Slight delay

Due to, well, a complicated series of events I won’t get into, I ran out of time. I had to choose between rushing the final post and probably doing a sloppy job of it, or telling you this and promising to get it done for Monday instead. Lysandra’s dancing and our last scene in Ilek deserve better than for me to hastily throw it together, even though I know exactly what happens. I hope, if you’ve been following this long, you’ll agree, or at least understand.

So, I apologize. Please drop in on Monday for Lysandra dancing and Ejiro making an appearance, and our heroes saying their farewells to Ilek. As soon as possible after that, I hope to have an epilog of sorts, of finally reaching the Garden of Umako after a couple of adventures on the way, but given current circumstances, I’m reluctant to promise the exact date.

Please, consider dropping me an email and letting me know what you’ve thought of Moonblood. As I said previously, I haven’t entirely decided what to do next. I think it might be worth reworking the earlier adventures into a cleaner form with less concern for length, and releasing them as a series of ebooks, but this is also a concept that would allow me to keep spinning stories about the adventures of Neoma and her descendants more or less indefinitely – if I have an audience that would make it worth the commitment involved in web fiction. Feedback would help me enormously to make a decision!

Thanks, and again, sorry about the delay!

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