Taryn (Catseyes 3)

A further continuation. X, FMM 1994

I was born, milady Kiriel, in ri'Shalhas. Have you heard of it? We are little known, being only an island, albeit a large one, to the west of here. We keep to ourselves, for the most part, and have little conflict within. A very wonderful place, my homeland is.

You have mages here, you know how some are born with gifts in manipulating energy. In ri'Shalhas, we have no mages of the sort you have here; rather, we've witches. Hm, how to explain. Imagine a mage and a witch each needing a task done by, oh, a bird. The mage would simply bind the first bird in reach and force it into obedience. The witch would speak to as many as necessary until finding one which agreed to help willingly. Mages seek to dominate nature and have power over it; witches prefer to share power with the land and the wild ones.

Yes, m'lady, you are quite correct, I am a witch. The blanket covering us when we woke yestermorn I wove out of wind and moonlight. Look not so wary, it would go against all I am to use my gifts to harm anyone.

My mother is witch as well. When she first found me talking to an animal—an otter, in fact, I was asking it what it was like to swim so free—she began to teach me. While I do have other talents, we soon discovered that my strongest gifts lie in Healing. My mother is more adept in other areas, so she sent me to a Healer who could train me properly. That training would be of little interest to you, suffice it to say that it was very hard work but well worth it.

As much as I love my home, the eternal peace grows... monotonous, after a time, and not long after I finished my training I left. Oh, I said it was because there were more Healers in ri'Shalhas than were needed, that my skills would be of more use outside, but the heart of it was simply boredom. Yes, I can see you would understand that reason—it shows in your eyes, you needn't say it. So I found a ship, and left ri'Shalhas, with many a tear shed both by my kin and myself.

Oh, so very innocent I was then! In ri'Shalhas there is little danger, no need for doors to be locked or a knife to be kept near. Only luck, I'm sure, kept me out of trouble during my first few days on the mainland. For the most part out of trouble, at least, there were a few incidents that are still somewhat embarassing—stop that smirking, kitten—that I would prefer to forget.

I had a room in an inn, that I later discovered I was paying far more for than I should have, the keeper having spotted me as naive enough to fall prey to it. I was somewhat bewildered by this concept of locking the door, but I did, regardless. My senses are very sharp, and... you would know, I think, how being on unfamiliar ground and uneasy can sharpen one's senses still further. I heard the window swing, while I slept, and woke, expecting the wind, one more harmless sound like the handful of others that had already disturbed me. Not this time. I think you know already, knowing our kitten there. I opened my eyes to see Amber on his way over the sill, tail twitching like a cat's does when she's stalking some unfortunate creature. I laid still, and just watched him, waiting to see what he'd do. He went prowling around, very quietly, had I not been so nervy I might never have noticed him at all. He went through all of my belongings, and I expected him to take something and leave. Truth, I may well have let him without challenging, on grounds that he had greater need than I.

Simply steal something? No, Amber could not be so ordinary a thief as to do that. He came over to the bed, and circled 'round, and I could feel the weight as he settled himself at the foot on the far edge. Behind me. And he was quite still, as only a waiting cat can be.

This was decidedly unsettling. I had a knife under my pillow, my past few days had made me somewhat paranoid, and I rolled over and sat up with the dagger in my hand, and demanded to know what he wanted, what was he doing here.

He just looked at me, those eyes of his catching the moonlight from the window, and said, "You make Amber curious, so Amber came." This, as I'm sure you can imagine, was hardly an answer I expected.

Thank you for that flattering description, Amber, I do not think I stared at you like a stunned ox. However, startled I certainly was, and I could think of nothing to say for what seemed like forever.

Amber sighed, waved at my knife-hand. "Put knife away, I will not hurt you." He grinned at me--yes, that very same grin --and said, "Then Amber could not find out where you come from. Doesn't matter, will ask tomorrow."

"Why tomorrow?" I asked him.

"Night is for other things, and I like you."

You've heard that one, to judge from your expression. I had no idea what he meant. Oh, I was no virgin, I'd a lady or two on ri'Shalhas, and same-sex pairings are common enough to cause no stir as they do in some mainland areas, but that was the last thing on my mind at that moment.

Yes, Amber, I stared at you quite blankly again, wondering what other things you meant. In true Amber fashion, he moved so he was kneeling in front of me, and kissed me. That made it perfectly clear, Amber's kisses being what they are, but I was still more than a little off-balance. I had no time to argue, Amber's clothes were on the floor in less time than I would have believed possible.

I think it would be best simply to say that Amber was as fond then of giving pleasure as he is now, and it was a most... educational night, and for the first time I truly understood how two males, whatever the race, can find pleasure in each other. No, kitten, we are not going to demonstrate.

The rest of the tale is simple enough—he was there still when I woke, and proved the mhaurri reputation for curiosity. He heard enough that he decided to adopt me, and teach me about the mainland. I think it was a little over a month that he stayed, and then he disappeared, and left no trail I could follow. I left that city, a port north of here, and began my wanderings. Here, after nearly two years of wondering where Amber was, if he was well, wishing I could thank him, I walk the market and come across none other, changed not at all. The rest you know.

* * *

I find Taryn's tale fascinating, and I'm no longer sure which of these wonderful creatures I share bed and pleasure with is the more exotic. It scarcely matterly, I have both and have no need to choose either. Such predatory thoughts; I can't help but grin to myself. Mine.

Then it occurs to me to wonder just how old Amber really is, if he looked two years ago as he does now, but I know him too well to bother asking.

Old enough, certainly.

Amber gives me a canny look. "What are you thinking, Kirrriel?"

That I'm alone in my room with these two gorgeous males, that we're all sprawled on my bed half-dressed and somewhat close since the bed isn't that large, the delicious scent of them both, the memory of our... adventures last night and yesterday and the night before, how much I was enjoying learning about these two....

I gather myself, pounce on Taryn, the easier to reach. He makes a small startled sound, flops onto his back with me over him, holding his wrists against the bed on either side of his head.


"Indeed," he says, smiling. "That you do. Now what do you intend to do with me?"

"Play with you," Amber says gleefully. He wriggles around so he can remove Taryn's pants for him, I move to one side to make it easier but don't let go of Taryn. He's taller than me by a little, true, and built about the same, but I doubt he'd find it easy to escape if he tried. He doesn't.

Amber settles himself so he can reach Taryn's cock, bats at it gently, playfully, like a cat with a new toy. I wince to myself, praying that Amber doesn't hurt him and end tonight's amusements rather abruptly, but Taryn doesn't seem to object. Instead, he moans softly, squirms a bit without making any real effort to escape.

Inspiration strikes.

"Move up," I order Taryn, and he obeys—Amber squalls in protest. I wrap my hands around Taryn's, make him close his around two of the vertical bronze bars at the head of the bed. "Don't let go."

"I won't."

Amber moves closer again, dips his head to lick Taryn's balls lightly, gets an answering gasp.

I position myself on the other side, use one hand to steady Taryn's rapidly-hardening shaft, and begin to run my tongue firmly up and down along the top. Amber watches for a few strokes, then grins and mirrors it on the bottom. It takes us a minute to get properly in synch, but when we do Taryn's almost-inaudible moans climb in volume.

This, I decide, is extremely fun. I don't even have to worry about my jaw beginning to ache, and every so often Amber slips sideways to kiss me or lick my ear. I return the favour, although every interruption tears a low whimper from Taryn. I can feel the gentle vibrations of Amber's purring, wonder how intense this must feel for Taryn, both of us at once, and one a purring mhaurri.

The timing is just right, once, Amber and I find ourselves kissing each other passionately over Taryn, and I feel him run a hand, claws barely extended, from my throat to the centre of my chest. There's not enough pressure to hurt, but certainly enough that I can feel the wetness between my legs.

Taryn's increasingly ragged breathing warns us; we pause.

"Should we finish it?" I ask.

"Hrrmm. Maybe," Amber says thoughtfully, but there's a wicked gleam in his eyes as he glances up the bed at Taryn. "Could be more fun not."

"Please?" Taryn says.

"I don't know," I tell him. "Maybe Amber's right. It may be better to wait."

"Please?" he repeats, his tone a little closer to begging. Not demanding, though. "Kiriel, Amber, please...."


"'Tis not nice to tease Tarrryn," Amber says contritely. "We should."

We argue briefly over who gets to swallow when we get him to come; Taryn's squirming around impatiently by then, but he doesn't release his hold on the bars, doesn't say another word. He looks so miserable, but I'm somehow quite sure he's enjoying the wait and the frustration.

Definitely unlike any man I've ever known.

Finally, we decide to have mercy on him.

Keep the pressure firm, keep my tongue against his delicious skin every second, match rhythm with Amber... Taryn's very slippery with saliva, by now, it makes it a little easier. He shudders, as Amber pauses for just a heartbeat to flick the head of his cock with his tongue before resuming as if he'd never interrupted. A bit harder, still steadying him with my hand so he doesn't slip away on us, neither of us sneaking kisses or nibbles now.

Taryn groans, not loudly, in fact I've yet to hear him loud about anything, and Amber closes his mouth around him, still slides him in and out even as Taryn's hips buck violently hard. Our witch relaxes, struggling to catch his breath, twitching a couple of times—I judge those to be caused by Amber. The mhaurri raises his head, carefully, keeping his lips together, and beckons me nearer. I lean over and kiss him, and he opens his mouth, and I taste Taryn, Amber, both at once, so very sweet.

"I sharrre," Amber laughs.

"Mmm. Tastes good." I stretch out beside Taryn, lick his nearer nipple. He shudders again, hard, and glares at me. I just smile innocently at him—and do it again, timing it so I match Amber on his other side.

"Stop that!"

I laugh, curl up against him, Amber does the same. I reach up, loosen his hand from the bar, and pull it around me; he does the same with his other arm of his own will, around Amber. So comfortable here.

We take a few minutes to rest, there's no hurry. There's Amber's satisfaction and mine waiting yet, though, and neither of us is about to settle for less.

Taryn pulls carefully away from Amber, rolls over and moves down, nudges my legs apart. I'm hardly about to say no; he runs his tongue upwards, deep, and I hear my own soft moan.

"Amber," Taryn says. "You get the other end."

Amber purrs agreement—it's more like a brief change in volume and pitch than any separate sound. Taryn has me shift towards the bottom of the bed, not so far that he can't reach me, but far enough that Amber has room to kneel over me, his back to Taryn, using the top bar of the bed for balance. I reach for him with a hand, but he seizes my wrists, pulls them up and away, hold them. No doubt about the meaning there. It's trickier, trying to do this with no hands, and with Taryn distracting me quite effectively—oh, Goddess, when he nibbles like that, very very gently, right on my clit—but I do my best, eagerly. It takes me a moment to capture him in my mouth, work it in deeper, out again—not all the way, I don't intend to go chasing it again. My neck starts to feel strained from the angle; I pause, reluctantly yielding my hard-won prize, and request a pillow.

"Don't move," Amber tells me, and positions one carefully under my head. "Betterr?"

"Thank you. Get back here, you."

He laughs, resettles himself within reach.

I have to catch him again, much to his obvious amusement, before I can start sucking hungrily. In and out... I'm sure I've said before, Amber is small enough that I have no trouble taking all of him, something that pleases me a great deal. I have him purring harder, punctuating it with occasional whimpering sounds, very soon—just before Taryn makes me climax the first time, in fact. I recover from that, continue, I can feel the tautness in Amber that means he's right on the edge and near the point of no return... he shudders, comes, I close my lips tightly around him and suck hard to make sure I haven't missed a drop. I haven't even had a chance to swallow before I'm climaxing again, with a wonderful intensity, the combination of that with the taste in my mouth is bliss.

Amber moves; I sit up, careful not to open my mouth yet, and motion Taryn up. In the kiss that follows, I pass him part of my prize. He accepts it, savours it a moment before swallowing it. I can taste my own juices on his lips, somehow very erotic, but it's been a long day and I'm too tired for any more play now. Amber coils himself into his familiar furry ball, plainly also intent on sleep.

"I think," Taryn said softly, "that it's time for bed."

"Looks like it."

We coax Amber over on his back long enough to wipe him clean with a small towel, then clean each other up.

For a while Taryn and I talk, but Amber is asleep in moments.

I fall asleep with Amber against my belly, Taryn against my back with an arm over us both, black skin against tanned skin and tawny fur. So very comfortable here....


(c) 03/94, last revised 02/02