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I’m not any kind of “expert,” nor do I play one on TV. I am a writer, simply one who prefers to write for the love of it. I’ve recently (2014) begun to officially self-publish my work in ebook and print-on-demand forms. A few old short stories will remain available only here.

Novels and serials can be accessed via prysmcat.com.

I’m not promising that what I say is true for everyone, or that it will always be true for me, only that it’s true for me as I perceive it while I’m writing it.

New posts are very irregular, mostly occurring in the lulls between madly intense writing and revision highs. Between writing about writing, and actually writing, the latter wins!

My work is available, where officially published, at low or optional price, or for free if you look hard enough – not because I don’t value it, but because not everyone has extra cash or feels safe paying online. Obviously, all rights to it, published or otherwise, remain mine. I truly would appreciate a quick note that you have in fact read it and maybe what you think of it – think of it as watering the tree so it offers further fruit. :-)

This blog was previously hosted on WordPress.com at prysmawrites.wordpress.com – I moved it because of WP’s “improvements” making it increasingly difficult to use on an actual computer, when posting actual content. I’m hoping the changes don’t extend to the self-hosted version, or at least that there will be work-arounds if they do.

About me

Born in the mid-70s, started writing in the late 80s and never stopped. I have cats, which I believe is mandatory for fantasy writers, in my case rescued ones. I’m pagan, pansexual, polyamorous, quoiromantic, and kinky, which are reflected in my writing not so much in gratuitous sex or religion-bashing as in the fundamental approach to people as individuals – I often include characters of “non-traditional” sexuality or gender. Most importantly as far as this blog, however, I write: as many hours of the day as I can, frequently with other things left undone so I can see what these characters or those ones will do next, and when I’m not writing, I’m reading, either for research that I can use for writing directly or as inspiration or to relax. Sheer volume of practice, I think, has contributed immensely to my skills! I do have a combination of depression and anxiety which complicates life and has led to my being unable to work; the one benefit to this is that, when my mood allows it, I can spend time and energy on writing, which luckily isn’t a very expensive hobby. I generally avoid writer’s groups and I’m wary of writing forums, having had too many experiences with those who prefer to bolster their own egos by assaulting those of others; writing can be hard on the self-esteem, I know, but I prefer to protect my own ego from that and find better uses for my time. Like more writing!

I write urban fantasy, primarily, and to a lesser degree other-world fantasy. You can find my released work, both novels and serials, at Prysmcat Books.

Outside of writing, I am admin for a small lol-animals site, I serve as loyal minion to rescued cats, I play the odd computer game, and I colour while listening to interesting podcasts or YouTube videos. But mostly, I write.

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