Sensitives live, terrified, on the edge of survival in North America: mages want sensitives, but no one ever comes back to explain why. Mage society is based around owning a sensitive, who provides more power to use, as well as doing the housework and being available for transformation. But not all mages agree with the system, and not all sensitives are willing to just give up…

An urban fantasy novel about power and freedom and trust Read More

Black Wolf


So what happens if you feel like you belong nowhere… then find out you do belong somewhere… and that place should be impossible? There’s no such thing as magic or werewolves, especially only a few hundred miles north of Toronto, right? And what could be in Jesse’s missing past that would make him fit in there?

An urban fantasy novel about finding home Read More


Renegade ebook cover

A fantasy novel about fear and trust and hope

Ten years ago, at the College where sorcerers and telepaths and lifewitches learn about their gifts: boy meets girl, girl discovers her own frightening abilities, boy loses girl when she runs away from the authorities who would condemn her for those abilities.

Ever since, Kisea has been in hiding as a renegade, with a new name, never staying anywhere long, never letting anyone find out too much about her. The uncommon telepathic gift that earns her blessings when she heals minds would, if anyone knew its full nature, evoke only fear and horror: controllers are, after all, monsters from a fireside tale. Read More



We’re long past the original planned release date, due to discovering a couple of major issues requiring extensive reworking plus various household disruptions interfering. But it’s still coming, as of Jan 2018, I’m just hesitant to venture a date!

A dark urban fantasy novel

Note: Lamia does contain some “mature content” – I don’t believe the violence or sex are gratuitous, but they are there (along with various explorations of power, freedom, trust, love, gender, growth, and change). It is a DARK fantasy, after all. Call it a vampire novel with a few twists, if you like.

Christian’s family have a natural ability to manipulate energy; they aren’t, however, the only witches in the world or even in the area. When his Scottish-born mother wants to return to her family, and her husband and his father decide to go with her, Christian is left as guardian of the house and library that have belonged to their family for generations. Read More



Manuscript complete! All that’s left, as of Jan 2018, is formatting and figuring out what to do about cover art. Release very soon, I hope!

A fantasy novel about priorities and self and home

Many generations ago, humans came to a new continent, and found it inhabited by shapechanging weyres of half a dozen varieties, and by the shyani, humanoids who prefer dusk and dawn and whose culture was very alien to those early humans. After extended battles, a truce of sorts has been reached: humans hold the rich lowlands, where they can farm and build cities, and the shyani and weyres hold the highlands, where they live in small communities on a mixture of hunting, foraging, and small-scale agriculture. Along the border, practicality often rules, but on either side, old grudges linger in some hearts. Read More



Currently (Jan 2018), no new chapters are being added, but that will probably change in the future, so stay tuned! Current plans are to do some revisions (hard to do with a web series and deadlines) and release the work so far in ebook format. I’m also releasing these as audiobooks! Now you can listen while doing other things!

Moonblood is not so much a coherent novel as a series of adventures involving the same group of characters, which at least begins with an overall loose plot arc. Where will it ultimately go? I have no idea.

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