Other work

For my published work and serial fantasy, drop by Prysmcat Books.

Short fiction is definitely not my strength, but I have written the occasional short story over the years. I’ll share the better ones here as I get a chance to revise them.

Tattercoat: a transgender version of a classic fairy tale.

Winterwood: romance and surprises between two young men on a winter journey.

Neither of these has any explicit sexual content.

You can find my various short fiction, nearly all of which I have no plans to publish since it’s generally older and for the most part I consider it a very poor representation of my current work, at this link. They’re available as basic html, easy to read, with the exception of links to Winterwood and Tattercoat right here, and to one story published elsewhere. Please keep in mind that most of these (not all) are explicit erotica!

And if you’re curious about my personal playground world, to which I’ve been returning for over two decades, you can find it at Gaia. It’s not exactly a novel, it’s more the ongoing adventures of a whole loosely-connected bunch of people. These are places and people who feel almost real to me, after so long, even though it really isn’t anything I can put into a neatly-contained novel and publish.

All short works are covered under the same copyright terms as the novels, serials, and any other work!

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