Prysmcat Books - read online!

There are so many different options for hardware and software for reading ebooks, many of them handling the same file in different ways for better or worse, and with varying capabilities, that I decided to go old-school. My novels are available to read right here, and all you need is a browser. Since you're reading this, you probably have one!

There are no ads. There's no active content and no scripts. There are minimal image files (covers and, in some cases, one other image), and they're all small sizes. This is just basic html, as clean as I can make it, with a single additional css file telling it how to do the formatting. Even if you're on a slow connection, or an older computer, this should work for you. Plus, I hope the formatting, which can get a bit erratic in some readers, will be better.

If you want a prettier version, I make sure there are two pdf editions available for each: one at a standard letter-sized 8.5x11" in 12-point text, and one at half that, which works quite well on small device screens or as a large-print edition. You can find those by going to Prysmcat Books and looking near the end of the description of the book you're interested in.

These are all free. I would appreciate it, however, if you let me know that you read my work and what you thought. Writing is a solitary kind of art, and a writer doesn't get to see her reader's reactions as they read. It can be tough, putting hundreds of hours into a novel and never knowing about the reception or even whether it's being read. I'll never share your email address, I promise (I detest spam). Reviews and telling friends are also nice.

Please don't post these elsewhere online, or claim they're yours, or make money from them, or otherwise abuse them. Seriously. I'm taking a chance by putting them online in a format this simple. If you think they're good enough to share, then direct people here. Someone acting badly is only going to make me a lot less inclined in the future to make my work as accessible as possible, spoiling things for everyone. This is NOT public domain content simply because it's online. I spent hundreds of hours creating each, and many thousands learning the skills to do so. Please don't make me regret this.

I hope you enjoy reading!

The first page of each includes a description of the novel, in case you came here directly and not via each book's home page.


Black Wolf