Noveltrove and continuing

Since I’ve found a wider audience for this on Noveltrove Erotica (my author page), I’ll be picking it back up and going on with the editing and polishing and with releasing further chapters.

The format being different, I redistributed the contents of Jillian’s twelve-hour debt payment into 6 sections, rather than the 12 it takes here in smaller pieces. I considered revamping the posts here, but decided just to let it be. Future posts, however, will be of more variable length, just going with the natural length of the segment rather than arbitrary maximums.

Please note that I’ll be releasing chapters on Noveltrove one step ahead of releases here – so the chapter released there on a Tuesday will appear here on the next Friday, while the next new chapter comes up on Noveltrove. I think, since I have a lot of first draft to work from (like, seriously, a LOT!), I can keep up that pace while I work on other projects as well. If you don’t want to go there, or you want to sign up for notifications of new posts, you’re welcome to do so here – there’s a sign-up box in the sidebar, and I promise, I have zero interest in using your email address for nefarious purposes (I loathe spam and have no idea what else I’d use it for).

Happy reading! And let me know what you think!

(Edited To Add: new material, beginning the aftermath of Jillian’s first encounter with the fae, begins on Noveltrove on Fri Sept 21, and it’ll be posted here Tue Sept 25 – dates are approximate. There are still 3 posts to go before I catch up to here and then we can get on with the new stuff!)

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