We’re long past the original planned release date, due to discovering a couple of major issues requiring extensive reworking plus various household disruptions interfering. But it’s still coming, as of June 2018, I’m just hesitant to venture a date!

A dark urban fantasy novel

Note: Lamia does contain some “mature content” – I don’t believe the violence or sex are gratuitous, but they are there (along with various explorations of power, freedom, trust, love, gender, growth, and change). It is a DARK fantasy, after all. Call it a non-undead vampire novel with a few twists, if you like.

Christian’s family have a natural ability to manipulate energy and to see beings that are usually invisible or at least not perceived as they are. They aren’t, however, the only witches in the world or even in the area. When his Scottish-born mother wants to return to her family, and her husband and his father decide to go with her, Christian is left as guardian of the house and library that have belonged to their family for generations.

Not alone, however. His mother and grandfather leave him with a roommate, Mark, an apparently normal human around his own age, with instructions to ask Mark for help if he gets into trouble. The first time that happens, Christian learns that Mark’s male human side is only one aspect, the other being a powerful, dark, sensual and often bloodthirsty lamia called Alexandra, who agreed to trade backing Christian up for a place to live. Initially treating it as a purely practical arrangement, Alexandra finds herself growing rather unsettlingly fond of her witch, a distinctly atypical emotion for a lamia. Christian, in turn, develops a reputation – first around the New Age bookstore where he works, then beyond – as someone to turn to when things are going bump in the night, because whether it’s lingering negative energy, a lost ghost, or a dangerous infestation, he’ll solve it.

Throw in a group of witches called the Fellowship, who are firmly convinced that all witches should come under their authority and above all else stay below the radar; a subgroup within the Fellowship who feel that the ends for the greater good justify any means; a few supernatural threats; a friend from another independent witch family, who has a very close past history with a kitsune who says less than she does; Christian’s Dungeons and Dragons gamer group; a young black cat in dire need of a home; and a couple of non-witch friends, and life gets complicated in a hurry.

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