Looking for test readers! (Shaman)


I expect to have “Shaman” ready for my victims, er, beta readers, by Monday – I’m just finishing up one last scene that I realized needs to be in there. If you’re interested, and if I have some idea who you are (I don’t know who reads this blog, but for test readers, sorry, I prefer to send my unpublished work to people I know), email me or use the contact form or reply here in the comments so I know and I can send you links to the files when I get it done. (I generally do pdf, but will do others.)

You can find a more detailed description on the Shaman page, but here are the key points. It takes place in another world. The main character, Vixen, is a transgender shaman and healer. Her best friend Dayr is a shapeshifting puma. They go on a journey to save a man who was important to Vixen before she effectively died as a man and found a new life as a woman.

** Above all, please note the trigger warning at the end of the description! **

I’m hoping to have this officially released late this year, so… is September first a reasonable goal for finishing? I can be flexible if something comes up and delays you or if that’s too fast, but I find that having a target date helps a lot. :-)

My usual speech to test readers:

I don’t have specific questions. My various readers have varied skills and notice different things. This should be pretty clean, so if you notice ytpos or horrendous grammar (keep in mind that there are times when my grammar gets a bit idiosyncratic for the sake of effect), feel free to tell me! Any inconsistencies in the content, anything that strikes you as implausible, anything that you don’t feel was explained properly, anything you feel just doesn’t work… pretty much whatever your personal thoughts are while you’re reading it. Let me get inside your head and see how it looks to someone who hasn’t been living, part-time for a very extended period, within this world! Anything you think does particularly work for you is also useful, not because I’m fishing for compliments (but hey, can’t deny it feels good to know it’s enjoyed), but because it gives me information to use in the future.

Given how valuable test readers are, I wish I had a useful way to say thank you beyond… thank you. Between the household budget being tight and the fact that I’m releasing these priced very low (I can sympathize with those who have little money to spend!), I can’t do appreciation gifts beyond free copies via Smashwords or email in your format of choice. If I can find a way at some point in the future, I’ll be sure to do so, I promise. I’ll also include a thank-you page, as usual, so make sure you tell me how you want your name to appear (if at all).


  1. I would be interested. I’m going to Europe from the 18 of June – 1 August. I’ll need reading material on plane and train rides, plus !!
    So I should have plenty of time to get it back to you.

  2. I’d be interested. It sounds intriguing.

  3. Abigail (abbycat)

    If you need another reader I’d be happy to. Other worlds are old friends since I discovered Andre Norton (mumble) years ago!

  4. I would be interested, if you still need another reader. If it helps any, I apprenticed with a shaman for 2 years.

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