Return 24

“Talir’s up,” Kieran said. “Not much longer.” Lysandra nodded. “Juro? You’re sure about this?” “I’m looking forward to it.” The stringed instrument cradled in his arms was unfamiliar to Lysandra, but that hardly mattered. “I’ve picked up some Enodian songs over the years, and I can improvise backup. Especially with such inspiration.” Lysandra smiled at him. A night spent in deep communion with Sahen had done a great deal to heal Juro’s apprehension, and despite moments of nerves, he really was rather charming. Of course, that was frequently true of musicians in many cultures, and she had no intention of

Return 23 pt3

(chapter continued from previous post) “It led,” Lysandra said to the others, “to the queen complaining to her parents, who were understandably displeased. Enodia nearly ended up at war. Which was avoided by removing everyone involved from power, crowning the first Diamantian king, sending the former queen home with a rather large pay-off drawn from the property of the families involved, and apologizing profusely. What that did to the economy was less destructive than a war would have been.” “They were rather poor and self-absorbed rulers, wary of new ideas and lacking in compassion,” Demetrios said. “Enodia has done far

Return 23 pt2

I’m so sorry about the delay – life got away from me for a bit! But while I’m talking anyway… Return is obviously winding down. I’d very much like to hear about what you thought of this story and of the rest. What I do next about Moonblood is still up in the air and it would help me decide. Thanks! ~Steph (chapter continued from previous post) At dusk, they felt little guilt about turning people away, and sending them to the great houses that had been opened or to the temple and other locations the previous Brides were offering

Return 23 pt1

They found, at their camp, at least thirty or forty people other than Onyeka and, presumably, the other Brides. Tyrel saw a very young woman wearing only a skirt, her breasts bare and showing a pattern of tattooed dots, wrap a blanket around a woman who was sitting on the ground gingerly, as though it might move again. Enitan was carefully removing a pot from the fire and replacing it with a fresh one, and he took the heated one to a middle-aged woman who was cleaning a scalp injury for a man with blood masking half his face. A

Return 22 pt3

(chapter continued from previous post) THIS ENDS NOW! NO ONE DIES! THERE HAS BEEN TOO MUCH DEATH, TOO MUCH BLOOD, TOO MUCH GRIEF! We did not create our children for this! Lirit wanted her children to have a strong connection with the wilderness and with animal life. Sahen wanted her children to lead and inspire and to build bridges between individuals and cultures alike. Sanur wanted her children to be protectors and defenders and guardians. Meyar wanted her children to explore the wonders great and small of the world and share that with others. Talir wanted simply for her children