Upcoming Projects

This is going to be a busy year for releases. I just took a look at the current list of projects that are finished or in sufficiently late stages that I can be reasonably sure they will be soon.

This is a highly tentative schedule. I haven’t yet decided whether to space them out at every second month or every third – chronic depression makes me wary of how long I can continue this kind of pace, and I’d like to have them spaced out. On the other hand, the satisfaction of actually releasing something once it’s finished is a wonderful feeling that gives me a motivation boost to keep polishing stories into novels (a lot more work than just scribbling bits and pieces for my own amusement!), and it’s frustrating when something is finished but I haven’t been able to share it yet. So, we’ll see! Titles are linked to their respective pages on this site.

Renegade: I’m planning to have this one officially released before the end of April (Edit to add: due to circumstances, this didn’t make the release date, but it will be out as soon as possible.)


Moonblood: possibly, I’ll put together a compilation of the first six adventures from the serial, and a second volume of the next couple; whether I’ll do this or not, since I’m not 100% happy with it as-is, I haven’t decided yet – but if I do, I will probably wiggle it in between two other releases

Shaman (probably, pending reactions of test readers, who as of mid-May have it to read)

Faerie Tale (working title, and again, probably, pending reactions)

Future projects include: at least one sequel to Renegade, one possible sequel each to Black Wolf and Lamia, and depending on whether the audience for Moonblood increases enough to make it feel worthwhile, I’m considering either or both of two that I think would work better as serials. I have a list of other ideas, including a couple that I think have a lot of potential, and new ones wander in and set up camp at random. I’ll keep you posted. :-)

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