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Steph at Kingston Pride 2014

Steph at Kingston Pride 2014

Steph Shangraw lives in southeastern Ontario, Canada, with three rescued cats and their other human minion. In the limited time spent not writing fantasy, she¬† runs a lolanimals website for her friends to play on, tries (in vain) to keep up with a writing blog, plays the odd computer game, colours while interesting podcasts play, makes handmade cat toys for friends and sometimes for local rescue groups for fundraising, and of course serves her feline overlords. She started writing over 25 years ago, offered several novels on her website for her friends, and more recently has ventured into “real” self-publishing.

Find me elsewhere online at:

Smashwords author page – where to find my officially released work

Goodreads author page – I’m not on here regularly

Facebook author page – actually, I’m not on here regularly, either, but I do keep an eye on it

Twitter – guess how often I’m here? :-)

My blog about writing – although writing itself has been more of a priority

My old writing site, with some unpublished work I haven’t yet moved here

Questions, complaints, compliments, or just saying hello – if you want to do it privately, you can drop me an email at steph@prysmcat.com (or my backup account at prysmakitty@gmail.com if that somehow fails) or leave a comment below.

Steph with Cory-Bear

Steph with Cory-Bear

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