Note: those mentioned in the Quicksilver Sphynx but not appearing in the main text are not listed

Jesse, our hero

In Haven:


Kevin, an elvenmage with a troubled past

Deanna, a dryad kitchen-witch who is loyal to her friends

Bane, an alpha wolf

Cynthia, a witch with an affinity for air , who acquires a feline friend, Hob

Flynn, a seer, originally from Scarborough, lives alone with his mother Isleen


Evaline, an alpha bitch

Liam, a dryad healer, Deanna's cousin

Nick, a witch with an affinity for water, who acquires a feline friend, Malta

Sonja, a human with an unusual set of psychic gifts


Bryan, a wolf, Bane's brother, Sam's closest friend and roommate

Naomi, a blind witch with an affinity for earth, who has a husky familiar/guide dog, Gwyn

Lori, an elvenmage, Kevin's cousin

Solitary friends of Sundark-Winter-Dandelion:

Samantha, whose past is a mystery, and who has a feline friend, Alfari

Gisela, a dryad healer, Deanna's sister

Caitryn, a wolf bitch


Rebecca, an alpha bitch with social claustrophobia

Karl, a wolf

Moira, an elvenmage

Avryl, a witch addicted to esoteric books

Duayne, an elf who studies questionable subjects

Others in Haven:

Tomas, an elvenmage Adept, Kevin's teacher, who runs the Brewery

Katherine, an elvenmage Adept, of Coven Firedrake

Claudia and Nyssa, full-time waitresses at the Brewery

Sylvia, Rebecca's aunt

Adam, bank manager

Mandisa, dryad healer and Haven's official doctor

Zarah, in Coven Helix, one of Deanna and Gisela's parents

Outside of Haven:

Shaine, Jesse's friend and roommate in the city

Aindry, a homeless alpha bitch

Jaisan, Aindry's brother

Patrick Lucian, a solitary elvenmage with questionable priorities

Troy, a dryad who isn't where he should be

Wynne, a runaway elf

Jake, a high school sports star with a major vulnerability

Pamela, a woman who attracts the wrong sort of man

Lew, Shaine's cousin, not seen in years

Dena Kore-Tremayne, an alpha bitch widowed with three children

Floria, a motherly dryad in Falias who offers hospitality

Ian, an alpha wolf, in Floria's coven

Wren, a human healer, in Floria's coven

various demons including Sikial

various predators

various cats

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