Tail (Catseyes 4)

Yet more of the same characters. X, FMM 1994

"May the Huntress and her wolves take the whole class of merchants in Corelis!"

Taryn simply looks at me calmly, moves away from the wall he's been leaning against while waiting for me to finish my interview inside, joins me. The crowds aren't bad, it's early evening, most people are home having supper. Home sounds wonderful. We turn in that direction.

"What happened?" he asks.

"I've been getting suspicious—lately no one will hire me, when I used to have very little trouble getting a job. He just explained it, in detail. A while ago, I had an employer who wanted me to do something positively suicidal. I told her no, she threatened me, so I told her precisely what I thought of her and her goat-brained son who kept trying to get me into bed. She told all the rest. There's no chance I'm ever going to get a job in Corelis again."

He sighs, shakes his head. "It's such as this that make me wish all the world were like ri'Shalhas, monotony and all." He slides an arm around my waist, I shift closer and do the same, taking comfort from that.

"I wouldn't have a job in ri'Shalhas, either, from what you say."

He glances down at me—not far down, tall as he is I'm only a couple of inches shorter—and smiles. "There would be something requiring your skills, though not necessarily as you use them now."

Neither of us says any more. We reach the building where my room is, climb the steps. Taryn's been here for ten days now, and I refused from the first night to let him sleep in an inn. I bullied him into fetching his belongings and staying with me.

Taryn pauses, lays a hand against the door, expression shifting to concern. The lock snaps open before I can put the key in it—witchcraft, I'm getting slowly used to that—and he pushes the door open.

Then we can see, and hear. Amber is huddled at the head of my bed, sobbing to himself.

I cross the room as fast as I can, sit on the edge of the bed to run a hand gently down his bare back, over the soft fur. "Amber, what's wrong?"

He raises his head, looks up at me with tear-bright eyes. "Somebody s-stepped on Am-Amber's t-tail...." He reaches down, he has his tail coiled tight against him, and lifts it carefully in his hand. The tawny fur in one place near the end seems to have mud worked deep into it, and there's an unnatural kink at about the same location. Stepped on it right well, it seems.

Taryn seats himself on the other side of the bed, leans over—Amber flinches away before Taryn's hand can touch his abused tail.

"I can't heal it if you don't let me touch it, kitten," he says soothingly. "I won't hurt you."

I kick off my boots, move further up on the bed so I can cuddle Amber against me. He resists, then relaxes against me, buries his face in my chest, trembling, still crying.

Taryn closes his hand loosely around Amber's tail, well below the break—how painful must that be, not to mention the damage to his pride?—and slides it carefully along until he's cupping the muddied, bent place. His other hand he lays over it, very gently, but Amber shudders, whimpers but it's muffled against me. I keep stroking his hair, wishing I could help more. Taryn closes his eyes, and goes very still, expression smoothing away to the blankness I'm starting to recognize as intense concentration.

After a moment, our witch lets go, goes to the bathroom to fetch a wet cloth so he can carefully work the mud out of the fur. Amber's sobs have quieted, but he doesn't move, just lets Taryn do what he will.

"All healed and all clean, kitten," Taryn tells him. "It'll be sore still for a day or so, but that's all."

Amber pulls away, twitches his tail into his reach—wincing as he does—and inspects it thoroughly. "Not kinked?"

"Not kinked with me around," Taryn reassures him.

"Brreaks make kinks. Kinks look funny."

"Amber. I fixed it. It's not broken any more."

Amber considers that, then hugs Taryn hard. "No kinks," he says, sounding delighted, then hugs me just as fiercely. "Feel betterr now." The tip of his tail twitches, just a little, then he droops again, looks up at me sorrowfully. "Hurrt, though. Amberr's tail's not supposed to be stepped on. Still hurrts."

I have to fight an urge to laugh. Oh, he's all right! I look up, find Taryn looking back, equally amused by Amber's attempt at eliciting comfort. Still, he does deserve it, that must have been awful for him, especially if he was so certain he'd have a permanent reminder.

"I think," Taryn says, "I'll go see about finding us some supper we can eat here."

"We'll be here," I tell him, as he leaves. And, to Amber, "Lose the clothes, kitten."

He obeys, wary of his tail as he does, and I have him stretch out on his stomach on the bed. I kneel straddling his legs, my mind flitting back to our first time together, and start rubbing his shoulders gently, loosening the tight muscles. A little at a time, I work my way down his body, loving the silky fur down the centre of his back to the base of his tail—a tail he's keeping mistrustfully tucked against him in such a way that I can't possibly kneel on it or put a hand down on it. Other than that, he's relaxing into the attention, I know it's working when the first vibrations of purring tingle under my hands.

I finish, tell him to roll over, he stretches up to steal a long, deep kiss. I can't resist, I rearrange myself so I can comb my fingers through the fur of his groin, every bit as silky-soft, lean down to lick him into hardness. Not difficult at all, to pull the skin back with one hand, close my mouth around him firmly, as careful as always of my teeth. I love Amber's taste, I think I'm as addicted to it as some get to wine, I can't imagine declining a chance for it. I press my tongue against the sensitive spot just behind the underside of the head, linger there a moment, switch to working him deeper inside before I raise my head again, let go.

"Kirrriel not nice," he says mournfully. "Teasing afterr Amberrr's tail stepped on."

I chuckle to myself, but decide he's right, I shouldn't just tease. I take him in my mouth again, take my time, keep the rhythm slow. Amber's purring intensifies, culminates is a sort of rumbling rrrowling as he comes.

"Really," Taryn teases from the table. "That hungry, Kiriel?"

"Appetizer," I tell him tranquilly, sitting up. "Supper? We can see about dessert later."

Amber catches his breath, sits up, legs crossed tailor- fashion, eyes wide and sad. That changes abruptly, he tilts his head back to sniff the air. "Tarrryn...."

Taryn brings him one of three plates waiting on the table, and a fork and knife. In Corelis, there's a simple system: when you buy food, you get the plate or bowl, and when you return the dish you get a small amount of the price back. It works fairly well, in fact, better than I would have believed when I first came here.

Even I can smell it, now that I'm thinking about it: fish. Taryn found Amber's favourite food of all. He brings me a second plate, settles beside us on the bed with the third. I'm not often impressed by how city-dwellers treat fish, but in this case it's surprisingly tasty.

Amber disregards the utensils completely, tears the fish apart with his claws, doesn't bother finding the fork for the pasta stuff—I'm not sure what it is, but it's also good—on the side. It makes a terrible mess, but once he's finished he sets the plate down—licked spotless—and starts nibbling on his claws to clean them.

"Let's leave." I say suddenly, not even sure where the idea came from.

Amber pauses, looks at me blankly. "Hrrmm?"

"Corelis I mean. All three of us." What am I saying? I don't travel with anyone else! I've lost my mind! But my doubts don't stop my mouth from rattling on. "I can't really stay here anyway, I'm running out of money from my last job fast, and you wander, Taryn, and...."

"And I would not leave you now," Amber says decisively. "I wander too. Sometimes."

Taryn laughs softly, collects the dishes to leave the bed clear of everything but us. "It would seem to be decided. The company would be extremely pleasant."

"Quite," I agree. That's the worst part of wandering, the long lonely days.

We arrange ourselves on the bed to discuss plans and let dinner digest somewhat. We decide a time to leave, consider destinations and choose to roam southwards.

Amber starts stroking my thigh, absently, but it catches my attention.

"I think," I tell Taryn, "we should let Amber have whatever he wants tonight, since he had such a horrible day."

"Hmm. Yes, I think you're right, at that. Kitten?"

Amber sits up, thinks that over. "Hrrmm. Amber wants everything. All at once. Rrr-ya. I know."

It doesn't take us long to lose our clothes.

At Amber's request, I settle myself at the head of the bed, a pillow behind me so I can lean against the bars comfortably, and spread my legs so he can kneel between. He gives me one playful swipe of his tongue, and glances at Taryn. "Want you in me," he says.

That startles me, more than a little. Somehow I've been getting away this long without really thinking about what they might have done together without me. It must show, because Taryn looks at me and smiles, strokes Amber's back lightly, but doesn't say anything. He gets off the bed, crosses the room to dig briefly through his pack, returns with an opaque jar. Amber's already at work, my attention is definitely divided between sensation and something that feels suspiciously like curiosity. Well, we did say whatever Amber wants, so I'm not going to complain.

I'm not going to think about how turned-on I'm feeling suddenly, watching Taryn dip two fingers into the jar and smear a sizeable glob of thick whitish stuff up the centre of Amber's backside.... Careful of his tail, of course.

Mmm, feels good, that slightly rough and very quick tongue of Amber's is so wonderful. He shifts downwards a bit, licking at my juices hungrily-—there are times I think he likes my taste as much as I like his—his tongue probing inside a little at almost the same instant as Taryn slides a finger inside him; Amber's purring intensifies noticeably.

It's getting a little hard to concentrate, but I think he's stroking him inside, carefully, maybe loosening him up? More of that creamy stuff, this time slathered along the length of Taryn's cock, and the witch shifts forwards a bit. Amber gasps, I can feel it against my skin; he stops, goes very still.

"All right, kitten?" Taryn asks softly.

"Mmrrrr...." That sounds affirmative; Taryn takes it as such, it looks like. Damn, it's annoying, having to guess like this.

Amber resumes his attentions to me after a moment, as Taryn begins to ease himself backwards a bit, then forwards again—very gentle thrusts, presumably. I give up on watching, let my head fall back, just enjoying. Amber flicks his tongue over my clit, repeatedly, very fast, and I can feel the edge of a climax very close... he presses his mouth over it, licks hard, and that's enough to do it... Goddess, he always seems to manage to give me such intense orgasms....

A sudden whimper from Amber, followed by a pleased-sounding "Mrrrrow....." He shifts his weight away from me, towards Taryn. I raise my head, wondering what prompted that, but Taryn is quite still, breathing hard, eyes closed, his hands on Amber's lower back. His nails are digging into the skin perceptibly, but Amber doesn't seem to object.

"Not stop," Amber protests. I wonder how Taryn can comprehend it, since it's mostly into my thigh, but he does anyway.

"Patience, kitten...."

"No patience. Now."

Taryn smiles, runs his nails hard down Amber's back on either side of the furry part, which gets him another "Mrrowrrrr" from the mhaurri, and obeys.

Why is having Amber down on me and taken by Taryn at the same time so blessed erotic?

Satisfied that Taryn is doing as commanded, Amber returns to his own task. As aroused as I am by this point, it takes very little more on his part to send another wave of pleasure shivering through me, strong enough that I hear my own moan like it comes from somewhere else. And a low growling sound... that's not mine, is it? No, that's Taryn, he's coming too, and Amber's purring so hard that the vibrations alone are enough to trigger a third climax for me, right on the heels of the last, I didn't think that was possible.... Amber flicks his tongue over my clit again, and I moan, push him away, no more.... Taryn's shudders are reaching me through Amber, mirroring my own. That's funny, somehow.

"Kiriel?" Taryn says, a bit raggedly. "Can you reach the towel?"

Huh? Oh. Right, let's not mess up the bed too badly. I have to hunt for it by touch, it's half-under the bed, I really don't want to move. I find it and hand it to Taryn before I curl up on my side, waiting for my body to deal with the abrupt overload.

"Mmrrrrr," Amber purrs, sprawling on his side. "Fun...."

"Enough?" Taryn asks him, from somewhere beyond him, I'm not rolling over to see.

"Mmm... maybe."

I think, if I could find the energy, I'd like very much to have Amber inside me, but it's going to take me a minute to recover that far. I'm clear-minded enough to laugh to myself: what a wench you've become, Kiriel, anyone else would be satisfied with getting turned into quivering jelly just once in an evening.

Neither of them seems minded to move much at the moment anyway.

"Amberr feels betterr now," Amber says contentedly, after a few minutes. "Tail doesn't hurrt any morre, even."

"Good," I say. "Feel like doing one more thing?"

"Hrrmm? Surre. What?"

I roll over on my back. "C'mere, you."

Taryn, I discover, is lying on Amber's other side; he sits up, leans over to helpfully lick our mhaurri nice and hard.

Mmm, feels so good to have him in me, I'm so wet after everything that it's very easy for him. Taryn looks like he's considering helping; I tell him stay where he is, I don't think I can handle anything more right now. Amber starts gently; I have no patience for that.

"Hard," I tell him.

He complies, closes his mouth around one of my breasts, tongue flicking busily at the nipple while he takes me with as much force as I've ever felt from him. I whimper, clench my hands in the blanket below us. He pauses, very briefly, switches to my other breast.

Unsurprisingly, it doesn't take him long to come, and I'm just as happy that I didn't again—the sensation was wonderful enough, the overload would have been too much.

Taryn hands us the towel.

"I think," he says, softly, not quite laughing, "That Kiriel enjoys the idea of us together, kitten."

"Mmrrr... I think so, too." He gives my left nipple a last teasing flick before coiling himself against my side.

I feel myself flush, but I smile anyway. "Could be." I'm just not sure I'm ready to admit that yet.

We decide to just rest for now, but when I notice we're all getting close to falling asleep I suggest we get properly cleaned up and go to bed.

Both agree. I sit up, manage to find my balance once my feet are on the floor. Amber squalls indignantly behind me, I spin around, and lose what balance I had, sit down hard.

Amber's glowering at Taryn, cuddling his tail against him defensively.

"What...?" I think I already know.

"Tarryn put his hand down. On Amberr's tail!" Only a cat could sound so utterly offended.

Taryn looks at me, a bit sheepishly, I look back, and much to Amber's disgust... we both break up laughing.


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