The Resurrection Project

Sounds so portentous as a title, doesn’t it? The only thing being resurrected is some old writing, so don’t worry, no zombies.

First, an apology. I haven’t been keeping up, and probably won’t be in the immediate future. Enough real-life stress hit me all at once to drop me to my knees, although it didn’t completely flatten me. My psychiatrist decided that, between that and my typically lower stress tolerance as days get shorter, we needed to try antidepressants again. Now, my earliest experiences were generally positive, good results with little or no side effects, but unfortunately they stop working for me after a while. I’m unsure whether my body is just rejecting anything new or whether the ones we’ve tried more recently are just harsher, but these days it tends to be little or no result and horrendous side effects. I spent most of October asleep, and the later part of it in pain every time I ate. Two weeks later, my body’s still trying to get past the effects, ie, sleeping a lot and eating very warily. Thus, it’s been difficult to come up with ideas for blog posts, let alone actually write them.

However, the worse I feel, the more my natural inclination is to run away mentally. I wasn’t feeling clear enough to do final YinYang revisions or work on the next novel. I could have worked on Gaia, my playground world.

Immediately after the previous blog post, though, I found myself wondering what would happen if I took the original ideas I had when I was 15 and tried to build something with them now, keeping to the spirit as much as possible but tweaking the details as necessary to turn it into something less crude and dramatically angsty. Many of the core ideas are sound, I just had no idea what to do with them at the time or how to express them with any subtlety. Like using the tools for painting a room to try to paint a detailed image, just not very successful.

So, I took a look at the setting and cultures in general, did some research (oh, how I love Wikipedia and the rest of the Internet, and being able to search for answers I would have had no access to at 15!), took some notes about old version vs how to restructure things to eliminate the worst flaws, picked a spot to start writing from… and started writing.

Since Oct 16th, I’ve written roughly 82k words. Better still, they’re all strung together into sentences and paragraphs that more or less make sense! I still need to fill in a couple of flashback chapters and I need to redo the ending which turned out excessively logical and reasonable to the point of being boring, but I don’t really expect that to take long. I don’t think I’m going to spend much time on heavy editing, probably only one or two thorough read-throughs, but once I get it finished I’ll make it available just for giggles. I might even go so far as to post the little that was ever typed of the original, or type a bit more, but that’s the stuff that made me laugh until I cried so don’t hold your breath. ;-) What I might do instead is a regular version and an annotated version that shows what I started with and how I changed it and why, if only to remind myself later.

There are lots more old ideas I can play with in the future, too. This has actually been a lot of fun, and an interesting challenge. In a sense, my Moonblood stories are a similar premise, since the core idea is from one I had in high school, but it never entirely died; there were sporadic attempts to rework it. However, the current version in many ways is closer to the spirit of the originals than any of the intervening and less successful attempts were. I’m sure there’s something to be learned from all this, some sort of insight into my own writing style, but it’s not jumping out at me just now.

If you’re at all curious, you can find my notes on the original and necessary changes to make here as a pdf via Dropbox.

Anyway, I’m sure the world will continue to spin while I’m not able to focus on blog posts, and I’ll get back to it as soon as I can. Meanwhile, back to trying to combine then and now into one reasonably seamless whole!