Well Met By Moonlight (Catseyes 2)

A sequel since I had so much fun. X, FMM 1994


I know that voice.

I glance towards it. Amber grins at me, the pupils of his eyes contracted into narrow slits against the brightness of the marketplace; the afternoon sun makes his tawny fur shine.

I'm getting more than a little fond of the rascal. A handful of times, now, he's shown up with no warning, and I can't recall any lover I'd choose over him. I can see, very clearly in my mind, Amber sprawled naked on my bed when I opened my door, waiting as patiently as a cat by a mousehole; I can almost feel the gentle kisses that woke me a few nights ago. He chooses when, though; I can never find him, he comes to me.

"I don't have any time right now, cat," I tell him regretfully. Even though roaming the market with him would be more fun than a job interview. "I'm due somewhere in a few minutes."

He shrugs. "I've things to see to as well. I only wanted to tell you... rrecall you the place I showed you, by the rriverr? I will be therre tonight, if you wish to come."

Oh? This is a new approach. I catch him for a quick kiss. "Sunset?"

He grins again. "Sunset," he promises, and disappears into the crowd—probably to pick a few pockets. * * *

Amber's "place by the river" is some distance from the city proper. The river, which bears Corelis' name, joins the sea a mile or so to the north and west along a coastline equal parts barren rock and fertile ground. During Amber's third or fourth visit, he lured me outside, to a beautiful little glen bordered on three sides by forest and on the fourth by water, with only an almost-invisible deer-track leading to it.

Truth, the idea of spending the night in the company of my mhaurri thief is more pleasant even than usual; that interview with a prospective employer was nothing shy of infuriating. As much as Corelis has to offer, I am rapidly losing the last of my patience with the merchant class that controls the city.

However, there's no need to hurry. Simply being outside the walls with the leisure to enjoy the colours of the sunset is somewhat too rare a treat of late. The forest, as the sun yields to the moons, has been among my favourite places since I was a child. What, I wonder, is Amber planning, that he wouldn't wait in the city for me, that we could walk together?

My happy musings of anticipation are interrupted by the sound of Amber purring somewhere ahead, quite loud enough for it to carry.

If I'm here, what's making him purr?

I switch to moving as stealthily as I can, which is very, and I can see through the screen of trees before anyone is aware of my presence.

Amber is there, with another, so dark as to be another of the gathering shadows, but apparently nuzzling at Amber's neck.

Instant, intense, possessive jealousy. I calm myself as much as I can, remind myself that Amber can do as he likes, but why did he tell me to come here if he intended to be with someone else?

I step out of the trees, say his name, forcing my tone to be quiet, questioning, not accusative.

He pulls away from his companion to half-turn and face me, gives me one of those smiles that seem to say, you're here, I couldn't be happier. "Good evening, Kirrriel."

The thought crosses my mind, ridiculous in the situation, that I will someday convince him to just say my name, not purr it.

"A new friend?" I ask, carefully neutral; said friend also turns, but I'm less than interested in that, I want an answer from Amber.

"An old frriend, new-come to Correlis." He tilts his head to one side, one more of those captivating habits of his, regards me thoughtfully before the smile comes back. "You forrgot."

"What did I forget?" What could I have forgotten?

"When we last werre herre. You said you had neverr been with more than one, and you thought you'd like to. I prromised."

Now the memory registers, a bit late, of lying here with Amber in the moonlight, and wondering aloud, wistfully, what a trio would be like. Amber did indeed promise to arrange it....

"You forrgot," he repeats, not a question this time, a statement. "This be Tarryn."

Finally I get around to looking at his companion, who seems amused by the exchange.

Blessed Lady.

All I can think is, Midwinter's Night come to living flesh. Everything about him is that dark—hair, skin, the eyes that he raises to meet mine—and has that same kind of beauty, very real, yet as potentially dangerous as the creatures who stalk the darkest night of the year. Even the leathers he's wearing, like any fighter might choose, are utter black.

This is not someone you want to have angry at you....

He's smiling welcome, though, moving aside enough to leave room for me between them on the black cloak spread on the grass. What am I going to do but accept the invitation and settle myself in the space they've left me?

"You did not tell me if you like yourr own sex," Amber explains. "I thought you would like Tarryn, and he you."

He's so serious, and I'm suddenly so nervy, that I want to laugh; could he not have warned me at least?

Taryn chuckles softly. "Lady, I fear I've the advantage of you. Amber, since we found one another again yestereve, has been telling me about you at length and with such enthusiasm that I could not bear to tell him no. I had thought I made it clear he was to ask you first," he frowns at Amber, who just grins, completely unfazed. "However, who can talk sense into a cat of any breed?"

I relax, somewhat; it would be a lie to say that the idea of being with both at once doesn't fascinate me, and my body is beginning to respond to the images playing through my thoughts. Amber shifts position, starts rubbing my shoulders, virtually radiating impatience.

"Talk laterr," he suggests. "Get undrressed now."

"Mad kitten," Taryn tells him affectionately. "Not everyone prefers that order." With one hand under my chin, he tilts my face up to his, kisses me gently. "The choice lies in your hands, Kiriel," he says gravely. "Which do you prefer?"

Somehow, I manage to shake off my shock, and smile. "This time, I think, Amber has the right of it."

"This time," Amber mutters in disgust, and Taryn laughs again.

Amber starts unfastening and removing anything in reach on any of the three of us, with his usual directness; Taryn is more willing to take his time, as gentle and careful as he might be with a complete virgin. I'm not used to that, it feels a little strange, but I decide I like it. Under treatment like that the last traces of my unease vanish. By the time Taryn and I have lost the last of our clothes, Amber is fidgeting restlessly.

"Patience, kitten," Taryn tells him. "We've the whole night, there's no hurry."

"Why be patient?" He dips his head to lick one of my nipples; I'm not ready for it right then, I gasp. Taryn chooses that moment to kiss me again, and suddenly I have one at my lips, one at my chest, both equally passionate about their tasks. Carefully, Amber pushes me down, Taryn steadying me before I can crack my head on the ground, and I'm lying on my back with two of the sexiest males of any race that I've ever seen intent on me, one at each breast. Goddess, it feels good, I think I could lie right here forever and let them do that....

Amber starts to wander, though, downwards, across my stomach—he's in no hurry at this—quick mhaurri tongue teasing every nerve alive and awake and screaming with need. He nudges my legs apart, buries his face between them, and all the while Taryn is nibbling at my throat, breath warm against my skin.... I can hear myself moaning, Taryn pauses to press a kiss to my lips, I reach up to hold him there, delighted with the taste of him. Too soon, I think, he pulls gently away, but he returns to my nipples and I stop thinking anything but pleasure. Amber is purring again, I can feel the vibrations as he licks hungrily at my juices—and freely they must be flowing, too! He moves upwards, tongue flicking directly across my clit now, and I feel every muscle in my body clench as intense pleasure shivers through me, gone too quickly.

"Enough," I beg them both, this is too much.

Amber laughs merrily, sits up. "You like that?"

Taryn laughs, too, more quietly. "A silly question, I think, kitten."

"Very... very... much," I tell them, struggling to catch my breath. "Just... give me a minute."

"Certainly," Taryn says. "I think we can amuse ourselves while you rest."

Amber grins, repositions himself so he can nuzzle at Taryn's groin. This is something new for me to see, and as ragged as I feel I roll over to watch. Taryn stops him briefly, rearranges himself lying down, and Amber pounces again; it quickly becomes rather obvious that Amber knows what he's doing. Taryn, I notice, is about average size or a little larger, but that doesn't stop Amber from gradually working him deep into his throat. Much to Taryn's pleasure; he's moaning now almost as much as I was a few minutes ago. I suppose the vibrations from Amber's purring must add as much to this as it does when Amber's working on me, and of course the incorrigible cat is still purring madly away. It looks like Amber's sliding him all the way in, pausing, out so only the head is still in his mouth, and judging by Taryn's reactions during the pause there he's putting that blessed feline tongue to good use.

Amber stops before Taryn climaxes, though, and straightens, stretching. "Fun."

"Very," Taryn says, a bit breathlessly, sitting up so he can lean on one arm, legs pulled under him.

For a moment, there's relative silence; it occurs to me that they might be waiting for me to decide what next. What do I want?

I want them inside me, is what I want, and I tell them that.

"Both at once?" Taryn asks. "Or in turn, or in truth only one?"

"Both, but not together. I've... tried anal before. I'd rather not."

He nods, kisses me again.

Amber settles himself between my legs again, and I close my eyes, intent on the sensation of him easing himself into me, beginning to thrust, carefully at first, then less so. Taryn leans down, I barely register the movement before he's at my throat, nuzzling and licking. He gets gradually rougher, until he's biting hard enough to hurt; by this time I don't care, the combination of Amber taking me and Taryn biting me is absolute bliss, all I can do is moan and whimper. My body keeps trying to writhe around, but Taryn pins my shoulders without faltering for even a second, and Amber's hands are on my thighs, holding me, and I can't even move....I feel Amber come, feel my own climax only a heartbeat after, as intense as any I've ever had.

There's only the briefest of respites, before they trade places. "Still more?" Taryn asks. He sounds like he's amused.

"More. Now," I growl at him. He obeys.

He's larger than Amber, I feel considerably more full. His strokes reach noticeably deeper, as well. A wild thought occurs to me—keep Amber for his tongue and this one for his cock, and I'd be forever satisfied. Amber closes his mouth around one of my breasts, already senitive from the earlier stimulation, begins to suck hard while Taryn thrusts inside me. I don't expect him to last long, not after Amber's attentions earlier, but he surprises me; a time or two he pauses, holds still, his breathing as ragged as mine, and continues after a moment with renewed force. I think I'll be sore for a week, but it's worth it, utterly. It seems like an eternity before I feel him shudder against me, spilling his seed deep inside me. He stays there, I want him to, but then he pulls out, and I feel so empty....

Amber pounces, deftly cleaning up any juices he can get—mine or Taryn's or his own, impartially—from inside me. "Cannot waste it," he purrs, between licks. In the process, he succeeds at sending me into another orgasm—deliberately, I'm sure, and very strongly. I push him away, trembling, aware of Taryn curling up beside me but grateful that he doesn't try to touch me, the overload is too much.

Laughing to himself, Amber coils himself into a furry ball on my other side, also not touching. Watching me, I can feel it without looking, those greengold eyes catching the moonlight and seeing me clearly.

"Taryn?" I venture, once I feel more normal, if exhausted.


"Staying in Corelis long?"

He chuckles. "I wander where I please. I need not leave soon."

"Oh, good."

"And you werre mad at Amberrr when you firrst saw Tarrryn herre," Amber said smugly, his 'r's badly slurred. "Trrust Amberrr, next time, hrrmm?"

"Promise," I say, and realize suddenly just how badly I want to sleep.

The last thing I'm aware of that night is Taryn's gentle kiss.


(c) 02/94, last revised 02/02