Transposition: What Is (and Isn’t) Here

Lots of people skip over this kind of thing or get annoyed by it. Sorry, folks, but I’m including it because I consider it much more important to do what I can to offer my readers a fair spoiler-free heads-up.

I’m far more into character development and interaction than I am into gratuitous violence. (Gratuitous fun sex, well, maybe.) I like watching characters gain or regain agency that they (and their enemies) believe they’ve lost. I do upbeat endings, but not happily-ever-after. I do not do gritty. I do not do horror or thrillers, and I have zero interest in shock or disgust. That said, I also do not do syrupy-sweet. I write for adults, and these are adults who are in a difficult and complicated situation.

As the blurb and the tags both should warn you, this does start off with seven people being kidnapped. They are not there willingly and they want out. No one gets raped, and the physical violence is, all things considered, fairly minimal – about the worst of it is shock collars preventing vocal speech. There is some harassment, however, sexual and otherwise, and also some mild restraint and mild verbal abuse. Complicating factors are generally wizardly or fae in nature, and presumably do not need warnings.

If I need to warn you about gender in this being all over the map, or that there is (especially later) some indirect fetish/BDSM imagery and honest character discussion, then you probably should just avoid everything I write.

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