New Novel Posted!

Really, what is there to say?

Yin-Yang started as an odd idea that got shelved for a long time but kept creeping back, despite my certainty that it was just too strange to bother finishing because no one else would ever want to read it. The characters kept nagging at me, and I finally decided to try turning the rough material into an actual novel. I hung up on the climactic scene for over two years, coming back to it periodically and then giving up again, but this past spring at long last it came together. Several volunteer readers took the time to give me their thoughts, for which I’m deeply grateful because it’s a far stronger novel for it. Life happened, distractions happened, but… after all that… it’s done!

I hope my test readers are pleased with what I did with their comments and that their unanswered questions can now be resolved.

Download it on the Yin-Yang page here or from my main writing site, and please, let me know what you think! Old pre-Smashwords version. These days, you can look for it here!

Meanwhile, I’m going to go be deliriously happy and also take some ibuprofen for the headache from wrestling with the epub formatting…

PS, sorry, I don’t do covers. I’m a writer, not a graphic designer.


  1. congrats on finishing! I know how hard you worked on this book and it shows, the Characters are wonderfully developed and the world you created is entertaining and a refreshing departure from the usual glut of werewolf/vampire dreck that is currently all the rage. Love this story!

    • Thanks. :-) I should probably do a change-log of the major alterations for test readers – there’s some major rearranging and a few additional scenes. It feels wonderful to actually get it finished instead of knowing it’s lurking there just waiting for me, although that moment of deciding, “Okay, this is as good as it’s going to get, time to send it out into the world,” is a scary one even knowing how much of a difference the feedback made and that overall the reaction was positive.

      Now I just need to give the two earlier novels a bit of a clean-up and hammer them into proper epub and mobi formats. While working on a new one. ;-)

  2. Just as an update: the epub and mobi versions of Lamia are no longer auto-conversions done in calibre (well, actually, the mobi is a calibre conversion, but of the epub which works much better than from other sources) – the epub version is cleaned up and the formatting matches Yin-Yang‘s.

    BlackWolf remains a slightly larger project, since I may make some changes in content, not just formatting, and the formatting is going to be quite a lot trickier for it because of local newsletter community news/gossip columns scattered through it. But I’ll work on it.

    • Further update: although I had to sacrifice most of the “pretty” formatting (such as making the newspaper articles look like a newspaper article), BlackWolf’s epub and mobi versions should now both be clearly readable, and match Yin-Yang and Lamia.

      Now that I’ve made sure the two main older works are more accessible in case anyone finishes Yin-Yang and wants to see what else I’ve done, I think I need to go write something instead of formatting stuff. Giving Moonblood a spit-and-polish and adding formats other than pdf will, I’m sure, happen eventually, but, well, later.

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