The moons, eldest to youngest:
Talir, light yellow
Meyar, pale silvery-blue
Sanur, cat’s-eye greengold
Sahen, aquamarine green-blue
Lirit, wild-lilac violet

Neoma’s bloodline:
Neoma, Talir’s red wolf
Kieran, Talir’s amarog (or human, depending on your perspective)
Madoc, Sanur’s bobcat
Tyrel, Talir’s red (cross) fox
Kaveri, Lirit’s raccoon
Mirren, Sanur’s wildcat
Narcissa, Lirit’s hare
Lysandra, Meyar’s honeyfox (extrapolated from several Pteropus flying foxes for the traits I wanted)

If you’re not all that familiar with some of these animals, and have some great pics and videos I sometimes use for reference (aside from the usual Wikipedia, of course) – links are below. If I encounter other sites with good pics and/or videos, I’ll add them as well. Not exactly traditional for fiction, but this is, after all, a non-traditional medium, so why not? :-) Keep in mind, I’m not responsible for content on these sites – if there’s the occasional disturbing picture, I apologize but can’t control it. This is why I’m not linking to Wiki Commons, despite some wonderful pics there: they’re mixed in with some very unpleasant ones.

Red wolf: ArkiveADW

Grey wolf (an amarog is basically a larger grey wolf with some behavioural differences): ArkiveADW

Bobcat: ArkiveADW

Red fox (there are several colour phases or morphs): ArkiveADW

Raccoon: ArkiveADW

Wildcat (alternatively, think of this as a 10-pound short-haired tabby housecat): Arkive

Brown hare: ArkiveBBC

Flying foxes (Pteropus in general) (many videos on YouTube as well):  Arkive: LargeArkive: Grey-headedArkive: BlackADW: Indian

Other characters:
It would be a long list if I were to include everyone they encounter, and would have too many spoilers for a new reader. If you want to know someone’s first appearance, feel free to ask, privately or in the comments below!

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