Black Wolf

With so many different types of devices and so many different operating systems and reader software options out there, it's hard to find any format that will work for absolutely anyone. This should come pretty close! This is the html version of Renegade, which you should be able to read on any browser. No active content, no ads, no scripting, just html (with a css file for the formatting, which is standard these days). You can read it chapter by chapter, using the navigation at the top and bottom, or load the whole thing at once, your choice. (Quick tip: web browsers typically have a zoom function that you can access in various ways: usually there's a menu option somewhere, but there are also some standard keyboard commands, and it may be possible to hold the CTRL key and use your mouse wheel. Sorry Mac folks, I don't know the equivalent. You can use this to adjust the font size to whatever's comfortable for you to read at.)

Plus, it's free. If you like it enough to leave me a tip and can afford to, thank you. Even more valuable to me is feedback: drop me an email and tell me you read it (I promise never to share your address with anyone, and I do reply), or leave me a review at the place of your choice. I have other work completed and in progress; if offering them to read online directly is successful, I'll continue to do so. They're also available in other ways via their respective pages at Prysmcat Books, and one option is always a free pdf.

Telling your friends would be great. The best possible advertising, after all, is word of mouth. I write because I love doing it, but it's always wonderful to have people visit the worlds I create. Writing for my own amusement is a lot less work than editing and polishing it to share with others, after all.

Want to save this for off-line reading? Go for it. It's set up so links will work locally. If you save the full version, remember to save it complete so you get the css file. If you want the chapter-by-chapter version, here's a zip file, right click and "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..." or whatever your system's version is, then you can extract it (can I make this any easier?).

But please don't post it elsewhere online, or claim it's yours, or make money from it, or otherwise abuse it. Seriously. I'm taking a chance by putting this online in a format this simple. If you think it's good enough to share, then direct people here. Someone acting badly is only going to make me a lot less inclined in the future to make my work as accessible as possible, spoiling things for everyone. This is NOT public domain content simply because it's online. I spent hundreds of hours creating it, and many thousands before that learning the skills to do so. Please don't make me regret this.

I hope you enjoy reading!


So what happens if you feel like you belong nowhere… then find out you do belong somewhere… and that place should be impossible? There’s no such thing as magic or werewolves, especially only a few hundred miles north of Toronto, right? And what could be in Jesse’s missing past that would make him fit in there?

An urban fantasy novel about finding home

Jesse’s been having a tough time at home with his adopted parents, and even life on the streets, with the one friend he trusts, has more appeal. During a particularly bad moment, he finds himself some way north of the city he lives in, and things just keep getting stranger from there: Haven, the village he stumbles over, is not only primarily pagan, but a substantial percentage of the population can do insane things. Like manipulating light into doorways linking places, or fixing injuries with a touch, or changing into wolves.

The early part of his life has been a blank to him as long as he can remember, but the more time he spends in Haven, the more hints there are that a place like this is where he belongs. But how did he come to be alone several years before, with no memory? Is there unfinished business lurking in his past that can come back to haunt him in his new life? And how much danger are his Haven friends in because of him?

Very much an Ugly Duckling tale. Only with fewer ducks. ;)

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