One last apology for delays

Life through June has been rather chaotic, the way life just seems to get sometimes. Other writing projects at various stages, household health issues, a crisis or two… things pile up, and some of them demand high priority.

Since I’m currently having so much trouble keeping up with Moonblood, I’m going to finish one last adventure, Return,  to wrap up a few loose ends, and then put the whole project on hiatus for the time being. I can think of a lot more to do with the Moonblood concept, and I’m too fond of the characters to let them languish indefinitely. However, I may need to rethink the format. I’m finding it more demanding on my time than a novel is, and I’m not entirely happy with the results. In particular, the portrayal of the characters feels too shallow to me, which certainly shouldn’t be the case after something like 140,000 words so far – roughly the length of my novel Yin-Yang.

For the moment, I would consider it unethical as a writer to leave readers hanging without some sort of resolution. Return is in progress, and I’ll get it finished and posted as quickly as I can. I expect to tag it with “high priority” on my mental list sometime this week and let everything else wait until it’s done, which shouldn’t take more than a few days. After that? We’ll see what happens!

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