Listen to Moonblood

You can now listen to me reading Moonblood, and other work! Drop by Prysmcat Books on YouTube or look below for links to download in mp3 format. Please don’t upload these to other sites. If you think they’re worth sharing, I’d really rather you directed people here or over to YouTube. Then they can find new material as it comes out! Files are currently stored on Google Drive. If this turns out to be a problem for people I’ll look into other options. Click on the link and Google will open it, and you can listen to it from there (your current set-up allowing) or click the downward-pointing arrow to download it to your device or computer.



Beginnings 1 (12 Aug 2017)
Beginnings 2 (14 Aug 2017)
Beginnings 3 (16 Aug 2017)
Beginnings 4 (18 Aug 2017)
Beginnings 5 (20 Aug 2017)
Beginnings 6 (21 Aug 2017)


Meetings 1 (23 Aug 2017)
Meetings 2 (24 Aug 2017)

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