Prysmcat's Older Short Stories

While my strengths lie firmly on the side of novel-length or ongoing episodic fantasy, I do make occasional forays into shorter fiction, with varying levels of success (the dates should give you some idea just how sporadic it is). Often, though not always, that consists of explicit erotica; it's fun to play with, not something I take all that seriously, and isn't an enormous time commitment. (Here's my personal take on that subject, on my blog.) Unlike some of the erotica out there, unless it says Caution, I promise the good guys win in the end and there's a happy ending.

I wasn't certain whether to include these on the site or not. They're old, and I don't consider them at all representative of my current writing. Some include themes that I'm no longer comfortable with. However, I did write them, and have previously offered them in other places under the nom de plume of Tenebra. Whether I'm calling myself Tenebra, Shaharazad, or Prysm/prysma/prysmcat/prysma-kitty, or even occasionally by my "real" name, they're still all coming from the same place. I'm not going to disown and abandon them, and so, they're here - even if they are tucked away in a back corner!

Comments, opinions, and questions are always welcome and eagerly sought, I'd love to hear from you! (After all, that's my only payment for this, and it doesn't cost you anything, right?)

Please note: this section of the site includes some explicit sexual content. If you are legally a minor in your location or you don't want to read "that kind of stuff" then you need to leave immediately. If you continue, you are confirming that you are an adult in your country and that you are not offended by adult content.


Please note the tags on these stories before you read them! Just so we're all on the same page:

Table of Contents

Catseyes: A slightly feline encounter. X, FM 1994

Well Met by Moonlight (Catseyes 2): A sequel since I had so much fun. X, FMM 1994

Taryn (Catseyes 3): A further continuation. X, FMM 1994

Tail (Catseyes 4): Yet more of the same characters. X, FMM 1994

Familiar: A sorceress and her familiar, admittedly with some similarities to CatsEyes, written much later. R, FM, BD (mild) 1998

Geas: Just had to write a different kind of shapeshifter story... G (no sex) 1991

Lifesblood: A short, slightly odd story I came up with after reading Fraser's "Golden Bough." PG, Caution 1998

Midnight's Song: A rather dark vampire encounter, my first erotic story, written a long time ago. X, MX, BD, Caution 1994

Siren: A mermaid tale. X, FF 1994

Self-Help (Ariadne's Thread 1): One deteriorating relationship, one mysterious website, plus one Universal Self-Help Unit. A newer one, and I'd like to continue the Ariadne's Thread concept, but I'm not sure I like this story. It lives on the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive site (either link opens a new window). X, FM, MC, NC 2008

Tattercoat: The traditional fairy tale, with a small twist of my own. I like this one, the link opens a new window to my writing blog where it lives. PG, MT, TG 2001

Three Trees: A fairy tale about a young woman and the three seeds that are her mother's final gift to her. G, FM (no sex) 2002

Winterwood: A longer romantic story, maybe worth a novel someday - any more would be a spoiler! I like this one, the link opens a new window to my writing blog where it lives. PG, MM 1998

My short work is covered by the same copyright as my novels, serials, and other work.

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