Who's Who

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Kisea, once Shimai, a renegade half-siren telepath and mindhealer

Matt (Matthian Jordan), a quarter-alasir Sixth-level sorcerer, Jordan's High Warden of the Peace

Kian, Matt's half-alasir cousin, a fighter who likes the wilderness

Shon (Shonalthan Telsea), Matt and Kian's alasir cousin, disowned by Telsea, a swordsman with other skills

Jori, a stormhawk who made a bargain with Matt and Kian

In Elmford

Arilai, a siren-blood harlot

Petra, a siren-blood municipal clerk

Wilmot Tanner, a married man

In Eyrie and Malachite

Aivynne, Kian's alasir-blood friend, and her siren-blood husband

Rylina, a young siren-blood who had a bad experience, and her mother

Vaelynne, a mixed-blood girl who needs an escort to Malachite, and her father

At the ferry

Hugh, a human ferryman

Alfeo, a siren-blood telepath

Melienne, an alasir Fourth-level sorceress

Trinai, a siren-blood telepath

Ursula, a human Fifth-level sorceress

At Jordan Manor, and other Jordans

Rob, Lord Jordan

Kara, Lady Jordan

Kallima, their eldest daughter, who likes horses

Tobin, their only son, Jordan Heir

Adelia, their youngest daughter

Alina Jordan, a fighter and escort, who saved Caalden

Jai, a fighter and escort, Alina's half-alasir husband

Chris Jordan, a fighter and escort, who abdicated in favour of Rob

Lorienne, a weaver, Chris' alasir wife, previously of House Telsea

Elric, Manor relay telepath

Joanna, Manor sorceress

At the College and in Perifaithe

Brylain, Matt's roommate ten years ago, human telepath

Fala, Kisea's roommate ten years ago, mer sorceress

Hamo, Matt's classmate ten years ago

Garrick Thursten, human Perifaithe relay telepath

Nitarai, an outspoken siren-blood telepath student

Olisai Liriu, siren-alasir lifewitch

The Joint Assembly

Etanynne, siren-alasir lifewitch, Speaker for the Assembly

Biserai Gevinu, siren-blood telepath, once Kisea's teacher

Chimo Efisu, siren-blood telepath

Doria, telepath

Idella, human telepath (telekinetic)

Gossethien, alasir-blood sorcerer

Honora Drazen, human sorceress

Parvynne, alasir-blood sorceress

Baldwin, sorcerer

Zayn, sorcerer, possibly mer

unnamed: male Southerner telepath, female lifewitch, male lifewitch

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