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On Pause

While I have quite a lot more to this story already in rough draft, just needing to be revised and polished, it’s going on pause for the time being. The response rate is so poor that I can realistically make better use of my time working on other projects. I will come back to this eventually, I’m having entirely too much fun with Jillian and company. If you see this and you’re interested, let me know, because that’ll change the priority level!

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2.10 After the Party

“Flair,” Mistress said. “Could you do one last thing? After that, you’re free to go to your own room.”

“Help Jewel get changed?” Flair asked.


“Of course, Mistress. Where will you be?”

“Hm. I think the living room would be a good place.”

“Right. C’mon, Jewel, dressing room.”

The towel-wrapped toy was no longer in evidence in the dressing room. Jewel wondered what had happened to it.

“Let’s get you undressed,” Flair said briskly. “I bet it’s going to be a relief to get out of this.” She unfastened the small hooks down the back of Jewel’s uniform and helped her shimmy it downwards so she could carefully step out of it. That left her only in corset and stockings and boots. At Flair’s command, she sat down on the long bench.

A remote part of her mind made note of the fact that when Flair dropped to one knee to unlace one boot, that put her face quite close to Jewel’s de-furred mound, and there was probably a reason that was bad, but she couldn’t currently bring it to mind.

The thought was chased away by the deep sigh that escaped when Flair drew that boot carefully off for her. Her foot cramped, not wanting to straighten out entirely, but Flair wrapped her alabaster-and-metallic hands around it and massaged it gently until the muscles released.

“Thank you,” Jewel said gratefully. “At least there’s no blisters or anything from pressure points.”

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2.9 Rescue

A touch on her shoulder; she identified Nikandros’ musky scent, and whimpered. “Please…”

“Please what?” He squatted in front of her, an interesting manoeuvre on his goat-like legs. “Tell me.”

“I want… I’ve been so turned on for what feels like hours and hours, and I can’t do anything about it… I don’t know how much more…”

“Hm. Well, obviously I can’t help with that directly, although under other conditions I’d be more than willing. Even asking Flair would be breaking the rules. But we certainly need to do something. We’ve been mercilessly teasing you, getting you all hot and bothered, playing with you and enjoying watching your reactions, and hardly giving you any time to yourself. And you’ve been a very good girl for us. So how about this. You know where the dressing room is, right?”

“Um. Yes?” Hadn’t Flair said other fae couldn’t come there?

He chuckled. “I’m the one other fae who has free access to your mistress’ villa, and she has free access to mine. There’s a door linking them. I know her villa better than you do. The dressing room is the first private place that comes to mind that’s more comfortable than the bathroom. Don’t worry about Echo, she won’t show up unless you sit at the vanity and look in the mirror. Take your time, do what you need to feel less frustrated. I’ll even make sure there’s a brand new toy there waiting for you. I give those to all my pets, they usually need them after a day or so in my villa. As soon as Henry finishes having Flair prove her lack of a gag reflex—again—I’ll ask her to take over with the refreshments. So you don’t need to feel bad.”

She found a slightly shaky smile. “About wanting to go feel good?”

“Exactly. Away you go. Don’t hurry. Leave the toy there when you’re done. I’ll make sure your mistress knows where you are, and I promise, she won’t mind.”

Jewel nodded. “Thank you.”

He only smiled, straightened up, and walked away.

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2.8 Photography

She checked the buffet table, visited the kitchen so she could restock a few things that were particularly low, circled around the solar collecting used dishes to take to the kitchen, unloaded the dishwasher, all with no one paying any attention to her. That was a relief, since it was allowing her to calm herself again, but she found herself wondering what next. Not that she would have anticipated anything so far, so guessing was probably a lost cause. She was pretty much on her own at the moment, since when she looked around for Flair, the girl was now apparently doing for Dagrun what she’d been doing for Sigrun earlier, and with equal enthusiasm.

“Mortal. Come here.” Eluned, the female of the tiny pair, beckoned imperiously from the tower structure she and Owain were reclining on.

Okay, whatever she does, I can handle this. I’ve gotten through everything else.

Jewel approached and, just in the interests of not looming over them, knelt. Everything so far suggested that her best bet with these fae was to say nothing until asked a question.

Both Eluned and Owain looked her over critically.

“What can you do, mortal?” Eluned finally asked.

“I’m sorry? In what context? I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

Owain heaved a theatrical sigh. “Can you sing? I highly doubt you can dance, since you’re built like a cow. Which lets out several other possibilities that all involve having the self-respect and decency to stay fit. Can you be entertaining? Do you have any talent at all?”

Jewel blinked, taken aback. No matter what Nikandros and Henry had done, no matter how embarrassing it was, she’d had no sense that it was malicious rather than mischievous and good-natured. Nechtan had been nice to her. The giants were invariably kind. This, though, coming from a pair that were unnaturally skinny in a way no human ever could be, struck her as simply petty.

Not that she dared lash out at them.

“My skills are in accounting and some clerical work, not in entertaining or the arts.” It was an effort to keep her voice humble.

“Oh. A secretary.”

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2.7 Veggie Dip

Dagrun was closer to the door, talking in that unfamiliar language to Nechtan the water-man and hairy Henry and Roshanak the Middle Eastern lady who looked like a spectacularly beautiful human with no strangeness visible. She remembered the feel of Henry’s fingers between her legs, how she’d stood obediently still to let him look and touch, and felt heat again—heat in her cheeks, as he grinned at her, but heat much lower, too, and it spread like wildlife.

She offered the tray to Dagrun.

“Thank you, little one.” Dagrun set her empty cup delicately on the tray and took one of the full ones. “I didn’t even need to ask.”

“You’re welcome.” She glanced around for Sigrun, found her a short way off, and started in that direction. The white giant had moved forward in her seat and had her knees parted; Flair was kneeling between them, and while Sigrun’s massive thighs largely blocked the view, it didn’t take a genius to figure out that the girl was licking her. Enthusiastically.

What was it like, having that kind of contact with another woman? she wondered. What would another woman taste like? What would it feel like even with a human woman, let alone a giant who was possibly twice her height?

She was straight, she didn’t think things like that!

That was followed promptly by the other thoughts. She was allowed to. If those questions created images that fed the heat, that was okay. She wasn’t supposed to feel bad about feeling good.

Flair was so intent on what she was doing that she didn’t even look up when Jewel approached. Jewel held out the tray, waiting while Sigrun finished what she was saying to tree-like Taiki and eagle-winged Zipporah and noticed her.

“Mm, good. Talking is drying, and it’s warm in here.” She swapped empty cup for full, and reached down with her other hand to stroke Flair’s hair and down her back. Flair arched into it like a cat.

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