Jillian – our heroine, creeping up on 40 and determinedly normal, the responsible older sister

Min – Jillian’s good friend and confidante, who is apparently something more than a wealthy and socially-responsible woman mostly restricted to a wheelchair. In fact, sometimes she’s an enormous snake from her pelvis down, aka, a melusine.


Nikandros – a male (!) satyr, very friendly, more or less married to Min

Dagrun – a protective female fire giant, more or less married to Sigrun

Sigrun – a female frost giant

Sati – um… some sort of female fae, who resembles a person-shaped hole in space, and likes photography

Henry – short, hairy male fae

Nechtan – amphibious male fae, likes to be in water, good at control

Echo – shy artistic fae who interacts via mirror

Other fae at Min’s party:

  • Zipporah – an eagle-angel with gorgeous wings and sharp talons
  • Roshanak – a very beautiful Middle Eastern lady who looks human
  • Owain and Eluned – a foot-tall pair of improbably slender spites, er, sprites
  • Taiki – a rather withdrawn tree-like fae, not talkative
  • Alkippe – a centaur who values honour

Sophia – Min and Nikandros’ elder child, who takes after her father

Anselme – Min and Nikandros’ younger child, who takes after his mother’s family (but not his mother)

Humans (beholden to fae)

Flair – Min’s companion, handmaiden, and pet, occasionally a highly decorative statue

Clara – Dagrun’s friend, trans and a high school counsellor

Rachel – Dagrun’s friend, an artisan who makes and sells soap, lotion, and the like

Phoebe – Dagrun’s friend, a midwife

Ethan – works for Nechtan at the Seahorse, a talented chef

Cindy – works for Nechtan at the Seahorse, waitress and bartender, among other jobs

Rill – works for Nechtan at the Seahorse, trans and shy, does anything out-of-sight

Maryam – Nik’s friend, a doctor (GP)

Gloria – Nik’s unwilling pet, who is facing milder consequences for her actions than she probably deserves

Humans (the unaware-of-fae kind)

Jillian’s mom, dad, and younger brother Doug

Gary – Jillian’s boyfriend

Brett – Jillian’s boss

Kaylee and Christine – Jillian’s friends

Only characters somehow significant and/or recurring will appear here, not extras, and it will be updated as more appear onstage. If you have any questions about anyone, feel free to leave a comment or email me at or!

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