In Enville (resident families: Alexeiev, Fontana, Nicodemos, Yasuo)



Lera's sensitive (formerly Evan)

Teodor, greenhouse owner

Larkspur, Teodor's sensitive

Foxglove, Teodor's sensitive

the Enville Alexeiev Patriarch


the Enville Fontana Patriarch


Andreas, legal expert

Topaz, Andreas' sensitive (formerly Jax)

Veritas, Andreas' sensitive (deceased)

Phyllida, Andreas' sister, mathematician

Zephyr, Phyllida's sensitive

Elias and Xenia, Phyllida's pre-teen children, living with their grandmother

Luna, Andreas and Phyllida's mother's sensitive

Pelagia, the Enville Nicodemos Matriarch, Andreas' aunt


the Enville Yasuo Matriarch

In Trebury (resident families: Donovan, Ingemar, Kalindi, Santiago, Vladislav)

free sensitives:

Miranda, Randi to friends, a sensitive with a big family

Flora, mother of Randi, Claire (who has a baby), Trey, Dex, works in a bakery early mornings

Jenny, Flora's sister, mother of Denise (who has a baby), Emily, Gloria, works swing/second shift

Kirk, Heather, Gil, and others, nomadic sensitives

Jonathan, an ex-nomadic sensitive who runs errands for Van

Hal, an ex-nomadic sensitive who runs errands for Grania


(note: partial family tree shown below)

Rory, better known as Van, a mental health professional

Brennan, Van's uncle, who likes getting his hands dirty

Oblique, Brennan's sensitive

Aiden, who studies European history, Brennan's cousin

Sage, Aiden's sensitive

Neely, Aiden's niece, living with him until she achieves Master status, uncommonly physical

Elspeth, the Trebury Donovan Matriarch, Aiden's mother

Angel, Elspeth's sensitive

Grania, Shvaughn's youngest daughter, who runs a restaurant and Cornucopia

Unity, Grania's sensitive, who helps with the restaurant

Meta, Grania's sensitive, who looks after Grania's young twin children

Kerry, who enjoys theatre, Van's mother and Brennan's eldest sister

Tinker, her sensitive (formerly Richard)

Nairn, Aiden's younger brother, co-founder of York House

Oona, Aiden's youngest sister, Neely's mother

Calum and Emer, Oona's teenaged children, Neely's siblings

Shvaughn, who enjoys visual arts, Grania's mother and Brennan's middle sister

Azure, Shvaughn's sensitive

Trebury Donovan family tree


Lars, a mage interested in investments

Olaf, a mage biologist with an interest in sensitives

the Trebury Ingemar Matriarch


Maya, a mage who co-founded York House

Karma, Maya's sensitive

?, Maya's sensitive


Vasanta, the Trebury Kalindi Patriarch


Benita, the Trebury Santiago Matriarch


Irenka, a mage who wants a baby

Piotr, a mage with a concussion

the Trebury Vladislav Patriarch


Zach, a psychologist who founded a counselling clinic and hired Van

Hayley, a behavioural science tech who works at the clinic and deals with abuse cases

Beth, the office manager of the clinic

In Dewfield (resident families: Eldridge, Gauthier, Ingemar)

Lila, a nomadic sensitive



Wesley, Catherine's cousin

Catherine's grandmother

Dulcimer, the sensitive of Catherine's grandmother

Trice and Zeus, the sensitives of Catherine's nominal aunts

the Dewfield Eldridge Matriarch


the Dewfield Gauthier Patriarch


the Dewfield Ingemar Matriarch

Between cities (hunters)


Victoria Eldridge

Faisal Hashim


Elena Nicodemos

Brock Eldridge


Felipe Santiago

Yvette Gauthier


Connor Donovan, Shvaughn's son, a marine biologist who lives in the Maritimes

Ysolde Donovan, Shvaughn's daughter, an ecologist and activist in northern Ontario

Willow, Ysolde's sensitive

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