Moonblood Index

These are planned to eventually be released in three volumes as ebooks and possibly in print. Currently, they are being revised and re-released. As of March 2020, I’m working on adventure #7.

Volume 1

1 – Beginnings (6 chapters)

Having escaped from the twisted moon-cult, Neoma finds safe haven, and settles down to a very different life, including adopting an orphaned amarog cub. She’s run a long way, but is anywhere far enough?

2 – Meetings (11 chapters)

The forts once built to protect the nearby cities from outside threats have turned to raiding the cities, who encourage the forts to raid rival cities. The heir apparent to the fort Dunnval isn’t happy with this or his own role in it, but tries to be responsible. During what should be the final test of his fitness to eventually take over, Tyrel and his half-brother and best friend Madoc encounter a very peculiar amarog, and life suddenly turns onto a completely new track for them and for Tyrel’s thrall Kaveri.

3 – Garden (9 chapters)

The Valley of Umako is a single large, complex, highly varied garden, tended by an all-male semi-religious order created by the mother, Chimaka, of the very young earthborn who is the Valley. Our heroes expect only a pleasant sightseeing trip, but something is clearly amiss in the Garden, and perhaps they can do what humans can’t.

4 – Care (3 chapters)

The road they’re following leads straight into a village devastated by plague. Illness can’t affect them, so what can they do but spend a few days helping, to whatever extent they can?

5 – Convictions (13 chapters)

(This one has potential triggers, and there is a summary at the end for anyone uncomfortable with it.)

The city of Galimont is plagued with violence, and those responsible are getting trivial sentences or are acquitted despite evidence. Clearly, someone with considerable power is protecting them, but the Watch have been forbidden to investigate the magistrates and the other elite. Galimont’s average citizens, and most of all Galimont’s women, live in fear. Though they’re nearing Valeyan’s domain, could our heroes possibly ignore the situation? But what can four outsiders do about it?

6 – Homecoming (4 chapters)

Valeyan’s domain, at last!

Be careful – there might be spoilers below!

Volume 2

7 – Turn (13 to 20 chapters estimated, being revised)

Meet royal cousins Narcissa and Lysandra. Narcissa took a vow long ago never to marry, and devotes her herbalist and healing skills and her considerable influence to the care of her people – most recently, attempting to found public hospitals. Lysandra, by day, is Narcissa’s dutiful and reserved assistant Evander, but by night she can be herself, an outgoing and popular dancer. Someone wants them out of the way, badly.

Conspiracies, assassination attempts, a persistent suitor, big fight scenes with multiple combatants on each side, the first head-on clash between Neoma’s descendants and the group she ran from, a few answers and more questions, a tavern with unusual customers but great entertainment, a transsexual central character and her chaste semi-sacred cousin’s all-feminine household, all in a highly civilized nation with an extraordinary number of gods. No wonder this easily broke all previous length records for the series!

8 – Travelling (4 chapters)

On the way to the Valley of Umako, now a larger group and no longer owning only what they can carry, our heroes join up with a series of travelling shows and adjust to a life new to all of them.

Volume 3

9 – Return (24 chapters)

The town of Ilek is suffering from the effects of flood, a shortage of food, and a plague of mice. Narcissa believes she can help. But the local earthborn is acting oddly, as well, and the pieces don’t all fit. Is there more to this than a natural catastrophe and poor planning?

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