I see be you.”

Kate blushed; the only response she could come up with was, “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” Damon stole another kiss, then stretched lazily and sighed. “I have no idea what time it is, but I suppose I should find out who just called. There’s a chance it’s important.” He got up, stretched again, and vanished down the hall towards the bathroom before returning to the phone. He hit a couple of buttons, setting it in motion to play messages on the speaker while he sat at his computer and did something. Kate sat on the edge of the futon, waiting.

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4 – Feeling the Waters (and Other Things)

Kate blinked, opened her eyes… on sunlight?

She was still curled up on the futon, though she had stretched out along its full length. The soft light blanket that had been on the back was now tucked over her. The heavy curtains across the patio doors had been drawn back far enough to allow a pleasant amount of sunshine in, though not directly enough to have woken her.

She remembered the end of the movie, remembered her pleasure in it and the need to find out how it would end combating her increasing tiredness​—​it had been a long day, after all, starting early and with a lot of adrenalin. She had a more vague recollection of talking to Damon about the movie… then nothing. She must have been so worn out she’d simply fallen asleep. Hardly the behaviour of a gracious guest. Please don’t let Damon be offended or angry, she thought fervently.

She sat up and stretched, not surprised that the apartment was silent except the humming of the computers. Damon must have long since gone to bed.

Her shawl was lying neatly over a couple of pillows right next to her, and on it was a small piece of paper. She leaned down to pick it up.

Good morning! Make yourself at home, and I mean that. I normally wake up around noon or shortly after.

Kate set the note down, and looked around for a clock. After a detour to make use of the bathroom​—​noting that the door of one bedroom was mostly closed with darkness behind it, and the other was open​—​she finally found one in the kitchen. Shortly past ten am, so she had a couple of hours to herself. Well, breakfast of some sort would be an excellent first step. Not everything in the kitchen was meat-based; there was half a bag of baby carrots and a recently-opened bag of apples in the fridge, along with multiple kinds of fruit jams. She dropped a couple of slices of bread in the toaster and took the jar of raspberry jam and the pitcher of orange juice out of the fridge.

Just outside the kitchen, in the arm of the living room’s L-shape that was not occupied by the computers, was a small table with a couple of chairs, and against the walls were shelving units. She left her breakfast on the table long enough to explore the books. She didn’t speak Tenebran or the mixed Riverwood creole enough to do more than identify a number of the books as being most likely in one or the other, but the rest, Darkside and Brightside both, were in English. She chose a history of the Riverwood area, since she knew little about it, and brought it to the table with her, taking great care not to get jam or juice on the pages.

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3 – Dinner and a Movie

Since there was a possibility of some walking, Kate decided on pants instead of a skirt​—​specifically, loose flowing comfortable lightweight ones she’d bought in Tullovar, of deep purple shades, and a sleeveless top of misty grey, with sandals instead of her low-heeled boots. Around her waist she tied a fringed black shawl embroidered on the outside with knotwork patterns in half a dozen colours, both because she liked how it looked and in case it grew cooler later. She pulled her chestnut hair back in a tail, hoping it would stay there, and studied herself in the mirror.

“Looking good,” Magda said appreciatively from the doorway. “Now, remember, he is from Riverwood, and you know what they’re like about being honest and up-front. That whole negotiation and compromise fetish they have. If you aren’t enjoying yourself, although I can’t for the life of me think why not, then just tell him, okay? Ditto for anything you aren’t comfortable with, or anything you do want.”

Kate nodded acknowledgement. Natives of the Riverwood area were known for the value they placed on honest communication, though they also believed in tact and timing and respecting boundaries, which kept everyone else from finding them insufferable. “I know.”

“I’m not going to wait up, because I do have to work tomorrow, and for all I know, you might not be back until well past midnight. If at all. If you go back to his place, make sure you play safe, all right? And give me a call in the morning at work, even if it’s just quick.”

“I’m not going to sleep with him! I hardly know him!”

Magda just shrugged and grinned. “If you change your mind, be safe. You have a bit of cash on you, just in case of something unexpected happening, right? Enough to get a cab home?”


“Then you’re all set to go have an awesome night.”

Damon arrived at the door just moments past six o’clock, in close-fitting black leather pants that she thought were from Darkside, with a plain black t-shirt and black leather jacket that were definitely Brightside​—​it was an amazingly sensual look, and Kate licked suddenly dry lips.

Damon greeted her with a warm smile. “Ready to go?”

Magda crossed her arms and gave him a stern look. “Are your intentions towards my best friend honourable?”

“You must be joking. I thought you knew me better than that.”

“Okay. Just so we’re clear on that. Off you go, children, and have fun.”

“Children,” Damon snorted, and opened the door. “After you, milady Kate.”

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2 – Silver Linings

Kate considered her reflection in the full-length mirror uncertainly. “Are you sure about this?”

Magda nodded firmly, though her back was to Kate as she searched through her closet. “It’ll be fine, Kate. You came to visit because you needed a change, right? Well, going out for dinner is definitely a change. Honestly, you were practically living like a cloistered nun in Tullovar. It’s just a few of my friends, you’ll like them. If you relax and let yourself, anyway.”

Kate sighed. “I’m sorry. Just nerves. It’s been a while. I’m a bit out of touch with what’s in style Brightside, do I look okay?”

Magda turned around, shrugging into the dark blue and silver bolero jacket that matched her pants. “Black ankle boots, long black skirt, unbleached peasant blouse, chain belt? That’s a pretty timeless classic. And it suits you. It’s not like we’re going anywhere formal, anyway. It’s a bothsider hangout, for heaven’s sake.” She scooped up a small grey purse that Kate knew held money, keys, and cellphone, and gestured to the door of her bedroom. “Come on, before you can get yourself any more worked up than you are. Honestly, Kate, just trust me, please. You’re going to have fun, all right?” She herded Kate through the apartment’s living room, and out to the common landing.

“If I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t be here,” Kate laughed. Magda was right, and she knew it; it hadn’t been so hard to bury the sense of something missing, while she’d been keeping herself busy. But without her job, she was uncomfortably aware of creeping loneliness. Of course, making friends here wouldn’t help, unless a job turned up locally, which she doubted; Magda was a good friend, but she couldn’t sleep on Magda’s couch forever. But at least they were bothsiders, and she wouldn’t have to carefully avoid mentions of Darkside while trying to find plausible excuses for how little she knew of recent Brightside events.

“Precisely. Are you okay walking? It’s only a few blocks.”

Kate nodded. “Walking is fine. It’s beautiful out.”

“Done any more thinking about what you want to do now?”

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1 – Fantasies

Whatever bound her wrists above her head, it was as soft as it was strong.

Possibly it was the same substance across her eyes, leaving her blind to her surroundings. Almost certainly, it was the same substance around her ankles, anchoring them to something on the cool hard floor so she was forced to stand with her bare feet the width of her shoulders apart.

The air was warm enough to team up with her heightened adrenaline and encourage her to sweat, but the humidity was low and she could feel it drying on her exposed skin—which was all of it. Every so often, a whisper of a breeze wrapped around her, tickling her impartially in places intimate and not. It brought no sounds with it, though. The silence around her wasn’t the vast and echoing sort, but softer, the silence of a private safe retreat from the world. Within it, she could hear the rapid thumping of her own heart.

She wasn’t alone. Without sight or sound, she knew that, even before the touch. A gloved hand, tracing the line of her jaw with a finger, the slow speed and light pressure as smooth as the leather, and she whimpered, turned her head in a futile attempt to catch that finger in her mouth. That finger strayed down along her side of her throat, opened into a palm at the level of her collarbone, and drew a path of hotly stimulated skin from there down over one breast, down over her belly and her hip. Ankles bound, there was no way she could press her legs together to fend off the hand as it ventured up her inner thigh, up to stroke her outer labia. She moaned, fighting the restraints madly, as that gloved finger probed more deeply, found the hot wellspring of the lubrication that was making exploration so easy… Continue reading

On Pause

While I have quite a lot more to this story already in rough draft, just needing to be revised and polished, it’s going on pause for the time being. The response rate is so poor that I can realistically make better use of my time working on other projects. I will come back to this eventually, I’m having entirely too much fun with Jillian and company. If you see this and you’re interested, let me know, because that’ll change the priority level!

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2.10 After the Party

“Flair,” Mistress said. “Could you do one last thing? After that, you’re free to go to your own room.”

“Help Jewel get changed?” Flair asked.


“Of course, Mistress. Where will you be?”

“Hm. I think the living room would be a good place.”

“Right. C’mon, Jewel, dressing room.”

The towel-wrapped toy was no longer in evidence in the dressing room. Jewel wondered what had happened to it.

“Let’s get you undressed,” Flair said briskly. “I bet it’s going to be a relief to get out of this.” She unfastened the small hooks down the back of Jewel’s uniform and helped her shimmy it downwards so she could carefully step out of it. That left her only in corset and stockings and boots. At Flair’s command, she sat down on the long bench.

A remote part of her mind made note of the fact that when Flair dropped to one knee to unlace one boot, that put her face quite close to Jewel’s de-furred mound, and there was probably a reason that was bad, but she couldn’t currently bring it to mind.

The thought was chased away by the deep sigh that escaped when Flair drew that boot carefully off for her. Her foot cramped, not wanting to straighten out entirely, but Flair wrapped her alabaster-and-metallic hands around it and massaged it gently until the muscles released.

“Thank you,” Jewel said gratefully. “At least there’s no blisters or anything from pressure points.”

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2.9 Rescue

A touch on her shoulder; she identified Nikandros’ musky scent, and whimpered. “Please…”

“Please what?” He squatted in front of her, an interesting manoeuvre on his goat-like legs. “Tell me.”

“I want… I’ve been so turned on for what feels like hours and hours, and I can’t do anything about it… I don’t know how much more…”

“Hm. Well, obviously I can’t help with that directly, although under other conditions I’d be more than willing. Even asking Flair would be breaking the rules. But we certainly need to do something. We’ve been mercilessly teasing you, getting you all hot and bothered, playing with you and enjoying watching your reactions, and hardly giving you any time to yourself. And you’ve been a very good girl for us. So how about this. You know where the dressing room is, right?”

“Um. Yes?” Hadn’t Flair said other fae couldn’t come there?

He chuckled. “I’m the one other fae who has free access to your mistress’ villa, and she has free access to mine. There’s a door linking them. I know her villa better than you do. The dressing room is the first private place that comes to mind that’s more comfortable than the bathroom. Don’t worry about Echo, she won’t show up unless you sit at the vanity and look in the mirror. Take your time, do what you need to feel less frustrated. I’ll even make sure there’s a brand new toy there waiting for you. I give those to all my pets, they usually need them after a day or so in my villa. As soon as Henry finishes having Flair prove her lack of a gag reflex—again—I’ll ask her to take over with the refreshments. So you don’t need to feel bad.”

She found a slightly shaky smile. “About wanting to go feel good?”

“Exactly. Away you go. Don’t hurry. Leave the toy there when you’re done. I’ll make sure your mistress knows where you are, and I promise, she won’t mind.”

Jewel nodded. “Thank you.”

He only smiled, straightened up, and walked away.

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