Here we go: It’s Official!!!

So… as I mentioned in a recent previous post, it’s a tough balance between writing for yourself and wanting an audience. After all, once you’ve put hundreds or thousands of hours into something that holds a slice of your soul, there’s an urge there to have people actually share it with you.

While I’m not particularly good at social networking to begin with, let’s face it – having my work available via two sites only, one a WordPress blog and one an independent site, really doesn’t help.

So, I’ve finally decided to take the steps into official self-publishing.

I decided, partly on the recommendation of a trusted friend who uses it and partly on my own research, to go with Smashwords.  While I’m not entirely happy with a few limitations as far as file types I can upload as (although they do say they’re going to be expanding that), it otherwise looks to have a lot to offer. Rather than my trying to summarize, I suggest you check the link for yourself and get the full list. Among other things, they make it clear that you retain all rights to your work, they distribute to a variety of major ebook retailers, and they don’t charge any up-front costs, only a small percentage of what you make (if anything). Continue reading

Not abandoned!

I haven’t abandoned this blog, despite the gaps between posts. Since a few days after the previous post announcing a new novel, a series of extremely difficult life events (including the death of one of my beloved cats) have made it impossible to concentrate on writing anything at all. Normally, writing is my best way of coping with stress, but too much at once can overwhelm that particular mechanism.

Fortunately, it’s normally self-repairing, for me. There’s a delicate balance between giving myself some time to recover and letting it go on too long. Thus, I’m trying sporadically, without pushing too hard. This one involves hitting subjects that currently make me deeply sad; that one involves frustrating flaws that need to be hammered out before I can get any further… they get put aside until a better time.

Why do I bother with anything but playing, when the audience for my writing is as small as it is? (Combining downloads via this site and my non-WP-hosted one, there’ve been a total of about 40 downloads of Yin-Yang and less than 10 each of the new Jordans one, Moonblood stories, Lamia, and BlackWolf – with only a small percentage of those ever leading to any feedback.) Because, despite all logic, I do. :-)  But then, I did a recent post on that whole subject, so there’s no point repeating it. I would like to have more readers, obviously, but not at the current prices.

For the moment, I’ll let my mind rest a little the way I’d let my body rest after repeated injuries, and be back to writing something in no time.

New Novel Posted!

A less serious work, this time, that was completed with record speed – but I’m still rather pleased with it. It’s the first of the Resurrection Project experiments, in fact, and I believe the first anyone has seen my Jordans family since I was in high school, or thereabouts.

Click here for the RP page on this site, or here for anyone who fancies my other site where it’s mirrored. :-)

Who Am I Writing For?

Well, I did it to myself again. No matter how many times it happens, no matter how many times I learn the lesson, it still creeps back up and ambushes me again.

Write what you want to write, write what sings to you. Forget what you can complete and present to the world; if it isn’t singing to you right now, this moment, then any work you do on it will be poorer quality and at best not worth it, at worst discouraging enough to interfere when it should be singing later. Don’t ever, ever try to modify the content to what some hypothetical audience might want; use every bit of your skill to make it come to life for them, instead, and give them something uniquely your own.

It sounds like a fairly simple concept, doesn’t it? Just write, nothing else matters.

Except that it does. Continue reading